On the other hand, after receiving Ye Tian’s instructions, Liu Yue quickly headed to the hospital in person and found Mu Xiao.

When Mu Xiao saw the new contract that was even more beneficial than before, she wasn’t angry, but touched, just as Ye Tian had guessed.

That makes sense, after all.
Ye Tian had first sensed that her parents were sick and then found someone to help with the medical examination for free.

Furthermore, in order to protect Mu Xiao’s pride, he even came to the hospital personally to convince her.

So why should she be angry?

Or why would she be angry at Ye Tian for treating her too well?

[Ding… Congratulations to the host for changing the novel’s plot.
You obtained 50,000 luck points!]

[Ding… Because Mu Xiao was too happy, her Extreme Yin physique began to awaken.
The host obtained 500 store coins!]

[Ding… Congratulations to the host for successfully triggering a random mission.
Please check it out in the mission list!]


50,000 luck points!

Though Ye Tian knew that he would harvest Luck points when Mu Xiao saw the contract, he never thought it would be so much at once!

Not to mention the system prompt that Mu Xiao’s Extreme Yin body was beginning to awaken, and there was a reward of 500 store coins!

The Extreme Yin Body!

It was said to be one of the top five heavenly physiques in the world.
As long as one successfully awakened it, they would become peerless genius cultivators and ascend to the upper realm very quickly.

After ascending over tribulation, they won’t face bottlenecks.

Well, this was also the reason why the protagonist coveted Mu Xiao.

Even if the protagonist was the son of luck, he encountered many bottlenecks, and his cultivation speed alone was still considerably less than Mu Xiao’s.

[Mission: Help Mu Xiao to awaken her Extreme Yin body and embark on the cultivation path]

Mission Reward: 1,000 store coins and Mu Xiao’s admiration.

Task Punishment: None.

Hint: While feeling grateful, Mu Xiao will be completely loyal to the host and will never betray you!]

Awakening the Extreme Yin body and helping her to embark on the cultivator’s path!

If Ye Tian hadn’t read this mission, he would have thought twice about doing so.

But now, he couldn’t wait to gather the materials and awaken Mu Xiao’s Extreme Yin Body in about a month.

Moreover, he found the task easy.

100 store coins was a decent reward.

However, his main intention was to gain Mu Xiao’s maximum favor.

As Ye Tian saw this reward, his face lit up.

In fact, he was sure he could gain Mu Xiao’s favor within a month or two and make her loyal.

However, nothing was absolute, and it was impossible to predict what would happen.

But as long as Ye Tian completed this mission, he would no longer need to worry about it.

Besides helping Mu Xiao become stronger, he could also make her his woman!

Though he had no idea if there were any more similar quests in the system, he hoped to gain maximum favorability from all the other heroines in the same way!

If there were, he would complete them all!

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