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A weird student in the school

”Whats going on here? ” Edmond shouted and the students quickly rushed out of the dining hall, for fear of being implicated. He walked over to the girls that were sweating. ”I asked what happened here!! ” he yelled.

”Its Susan, Edmond. Susan and Stephanie joined forces and attacked us ” Charlotte quickly spoke up and pretended to cry. Her friends joined her, pretending to be crying, Susan looked at them in surprise.

”You girls are so….. ” she wanted to shout at them, she wanted to smack them for lying against her. She really hates it when she gets punished for a crime she didn commit.

”You this new girl, just what is your problem ” he angrily asked and Susan dropped her head low in embarrassment. Edmond looked at Stephanie in anger. ” Im not scared of you Steph, but what Ill tell you is that you have to stop causing trouble wherever you go. The next time I remind you of it, you get suspended ” he warned strictly.

”Come on nigga, I don know anything about their fight, I only came to help this girl ” Stephanie said and pointed towards Susan.

”So you are the cause of the fight uh? ” Edmond asked Susan but she pretended not to hear. ”Im talking to the new girl ” he said and she quickly raise her head.

”pardon? ” she asked pretending like she didn understand what he was saying.

”Senior Edmond, she really beat me ” Eva said and cried out loud.

”Brother, shes really troublesome ” Chloe chipped in.

”Its okay everyone ” Edmond said. ”Who started the fight? ” he asked and Allison hurriedly came out from his hiding place.

”It was Charlotte that started that came to trouble Susan, but Susan started the fight ” he said and briefed Edmond on what had happened.

”All of you to the disciplinarians office ” Edmond ordered. ”And you ” he pointed at Susan.

”Ye… ye…yes ” she stammered.

”Mind yourself ” he said. ”To the office girls ” he said and led them out of the dining hall, heading towards the disciplinarians office.

”You will be in hell today ” Sarah whispered to Susan. Susan frowned, she was really angry.

”Shut up ” she snapped and continued to walk.

”Shes so dumb ” Charlotte chipped in.

”Charlotte you are stupid ” Susan said. She didn know that her voice was loud. Edmond heard angry voice and turned to look at her. Charlotte and her friends quickly pretended to be ignorant of Susans word.

”Who just said that word ” he asked and frowned. Charlotte and her group of friends, pointed at Susan.

”She did ” they said at once and Susan could Only look in confusion.

”Did you? ” He asked Susan.

”It was a slip of the tongue ” she murmured.

”I can hear you. Can you please speak louder? ” he said.

”I said it was a slip of the tongue ” she said louder.

”Lets go ” he said and continued to walk. He smiled inwardly at her weird behavior. ”Funny girl ” he said to himself.

In the disciplinarian office.

”Excuse me sir ” Edmond said and walked into the office. A round ,plump man with a ruddy hair, putting on spectacles sat on a seat.

”Yes who is it? ” he asked in a rough voice.

”Its Edmond sir ” Edmond replied.

”Oh Edmond ” he exclaimed. ”How do you do? ”

”I am doing well sir, may I come in sir? ” Edmond asked.

”Oh Yes you are free to ” he replied and laughed in a stupid manner.

”Come in girls ” Edmond said and opened the door wider for the girls to come in. They trooped in one after the other. The teacher looked in confusion.

”What is it Edmond, why are they

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