The boy adjusted his clothes as he stood at the door of the captain’s cabin, which was fed with fine blue bitumen and shone as smoothly as turquoise.
Even as his heart trembled, deep regrets arose.
Had he expected this to happen, he would have changed into his best clothes this morning when he was getting dressed, but unfortunately, the boy lacked the ability to predict the future.

What if he thinks I’m dirty? 

Even if he were dressed neatly, he would have been purely excited by the joy of meeting the hero.
The boy looked down with a crestfallen expression at his yellow-stained collar and worn-out cuffs.

He would gladly like to go back to the main ship and change into new clothes right now, but as long as the captain has a letter stating that it is a ‘Substitute Payment’, it was impossible to fulfill that wish.
Reluctantly, the boy gathered up his courage and knocked on the captain’s door with a trembling hand.
A gentle answer came back to the sound of a carefully audible knock.



“Come in.”

Woah. His voice was so marvelous.
The boy opened the door to the captain’s room with his face reddened due to the accelerating blood flow.
The door opened smoothly without any noise as if it had been well-maintained. 

The first thing reflected in the boy’s excited eyes was the back of the man as he stood behind him.
The 6 Paeta tall man with gray hair cut short enough to show the reddish nape, was carefully examining the chart placed on the mahogany table.
Although he was not as muscular as ordinary sailors, his manly body, which narrowed from wide shoulders to an inverted triangle, showcased the unique discipline of a trained soldier.


“Look at this, Jacques.
This is the famous Alwitz nautical chart of the famous Federation of Five Nations.
It is a miracle created by triangulation and theodolite.
Damn it.
Looking at this, our nautical charts look like a child’s play on the sand.
All the men of the Imperial Academy who put out such things should be hanged.”

The man spoke in a very blunt manner, considering the suggestion of a mass hanging.
The boy opened his mouth in a trembling voice, bewildered by the attitude of the man who seemed to have mistaken the other person.

“Loyal to the Protector of the Empire! Your Excellency The Admiral, I have brought you a letter from the Ministry of the Navy.”


Damn it. The chant faltered.
As soon as the boy spoke out, he violently cursed his own stupidity.
To speak like a whining sissy, let alone to the honorable and loyal officer, Lord Amieux, would now be a lifelong shame! What in the world would the admiral think of me?


Frustrated by his poor state, the boy saw the man who had turned his back turned away. Only then did the man realize that the person behind his back was not his first mate, then turned around, and faced the boy. The boy unconsciously raised his eyes despite knowing that they shouldn’t make eye contact.
The boy’s eyes that looked up to the man were captivated.


As expected, the man looked strong.
As is usual with the men of the sea, his sunburned face was a reddish copper.
The nose, which was once broken in the course of experiencing numerous naval battles, was slightly crooked.
The lips were neat and the chin was perfect.
And the eyes – legendary not only to the empire but also to the Federation of Five Nations, and even to the infamous pirates of Hertha – were perfectly similar to that of a hawk, just as rumored. 

Gray eyes gleamed from deep inside the eyelids.
His eyes were slightly curved at the tip, and there was an oblique scar, like a crescent moon, on the left temple at the corner of the eye, giving a glimpse into his cruel past.

The impressive appearance gave an indication as to how the nickname ‘Hawk Eye’ was coined.
Admiral Eugène de Chastan, Captain of the Silver Ferry as well as the Admiral of the 4th Fleet.
The boy, facing the revered hero, took a deep breath.
He had a legend standing in front of him.

He didn’t have an idea about the inland people, but there was no one in the Navy that could be on the same level as Admiral Chastan.
He was the one who defeated the famous privateer, Captain Nelken, conquered the pirate-infested Baleum Sea to secure a trade route to the northern country of Kayedip, and even defeated the naval forces of the Federation of Five Nations, which are said to be invincible at sea.

A saying followed Admiral Chastan, a hero of the Imperial Navy; “When pirates hear his name, they’re frightened, and when the navy of the Federation of Five Nations hear it, they make a sign”.
He was right here, in front of the boy. 

“A letter from the Ministry of Navy?”

He, that is, Admiral Chastan faced the boy and spoke to him.
The boy almost nodded, but when he belatedly realized what kind of status the person in front of him had, he suddenly came to his senses.

You can’t act like an idiot.

The boy thought hard to himself.
Do you think you’ll ever get another chance to speak to him in person in your lifetime? 

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Your Excellency The Admiral!”

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Through an informal route, an informal letter.
Intrigued by the unusual situation, Admiral Chastan received the letter from the boy.

“Good work, Seaman.
You may leave now.” 

“Yes, Your Excellency!”

You can’t make the same mistake twice. The boy saluted with all his might with a modest gesture and left the captain’s cabin.
The conversation was only about two or three words, but for the boy, it was an enchanting experience.

In the Navy, Admiral Chastan was a legendary hero and the boy talked to him alone and even if it was only from a distance, it was still something to boast about for months.
Was there any other seaman who could boast like this? The boy’s small heart swelled.
If he were to tell his friends and senior soldiers about this experience, everyone would be jealous of him.

And among them, the person who will suffer would be the marksman, who seemingly took care of him in every case just because he came in two months earlier, and then disembarked by himself while changing his assigned duty today.
If he hadn’t forced himself to change his duty, he would have been the one who would take on this errand. 

The boy smiled brightly at the sight that made him happy just by imagining it.
That’s why people need to be considerate.

[Return to the capital as soon as possible.

There’s a transport waiting at the mouth of the Neutel River.

– Admiral of The Fleet, Martell Louis de La Baille.] 

Eugène frowned after reading the brief letter.
The signature was obviously that of the familiar , the Marquis of La Baille, but the content was not.
He knew that the man was not a chatty person, but the short-written summons, in which one could not understand the context from any part of the letter, was too simplistic, even considering the nature of such a combination.

How strange. 

Eugène was lost in thought.
Even after thinking about it, he couldn’t understand the situation.
It’s hard to be in peacetime, let alone wartime.
Just two days ago, there was a warning to be vigilant and prepare for enemy provocations. Not only that, but it was none other than you who gave me a special command and entrusted me with the patrol work outside Rosong Port.

Although his enemies were faltering because of his victory in La Tyllen, the Federation of Five Nations was basically swarming like blood-smelling sharks, and could not be missed at this point when the empire was preoccupied with post-war dealings. 

They also knew that the empire, weakened by the long war against the great country of the east, Sha’ak, could not face them head-on.
Even if they bit their backs, the empire would not be able to respond.
If there was a shoal of sharks behind your back, it was because there was a tiger in front of you.
It was also the ferocious tiger that had already bitten the heart of the empire once.

“Your Excellency The Admiral, did you call me?”

While he was troubled by the unknown l

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