“We must get the Rotite Blessing, the symbol of wealth that made the present Bugatti Kingdom.”

Alfred’s mouth opened.

“I, if it’s the Rotite Blessing, isn’t it a holy object that the God of Wealth and Honor gave them? You want to get it?”


Alfred laughed.

Rotite Blessing.

It’s the blessing of God that created what was now Bugatti Kingdom.

The land of Bugatti Kingdom was fertile and rich in minerals because of the blessings of the holy relic.

Michael was saying that he would take it away now.
Even going as far as using Jestina.

“Did you accept Jestina with the intention of doing so from the beginning?”

“Otherwise, why would I accept her?”

From Michael’s point of view, Jestina was not a beauty worthy of his admiration.

Above all, he didn’t like her thorny eyes.

He could see her character just by looking at her eyes.

As expected, her character was the worst.

She may have come with the vain hope of becoming an empress, but to Michael, she was just a tool to get what he wanted.

Alfred asked with a serious look.

“Will the Bugatti Kingdom give you the holy relic? Rather, they’d abandon Lady Jestina.”

“I suppose so, but they’ll have to give it away.
To pay for the numerous sins that Jestina has committed in the empire.”

“That means…”

Michael laughed.

“If the known mysterious deaths of the princesses are revealed, think about how it will look to other kingdoms.”

Alfred’s eyes widened.

“They won’t stay still.”

All the princesses brought to the empire were precious princesses raised in other countries.

Said princesses suddenly died or came back in ruins.

“If they don’t bring the holy relic, the Bugatti Kingdom will go to war with the surrounding kingdoms.”

The Bugatti Kingdom was surrounded by seven kingdoms.

Some of them they had friendly relations with, and the others were hostile.

But what if they all turned on them? The Bugatti Kingdom would be isolated.

“We just have to wait for the Bugatti Kingdom’s decision.
If the Bugatti Kingdom is willing to go to war…”

“You intend to step up.”

Michael rolled up the corners of his mouth.

Whatever choice the Bugatti Kingdom made, the relic would be taken away.

Alfred looked at Michael with heartfelt admiration.

If the Rotite Blessing were to enter the empire, the empire would rise.

To the extent that other countries would be unable to overcome them.


Suddenly the office door opened.

“Your Majesty!”

Someone came in with an angry face.

It was a man with blue-silver hair, deep indigo eyes, a slim build, and a handsome face.

It was hard to imagine he wasn’t a ‘lady’.
Even with a flat chest.

“What is it, Elain?”

Elain de Ezebel, he was the Chancellor of the Empire and the second son of the Duke of Ezebel.

Michael personally visited and appointed the Duke of Ezebel himself.

He said with a nervous look.

“Your Majesty, would you excuse me for a moment?”

“As much as you’d like.
Alfred, get out of here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When Alfred went out, Elain opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.

“I heard that you will hand over the housekeeping of the Concubine Palace to our Chancellor’s home.
Is that true?”

“It’s true.
It’s not yet delivered, but the news is fast.”

“Because there is nothing in this imperial family next to Your Majesty that I am unaware of.”

“Is that why you’re here to argue?”

“Yes, I’m here to argue.
I’m staying up all night because I have a lot of work to do and you’re adding more work to it?”

“I can’t help it.
Just take care of it for the time being.”

“You’re so mean!”

“I can’t do too much about it, but I’ll make sure to reward you.”


Michael wrinkled his brows.

“I don’t like it.
But I’ll allow you to make the flower garden you want so much all over the Chancellor’s residence.”

Elain’s eyes widened.


“Really, is that all right?”

Michael smiled disapprovingly when he saw Elain’s expression.

“You’re not a woman yet you like flowers, no matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand it.”

“It’s all about taste, Your Majesty.”

“It’s a strange taste.”

Michael and Elain were childhood friends.

Michael’s mother and Elain’s mother were close friends, so they often met and played together.

And as soon as Michael became an adult, the Emperor died, and immediately the battle for the throne began.

At that time, Elain helped a lot.

So now there was a relationship between the emperor and the Chancellor.

Elain had told him how there were no flowers at the Chancellor’s house.

He even resigned at some point because the trees were overgrown and dull, saying that he didn’t feel like working.

Finally, he gave a flower garden as a gift, and he was relieved.

“All right.
But only for a while.
I can’t do any more.
People who work under me need to enjoy life too.”

“It’ll take a few months, and I’ll make sure to reward them well enough.”

“But why are you suddenly doing this to Jestina? Didn’t you just let her do anything?”

“It’s useless now.”

“Then, is it time?”

“Yes, so far her use has been well worth it.
I hope you’re ready?”

“Of course.
We kept all the information about the sins she has committed.
After all, Jestina is done.”

“It’s right to throw away tools when you use them enough.”

“Then is Lady Priscilla like that too?”

Michael narrowed his brows.

“Why is Priscilla coming out here?”

“I heard that you care about her very much… You said so to Jestina, too.”

At first he did the same to Jestina.

Then she fell for Michael and came to the Concubine Palace on her own.

But now he had Priscilla by his side.

He didn’t know what the hell he was up to.

“Sooner or later, Priscilla will be the queen.”



He was genuinely surprised this time.

Queen, it was the first time that a woman was made queen after he ascended to the throne.

“You must like her that much.”

“Not really.
She’s just worth using.”

“Where are you off to?”

“To the Lady.”

Elain looked at Michael with a look of wonder.

“So now you’re even going to the beauty?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Didn’t Your Majesty fall for the beautiful woman?”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“That’s not it?”

Stop talking nonsense and go out, you’ll be busy taking care of the Concubine Palace.”

Elain sighed.

The thought of working made him feel hopeless.


The rumour spread through the palace.

The ladies-in-waiting, as well as the princesses, talked about Jestina whenever they gathered.

“I heard His Majesty took the seal from Lady Jestina?”

“I heard that he broke it as soon as he got the seal.”

“Oh, His Majesty’s anger must have been great.”

“Of course.
Why else would he have done such a thing?”

“I know.”

“So that’s what all the fuss is about.
Gaining access to all the living quarters in Rosemary’s Palace and replacing everything.”

“It’s a good thing there’s enough money.”

“By the way, what is the budget that will be allocated to us now?”

At least I hope it will be distributed more equally than before.”

“That’s right.
Only those who caught Lady Jestina’s eyes have been paid a lot of money.”

Then they stared at a woman.

“Lady Rania*, what will you do? Lady Jestina, whom you trusted and followed, is ruined.”

[*TN: I double checked.
Rania is not the same person as her maid Ran.
Just similar names.]

Rania was furious at the words.

“What are you talking about? Jestina is still alive and well.”

“Well, I’d like to believe that, too.
Lady Rania got a lot from Lady Jestina.”

“Please refrain from speaking.
Lady Jestina is still in power in the Concubine Palace.”

“I guess that will change sooner or later?”

Rania narrowed her eyes.

“Change! That won’t happen.
I have to speak to Lady Jestina now, I need to make sure she knows who you’re talking down to.”

Deep in her heart, Rania was hoping the princesses would back down.

It was always like that when she spoke to them.

Jestina was a scary presence for them.

But the atmosphere didn’t work the way she wanted it to.

The princesses laughed at Rania.

“Tell her.
We are no longer afraid of Lady Jestina.
A kite only looks amazing when it flies high in the sky, doesn’t it mean nothing after it falls?”

“That’s the correct answer.
Lady Rania, you can go and wipe her feet, just like you’ve always done.”

“Are you done talking? You’ll regret it.
You’ll see.”

As Rania turned angrily, the princesses only laughed at her more.


Apart from the chaos at Rosemary Palace and the Concubine Palace, Lilith Palace was at peace.

This is because Priscilla did not come out of the palace all at once.

In the meantime, Rien and Lili told her to rest unconditionally, saying that she should soothe her tired mind and body, so she was forced to rest.

And Michael was interrupting that rest.

“You look peaceful.”

“Why are you here?”

Priscilla asked with a sour look.

“Can’t I come?”

“That’s not true.”

“I heard that you’ve only been in the palace since the hunting festival.
I’m here to make sure you’re alive.”

“Are you satisfied that you confirmed that I’m alive?”

“Seeing that your mouth is alive, you must be alive.”

At that, Priscilla pursed her lips.

“You’re too weak.”

“That’s the way it is by nature.
And did you forget? I died once and survived.”

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