Priscilla was exhausted from touring Lilith Palace with Lili.

“Even though it’s big, it’s too big.”

“That’s right.
It’s huge.”

“More than that, I’m hungry.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yeah, extremely.”

“I’ll bring the meal quickly.
One moment, please.”

“Thank you.”

Priscilla dismissed Lili and leaned on the drawing-room sofa.

The sofa was as soft and lovely as the bed.
She wanted to become one body with it.

“Lady Priscilla, I brought you a meal.”

Lili came in after opening the drawing-room door.
But she wasn’t alone.


Priscilla, startled, sprang up from the sofa.

“What on earth are you doing here?”

“Thanks to Lady Priscilla, I got a lot better.
And I can’t lie down forever.”

You need to rest more.”

“After Lady Priscilla moved to Lilith Palace, I couldn’t stay still.”


“Of course, it’s because of Lady Jestina.
I don’t know what she’s going to do to Lady Priscilla.
I’ll be there to protect you.”


Priscilla was sincerely touched by Rien and hugged her.


“I’m touched.”

“Don’t mention it…”

“Thank you.”

“I’m more grateful.
Now, let’s eat.”

Priscilla opened her eyes wide when she saw the food Rien had brought.

“Why is there so much?”

“Since Lady Priscilla of the Lilith Palace wanted something to eat, the restaurant made this much.”

“Wow, does a new palace change the treatment like this?”

“Of course, Lady Priscilla is the only one in the Concubine Palace who has received His Majesty’s grace.”

Priscilla smiled awkwardly at the words.

It’s the opposite, but it’s a blessing.

It’s the grace she gave to the Emperor.

Rien and Lili worked hard to prepare the food on the table.

And Priscilla ate the food very deliciously.

It was too much to eat alone, so she forced Rien and Lili to sit and eat.

“Oh, I’m full.”

“Lady Priscilla, your mouth was in good shape.”

Lili smiled brightly and said, and Rien scolded her.

“Lili, you have to watch your language.”

“Yes, sister.”

Priscilla stood up from her seat, looking at the two of them with delight.

“Now that we’ve eaten.
Let’s go for a walk.
I need to exercise.”

“All right.”

“I’ll clean things up, so go with Lili.”

“No, I’ll clean up.
Go with her, sister.”


“Sister is still a patient.
You shouldn’t move too much.”

Priscilla laughed at Lili’s words.

“I think Lili is right?”

“Lady Priscilla.”

“Lili, please clean up.
You can do it, right?”

“Of course.
Don’t worry.”

“Rien, let’s leave this place to Lili and go for a walk.”


Rien had to walk with Priscilla in the garden outside the palace.

The Lilith Palace’s gardens were built around a pond.

It was said to be the only pond in the palace.

There was no pond in Rosemary Palace, where Jestina was, Rien said proudly.

“Unlike Rosemary Palace, which is in full bloom with roses, Lilith Palace is decorated with white flowers around the pond.
Also, a gazebo on the pond, so it’s great to drink tea while enjoying the scenery.”

Rien guided Priscilla to the gazebo above the pond.
As she sat and looked out at the garden, the tea seemed to taste excErent.

“It’s a good atmosphere for tea.”

“Shall we prepare?”

“No, next time.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“Stubborn… don’t overdo it and go slowly.”

“Yes, I will.”

As Rien stepped to get the tea, Priscilla relaxed and enjoyed the view of the garden.

Suddenly, what Marilyn said came to mind.

‘What are you trying to do with the list of ladies-in-waiting? Are you planning on planting spies in my palace?’

Come to think of it, that made sense.

‘If so, what should she do?’

She had been thinking about it for a long time.
Then she heard a cat crying from somewhere.



Meow! Meoooow!

“A cat’s cry?”

Priscilla descended from the gazebo and moved where she could hear the cry.

The cry came near the stone wall on the left side of the garden of Lilith Palace.

Priscilla approached the stone wall.

Then she found a cat with white fur tied to the stone wall with a leash.

The cat meowed and cried when it saw Priscilla.

“Why are you here?”

The cat jumped up and fell in Priscilla’s arms.

Priscilla accidentally held the cat in her arms.

The fluffy fur was very smooth.

Judging from the condition, it seemed to have been well managed.

In addition, the bowl on the floor showed that someone was secretly raising a cat.

“I don’t know who the owner is, but you seem very well taken care of.”

Priscilla looked down at the cat and remembered the cat she had raised at home.

“Looking at you reminds me of my kitty.
My kitty had fur like you.”

The cat rubbed its face against Priscilla’s face.

“Puh, stop it.
It tickles.”

Then she heard a rustling sound and a strange voice.

“It’s surprising.
She doesn’t follow people well.”


As Priscilla looked around in surprise, the voice was heard again.

“Up, look up.”

A young man was smiling on the stone wall when she looked up.


“Me? The cat owner.”

“Oh, I see.”

The man jumped from the stone wall and approached Priscilla.

He had dark red hair and blue eyes, and he was full of boyish beauty.

He was about the age of transition from a boy to a young man.

“Her name is Heidi.
It’s the kid I’m secretly raising here.”

“Why are you raising him secretly?”

“There are some circumstances.”

Heidi, the cat, jumped over to the man.

The man holding Heidi introduced himself to Priscilla.

“My name is Eren.
The Emperor is my older brother.”

Priscilla’s eyes widened.

If it was Eren, he was the sub-male lead of the novel.

Eren was precisely what she described in the novel.

Dark red hair, big eyes twinkling like sapphire, slender body, and about 180cm tall.

He was carefree on the outside but was sincere to the opponent once he gave them his heart.

The sub-male lead was right in front of her.

He was the only surviving brother of Emperor Michael and lived in the Imperial Palace.

Michael’s brothers all died at Michael’s hands in the imperial battle.

At that time, Eren was too young, and he was not interested in the throne.

So Michael kept Eren alive in the palace and watched him.

It was also a measure to prevent an impure group from luring Eren into doing their work.

Eren couldn’t go against Michael because he had been watching him closely.

But when the heroine appeared, Eren began to change.

It was like the beginning of a love triangle.


‘I don’t think I’ve seen anything about the sub-male lead raising a cat.
What happened?’

She had never read anywhere in the novel that the sub-male lead had a cat.

‘It’s in the story.
Did I miss it?’

She didn’t know.

“Is it Priscilla?”

Priscilla nodded in surprise at Eren’s words.

“Do you know me?”

Eren smiled instead of answering.

“It doesn’t make sense if you don’t know the most beautiful person in the palace.”


Priscilla was a little pretty, but hearing that from his mouth was a little embarrassing. 

“But why are you raising a cat here?”

“Because it’s safe.”

Eren said, stroking Heidi.

“In fact, Heidi is a dead woman.”


Heidi scratched Jestina, and I managed to steal her before she killed her.
So if she gets caught, she’ll be in big trouble.”

“Because if Jestina finds out, she’ll kill her.”

“That’s right.
At least it was safe here because there were no people, but it won’t be anymore.”


“Of course, because the palace has a new owner.
If there are many people, it’s easy to get caught.
Just like now, Lady Priscilla came because this guy was crying.”

Right, that was true.

But it was a little too sour.

“Shall I raise it?”

“You can’t.”

Priscilla wondered when Eren refused at once.

“Priscilla serves my brother, and he is allergic to cat hair, so he sneezes whenever he goes near one.
So you’ll soon notice.”

She had never heard of this before.

“His Majesty is allergic to cat hair?”


There was no mention in the novel, but she gradually learned the facts she did not know.

“Raise it here.
It’s safer here than anywhere else.”

“Can I?”

“It’s all right.
I’ll keep it to myself.
And I like cats.
I’ll protect her.”



“Lady Priscilla!”

At that time, she heard a voice looking for her from afar.

“Rien must be looking for me.
I have to go.”

“See you later, sister*.”

*TN: he uses the polite version, nunim here.


“Since you’re older than me, you’re my sister.”

Then Eren winked.

She had a hunch of something foreboding.

Leaving Eren behind, he returned to the gazebo where Rien was waiting.

“Where in the world have you been? Do you know how surprised I was?”

I wanted to go over there, so I looked around.”

Rien patted her chest and sighed.

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