Shay walked strait back into the forest, which did not please him, since the moth got its advantage again. He had to somehow come up with a plan to first: get rid of the little critters and second: get rid of the moth and escape. He definitely had to come up with one in the near future or he would end up in her belly.

”Stop right there, you piece of trash, and give up already! ” the moth screamed, while Shay once again saw an exit from the forest. The moth knew exactly that she would have to intervene herself, since her bugs were too incompetent to torment Shay. She also knew exactly where Shay was headed…water.

Thats right, water. Shay saw a river when he first got here and since Shay thinks the water is almost as hot as it is on Hatchery Island, this was his chance to get rid of the moth. Shay also let himself slow down extra so that a few of the insects, would sit on him so Shay could get souls. When the moth noticed this, it immediately tried to send its insects back, but unfortunately not all of them made it and Shay got pieces of the moths souls in his hand, which was fatal for it.

”You little piece of shit!!!! Im going to rip your wing off your back and feed your guts to my insects!!!! Surrender to the moth king Maghda and become part of her retinue! ”

This was the first time he got a name from another creature…the name Maghda reminded him of something, but he didn come up with it just then. However, he had no intention of giving her his name, since she would eventually die and Shay would then forget him.

Now that Shay was finally out of the forest, he had the advantage and that annoyed her.

”I should have used more bugs and increased their speed…then I wouldn be in such a situation now and would have devoured his soul. His fear also seemed unreal, the fellow is good at acting, but now the time has come, I will BREAK him!!!! ”

Shay, who had no idea of Maghdas thoughts, already saw the beginning of the river and hoped that it had a high temperature so that she could not follow it further.

Shay noticed how he was slowing down and realized that he was hit by a spike from Maghda. He pulled it out and still tried to keep his pace steady until he was on the river where stone slabs were flowing. He actually succeeded, but it didn seem like Maghda was bothered by the temperatures, which worried Shay. Shay knew that in the lower sky there were also different levels, and therefore he hoped that this river also had a slope.

Shay collected souls from Maghda and from small animals that he could kill without them affecting his speed while he was running. Since he was running for his life for almost 2 hours, he collected a little more than 60 small souls and wanted to see if it was enough to materialize his wings, because finally he could escape Maghda, since her wings are not suitable for long distances.

So he opened the system and pressed the button materialize…

”What is that bastard doing? He can escape me, because as soon as he goes onto a piece of land, I follow him and- ”

[ ”AHHH, THAT PAIN!!! ”]

Maghda knew that Shay was using her soul fragments and she was now afraid that Shay had learned a lot about her, but then she saw Shay suffering a similar pain and bumps forming on his back and suddenly new wings came out on both sides of his back, which had red and black as their color.

Maghda looked amazed at Shay, who just got new wings and screamed


Maghda mentioned that high-ranking angels are not allowed to be here because there is a big difference between low-ranking, middle-ranking and high-ranking angels. Low-ranking angels are born mainly on the islands where there are warm temperatures for them to hatch. However, there are rare incidents of mid-ranking angels being born on one of the islands, but it will never happen that high-ranking angels are born on the islands because the parents will train their children from birth so that their pure bloodline will continue. The potential of an angel depends on how pure their bloodline is. Low-ranked ones usually cannot ascend so easily, as they would have to spend several hundred years in heaven for their magical power to reach the level of a mid-ranked angel. Also, on the transition to the middle rank, the bloodline becomes purer, but still remains branched, which makes the difference to the higher rank angel.

Shay waited for the water to fall, while Maghda still tried to kill him with her poison file, but Shay was dodging, so he didn get hit and just waited for a jump. After 400 meters it finally happened and Shay jumped off a cliff and he spread his wings, which Maghda could only look behind. To finish it off perfectly, Shay showed her both middle fingers while laughing at her.

Shay also hoped that they would meet again someday so he could show her how much he had grown in strength during that time and then he would be ready to hunt her down and give her an agonizing death.

Shay now had to find a new home, which bothered him because rocks were not that common in here in the sky. So he flew for a while until he found a suitable place where he could imagine ”living ”. ”Live ” was a little funny to say. It was in the nature of many animals to change their homes and this was no different. However, Shay really wanted something similar to what he had before, so it also took time to find what he was looking for. After several hours of searching, the time had come and Shay found another cave.

After settling down in the cave, he spent some time thinking. He had not yet seen an angel who used magic. Until now, he had only seen angels who relied on their own power. This surprised Shay, because he actually thought that it was normal among angels to use magic, especially light. Light, in theory, should be possessed by every angel, because after all, they serve heaven, which is characterized by light. And the only logical thing is why they had no idea about magic was because no one taught it and no one had any idea that such a thing could exist. In the lower realm of the heavens, there was rarely a group of beings that worked together, and thats why Shay thought of them as all being uncivilized.

The second thing Shay thought of was that the living beings in the lower heaven almost never appear in groups or converse at all. The simple reason for this is that they are all uncivilized and no one minds. Their nature tells them that everyone is prey for them and can not cooperate with them.

However, since Shay wanted to use magic to improve his fights and to be able to fight stronger opponents, he decided that he wanted to replace ”Inferno ” in the future, because he felt really weird when he killed angels with a revolver. Thats why Shay decided to create a bloodline that would later have an influence on his body to carry out attacks. He thought of something to eat, which he consumes and then spreads throughout his body, eventually simplifying his hopefully later ascension to middle angel level as a non-original bloodline.

He thought of a red fruit, which he drew in his system. He didn draw anything special on the fruit, because eventually he would eat it, but properties were very important. Shay thought of a manipulation ability that acts with blood. His idea was that he could take the blood of the opponent or creatures near him and then use it to either heal himself or to harm the opponent with the blood.

Shay had thought of these abilities

Name: B Virus

Blood Manipulation: By casting manipulative powers, it is possible for them to control and use the blood of other creatures and themselves. The obtained blood can be used to weaken the opponent, heal themselves, send ”blood spears ” on opponents or act as a curse on their weapon. No kills directly in the body possible!

Bloodline: By eating this fruit, another bloodline will come to light inside her. This bloodline has a great impact on their life and must be taken into account for further fusions to avoid conflicts among bloodlines. In the development to the 2nd level, it will be to their advantage!

Blood bless: You can decorate their weapon with theirs. If you then use the weapon to injure an opponent, a battle will occur inside the body between your blood and that of the opponent. If your blood gains the upper hand in the body, it is easier to inflict further injuries and the healing rate is reduced! In addition, suppuration develops at the wound, whereby further viruses can enter.

These were the qualities that Shay definitely did not want to do without. Through the system, he learned that his souls were far from enough. So Shay spent his next time hunting with angels to get enough souls. However, Shay did not try to fight large groups, but loners like him. He also fought mostly just with ”bloodlust ” so that Shay could continue to improve so that he could better use the curse. In total, Shay spent a week to collect 150 souls. The souls varied in size, making Shay unsure if it was enough, but the system only required 146 souls, so his fruit was finally ready to be consumed. Honestly, Shay was a little afraid to consume the fruit. He didn know what was going to happen to it and if it would even succeed.

But Shay wanted to find out if it would work, so he popped the small round fruit into his mouth and began to swallow it. Immediately he felt his body change. He emitted screams, which sounded as if someone was going to die at any moment. His body made strange movements, as if Shay had no control over his body. All of his cells inside were enlarging at a rapid pace, his blood was flowing to every little corner of his body and it had a temperature that would make water evaporate. He could not suppress the pain and started to press his hands to his head and scratched his head, causing blood to flow from his face.

It was a searing pain that slowly lingered and Shay saw his body change. He grew almost a foot taller and his claws and wings hardened. His wings expanded and they became over 2 meters long and he felt exactly what was happening to his blood. His strength seemed to have increased as well, which pleased him greatly. He now had a lot more variation in hunting and didn always have to hunt the weak angels.

Shay felt something new arise in his heart and spread through his body. It was the bloodline that was created by the virus. It just felt good when something new was created in his body. This bloodline displaced all the weak blood cells from his body and replaced them with strong ones!

”It was definitely worth spending the 150 souls on the virus. ”

Shay stretched and felt his strength just from standing.

Looking at the system display, he saw his attributes improve dramatically.

Name: Shay

Race: Angel

Angelic name: Gaspart Relivious Elbas….Moby Turael

Bloodline: more than 6 different

Origin: Heaven

Hierarchy: lower angel

Strength: 39

speed: 22

magic power: 10

Activity: 26

curse ability: none

Resistances: Light used against them is weakened. Damage from blood is reduced

Skills: cursed time, blood bless, blood manipulation

Note: Another development from you, as I expected. A strong angel will achieve great things!

Shays attributes shocked him. He didn expect such a big increase, actually none at all, because Shay really just wanted to acquire some more variation in fighting. He was really concerned about, what would happen in the future, if he takes more of these fruits, but different kinds.

His injuries on the head also healed immediately, due to the increase in activity.

Shay was very pleased with this increase and especially with the fact that this mutation worked and was also displayed in his system.

The only thing that puzzled him, however, was the fact that magic power showed no change at all. Might it have something to do with my abilities?

Shay tried to control his blood and it worked! He grabbed his dagger and smeared his drawn blood on it, and in his system, under Bloodlust, it showed ”blessed, ” which meant that the other abilities worked as well. He looked for an opponent and also found a weak looking angel and cut into it with his blood, causing the wound to begin to fester and saw the angels body begin to cramp. After a short struggle against the cramp, Shays blood spurted out of the angels body and Shay got a small inferior soul.

He was happy that his abilities worked.

However, what he noticed immediately, his magic power decreased?!

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