My throat was dry like sandpaper. I tried to gulp the saliva but felt like I would choke on it, so I held back.




My heart was beating like large drums, and I wondered how the only sound that came over the muffled music was our ragged breaths.

The moonlight lit up her face partially. Her big honey-coloured eyes looked like the two pots full of molten caramel, calling me, alluring me to taste its sweetness.

We stood close to each other with a distance of only a few inches between us. One step and she would be in my arms, right where I wanted her at that moment.

She was looking at me expectantly with the same excitement as I had. My grey eyes travelled down her oval face only to settle on her full pink lips.

As if feeling the weight of my lustful gaze, her lips parted like the petals of a lotus. And that was my invitation. I didn care about anything else at that moment as my mind, heart and soul wanted only one thing in unison.

I took that one step to close the distance between us, and a soft gasp rocked her chest. Her back was flat against the brick wall behind her as I placed my hand beside her head.

The vibrations of the music blasting inside ran through my palm, but the vibrations that my hand on her waist sent into her body were more amusing to me.

She gulped, and my eyes followed every little movement of her throat. It ignited something wicked and dark inside me that I had never felt before in my entire life.

She is not the first girl Devon!, I kept reminding myself, I had to.

”This… is my… f-first k-kiss. ” She barely whispered as her voice betrayed her.

Her fists clenched around the front of my shirt, which I barely noticed.

”And I promise it will be the most memorable one! ” I promised in my husky voice before leaning down my head to end all distances that kept our mouths apart.

I jolted with the bolts of electricity as soon as our lips met, and my eyes snapped open as I hit my forehead on something. The horn blared irritatingly, worsening my headache.

Was she hurt?

I looked around in worry only to realise that I was again dreaming that same night, just like the past five months!

”Damn it! ”

”I am sorry sir but a bike came crossing the speed limit and I had to hit the brakes in urgency. ”

I pursed my lips in anger as my driver informed me.

”Be careful! ” I warned, choosing not to lash out at him.

”Yes sire! ”

I sat looking out of the window to see people pausing, slowing down to take a double look at my silver Rolls Royce Phantom. I smirked, thinking how many of them could afford this car ever in their life?

Probably none!

The car took a right turn to pass through the large automatic gates, and a fleet of security saluted though they couldn see me inside the car.

The name of Sanders Group of Companies shone as bright as Sun at the entrance. But I never liked to use those paths that hundreds, if not thousands walk every day.

The driver drove the car to stop it directly in the parking lot that was reserved only for the Sanders. I spotted a brunette standing railing on the black car behind her.

She wore a white pencil skirt with a pastel pink top matched with nude heels. If only the woman had chosen the right career, then she would have surely been the neighbour of one of those celebrities in Beverly Hills.

I won complain though, because then I wouldn have been able to find such a perfect personal assistant for myself.

Christine looked up from her phone, and her stylishly set, straight hair moved. She instantly put her phone inside her bag and straightened up before rushing to open the door for me.

I stepped out of the car, buttoning my suit jacket.

”Good morning, Boss! ” She greeted him like a chirping bird. Her full lips were painted in nude lipstick and stretched in a beautiful smile that always helped me to feel relaxed.

”You were supposed to get me breakfast. ” Instead of greeting her back, I pointed at her hands where I didn see the takeout from my favourite cafe.

She smiled sheepishly as we began walking to the elevator.

”I am sorry Boss but I was late already. But don worry I have already arranged someone to

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