(warning: needles, descriptions of torture and graphic bodily harm) ;  starts at “On the day when the news came out…” and ends after “On the big bed, Shen Zhuo opened his eyes.”)

The violent electric current is destined to tear apart all flesh and blood but, at this critical moment, a deep black hole suddenly opened up behind Liu Sanji.

Chen Miao lost his voice: “Space ability?”

A woman with short green hair appeared.
She should be a plant-type supernatural being.
Her hands turned into vines and flew towards Liu Sanji, grabbing and dragging him over.
Just as Bai Sheng was about to catch up, another man jumped out from the space tunnel, holding a shiny katana sword, and slashed down like lightning.


With a deafening sound, Bai Sheng carried Shen Zhuo with one hand, and forcibly caught the blade of the hurricane with the other.

A trace of blood trickled down from the palm of his hand, and the eyes of the space power user reflected on the back of his sword—a young man in his early twenties, with a terrifyingly strong figure, but the expression of his eyebrows and eyes were naturally fierce, and his gaze was on Shen Zhuo’s face.
He glanced up, then at Bai Sheng, grinned, and said in Japanese:

“When we meet next time…”

Before Bai Sheng could reply, he had already withdrawn his sword and left, dragging the green short-haired woman and Liu Sanji with one hand, and returned to the space tunnel.

Bai Sheng suddenly swung out his hand, and violent lightning shot straight into the sky, but it was still half a second late.

The space crack disappeared in an instant, and the electrical cascade rushed into the air, smashing half of the viaduct into pieces!


The earth trembled violently, black smoke filled the air, and the sirens of dozens of vehicles spread all over the wilderness.
When the gunpowder smoke slowly dissipated, the three opponents had disappeared without a trace, leaving only the scorched blackened steel and concrete fragments all over the floor.

“People, people?” “Was that space transfer just now?” “It’s the first time I’ve seen space abilities…”

All the inspectors looked around hurriedly, Bai Sheng stood where he was, exhaled a hot breath, looked at Shen Zhuo in his arms, and narrowed his sharp eyes slightly.

Drowsy, shaking, noisy.

The lights in the corridor of the hospital were pale, and Shen Zhuo felt as if he was being pushed forward on the emergency bed at a high speed.

The surface of the water is generally noisy and unclear.

“…It doesn’t matter if the internal organs are ruptured, but the residual supernatural virus has been detected in the blood…”

“Shenhai doesn’t have the conditions for detoxification, so he must be sent to the central area immediately, and the analysis results will be used to prepare a serum!”

“The emergency helicopter dispatched by Director Yue will arrive in fifteen minutes.
What should we do?”

“The blood oxygen has dropped to the limit! Doctor, doctor!!”…

The whole world seemed to be shrouded in a snow-white halo, the sound gradually faded away, and it was quiet and empty.

After an unknown amount of time, Shen Zhuo opened his eyes, his vision was slack and unable to focus, and he saw a tall figure standing beside the operating table in a trance, wearing a white coat, revealing deep and handsome eyebrows behind a mask.

He was holding a blood collection needle in his right hand, and his left cuff was rolled up, drawing blood from his strong arm.

“Look, Supervisor Shen.” Bai Sheng watched his bright red blood flow into the blood bag, and glanced over with a smile: “No matter how much they call Brother Yue, I am the only one who can save you in the end, right?”

Consciousness seemed to be as if immersed in the deep sea, hazy, sinking and floating.
Shen Zhuo couldn’t recognize who the figure in front of him was, but he felt the unique aura of an S-rank evolutionary on the opponent.

He looked at Bai Sheng without blinking, but his eyes seemed to pass through the void, and every word he murmured was full of blood:

“In the end… did you… do it…”


Bai Sheng paused.

The operating room was very quiet, except for the slight and regular beeping sound of the instruments.

After a long while, Bai Sheng snorted and laughed, “Still remember to call this name at this time, what kind of unswerving relationship do you two have until death?”

The blood storage bag gradually swelled to full, Bai Sheng finally pulled out the blood collection needle, moved his arm freely, then leaned over and pulled Shen Zhuo’s chin, so that he faced him up close.

“It’s too much to lie on the bed and call other men at me.
Remember to call me by my name next time, okay?”

Shen Zhuo closed his eyes, under the shadowless lamp, his side profile was so cold that it was almost transparent, but his eyebrows and eyes were black like ink.
The collar that was usually buttoned to the throat was unbuttoned, revealing a slender neck and deep collarbone, and the thin white shirt was almost stained blood red.

Obviously so embarrassing, but there is a kind of breathtaking and shocking tension.

Bai Sheng’s eyes fell on the black gloves that never left his body, and his heart suddenly moved.

So many news media have never photographed Shen Zhuo’s hands.
This great inspector, who is famous for his beauty and power, seems to never want the public to see the skin below his throat.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Cleanliness? There will never be any flaws hidden.

Bai Sheng glanced at the empty operating room, reached out and took off the gloves, and glanced calmly, a little surprised.

——The right hand is normal and intact, but there are two hideous old wounds on the back of the left hand, intertwined to form a terrible fork.

Someone carved it with a knife.

Bai Sheng knew what this meant, it was a humiliating way that was popular back then.
Because the back of the left hand and the left heart of the evolutionary are usually places where the level is marked, some extreme Darwinists will capture ordinary humans and forcibly carve crosses on their hands to indicate that this person has inferior genes and cannot evolve, implying that human beings will eventually be eliminated by evolution.

An inviolable beauty with a high position, a world-renowned inspector with a tough iron fist—who dares to take a knife to leave such humiliation on Shen Zhuo’s hand?

“…You seem to have suffered a lot of grievances,” Bai Sheng stood up and looked down at Shen Zhuo, murmuring thoughtfully.

“Wake up!” “Wake up, wake up, finally wake up…”

The monitoring equipment beeped, and the ward was full of footsteps.
Shen Zhuo slightly opened his eyes.

The coma that lasted for half a month made his consciousness blurred.
He could only see countless figures swaying around the hospital bed.
It seemed that many people had broken free from the nurse’s barrier, rushed towards him and yelled at him, and some people tried to drag him from the hospital bed, but they were stopped by the guards who rushed forward.

After an unknown amount of time, those roaring voices finally reached his eardrums slowly:

“…Why did it explode, why did the Qinghai Test Site explode?!”
“Brother Fu is dead! Brother Fu is dead! It’s all to protect you!”

“Why didn’t you die!!”

Ah, Fu Chen is dead, Shen Zhuo’s confused brain realized this sentence.

Fu Chen died in that explosion.

“Half a month ago, an action team composed of you, the S-level evolutionary Fu Chen, and the A-level evolutionary Su Jiqiao was performing the evolutionary source recovery process.
When accepting the mission, an accidental explosion occurred at the Qinghai Test Site.
Do you have any explanation for this, Director Shen?”

There was a pale light in the ward, and two rows of investigators from the Central Supervision Office sat across from each other.
There were figures sitting in front of each other, and the only sound in the air was the rustling of pens and paper.

Who knows how many surveillance cameras are facing Shen Zhuo on the hospital bed, even the calm and pale face, the curvature of the drooping eyelashes, and even slight changes in expression were not overlooked.

“I don’t know.” Shen Zhuo replied hoarsely.

There was a slight commotion on the opposite side, and everyone was whispering, and then an investigator raised his voice: “How could you not know?”

“Your three-person team, Fu Chen was killed on the spot, Su Jiqiao is still unconscious, only you, an ordinary person, miraculously survived, but you tell us you don’t know what happened?”

“Fu Chen died to protect you!” Someone in the back row suddenly stood up, “He used absolute defense to take all the damage for you, otherwise he would not die at all!”

“For such a simple task, Fu Chen and Su Jiqiao have performed it hundreds of times as partners, and there has never been a problem!”

“Who is the person who caused the explosion due to an operating error? Do you really think we can’t guess who it is?!”

In the excitement of the crowd, Shen Zhuo’s expression finally flashed a trace of strangeness.

Su Jiqiao is not dead?


“…What’s wrong with Su Jiqiao?”

The hoarse voice of Shen Zhuo was too weak in the noise, and only an old man with a serious face in the middle of the front row of investigations answered him: “Deep coma due to serious brain injury, the possibility of waking up in the future does not exceed 5%.”

— There’s still 5% left.

Shen Zhuo murmured: “Is that so.”

He closed his eyes, opened them again after a long time, took a deep breath, and looked straight at the two rows of investigators and countless surveillance cameras opposite him.

Afterwards, this scene was repeatedly studied countless times at the hearing, and even the most insignificant details were infinitely magnified under the microscope, even including his calm eyes like a deep pool, his pale and handsome jaw, and his cold and steady voice when he spoke:

“When the accident happened, the person in charge of operating the evolution source was Fu Chen.”

“He caused the explosion.”

The air froze for a moment.

Immediately afterwards, like a bomb detonated suddenly, everyone jumped up at the same time, roaring and almost toppled the roof.

“Impossible!” “Framing, blatantly framing!” “Shen Zhuo, do you still have a conscience?!” “Do you have even the last bit of humanity left?!”…

Verbal criticism and pen criticism1, boiling against the sky.

However, Shen Zhuo’s pale face didn’t even have a trace of expression.
He stared at the rioters coldly with a condescending attitude, as if he had already seen a more sinister and treacherous future ahead through them.

One month after the 5∙11 Qinghai Test Site explosion accident, Shen Zhuo, chief director of the Central Research Institute, was dismissed from his post and held accountable.
Once he was demoted to the end, the secret research project he led was also forced to run aground.

Just as Shen Zhuo was about to be taken to court, another shocking news came.

The International Inspection Office insisted on going its own way, disregarding the opposition of a large number of evolutionaries around the world, and forcibly appointed Shen Zhuo, who was an ordinary person, as a permanent chief inspector of the United Nations with a detached status, comparable to Fu Chen.

**Trigger warning  starts now.**

No one knows what the International Inspectorate is thinking, but this letter of appointment ignited everyone’s anger.

On the day when the news came out, Fu Chen’s strongest brothers broke into the hospital and forcibly took Shen Zhuo away from the ward.
Afterwards, a lynching scandal unknown to the public happened that year—

“Why did Brother Fu die and not you?!”

The air was filled with the smell of blood and rust, the overhead lights were dim, and there were crowds of people around.
The torture and interrogation quickly turned into a wave of excitement.

“It was your delusion to evolve that caused the misoperation, and it was you who caused the explosion!”

“You relied on Brother Fu’s protection to survive, how dare you put the blame on him!”

Shen Zhuo was tied to the chair, his throat was full of blood, and he spit out hoarse words from his teeth, “It was Fu Chen who made a mistake in the operation, and he just reaped the consequences.”

With a loud bang, he was punched on the side of his face, and more blood filled his mouth.

“Kill him to pay for Brother Fu’s life!” “Kill him!”…

The roars in the crowd became louder and louder, but they were not clear because his ears were covered with blood.
Shen Zhuo was panting violently, then a bloody cough shook from his chest, and he laughed while coughing: “Come on, kill me.”

He raised his head, his face was covered with blood and he was weak and embarrassed, but he did not hide his provocation: “Fu Chen is dead, Su Jiqiao has become a person in a vegetative state 2.
Even if you killed me today, you couldn’t find any evidence to convict me.”

It was as if a drop of cold water fell into a pan of oil, and it exploded with a blast around it.

Everyone was furious, everyone was roaring.
Those faces were filled with grief and righteous indignation.
If someone hadn’t forcibly stopped them, they would have rushed up and torn him to pieces.

“Do you really think that evolution is free? The so-called superior evolutionists are nothing more than a group of beasts degraded from humanity.” Shen Zhuo laughed intermittently, with a hoarse and contemptuous voice: “Stupid, violent, furious and incompetent condemnation, worthless righteous indignation……”

All his internal organs were in severe pain, and blood dripped into his collar.

The sound waves converged into grotesque fragments, flickering violently in sight, forming an absurd and upside-down picture.

He couldn’t see the hateful faces clearly, only his own heavy breathing remained in his eardrums, until he was awakened by the cold touch of the blade – his left hand was held down, and there was a sharp pain in his bones.

“We won’t kill you, but you can’t just walk out of here today.” The executioner’s deep voice came from above, “Remember, Shen Zhuo, this scar is proof that you owe a blood debt to us evolutionaries.”

The surroundings were noisy and strange, blood soaked from his temples to his chin, but there was an undisguised mocking smile in Shen Zhuo’s eyes,and he looked up at the silhouette of the executioner under the pale light: “It doesn’t matter, Yue Yang.”

“You evolutionaries just make me sick.”

The chaotic background, weird roars, and hostile faces are all distorted quickly, disappearing into the dream like absurd color blocks soaked by water.

On the big bed, Shen Zhuo opened his eyes.

**Trigger warning ends.**

Sunlight filters through floor-to-ceiling curtains.

This is an elegant, transparent, and bright bedroom decorated with modern art.
The high ceiling makes the field of vision unbelievably spacious, and the sound of gentle, relaxed breathing can be heard from the side.

“…” Shen Zhuo turned his head to look.

He saw Bai Sheng’s bare and firm upper body, turning over in a daze, stretching out to put his arms around Shen Zhuo’s waist, and patting him habitually with comfort, his voice was sleepy and hazy:

“Let me sleep for a while, baby, you have really been tossing these days.”

Shen Zhuo’s pupils narrowed slightly, and he suddenly got up and was about to get out of bed, but then there was a rattling in his ear, and he saw that his left wrist was hung on the head of the bed by a pair of fine steel handcuffs.

“…” Shen Zhuo maintained that movement, turned around and asked slowly after a while: “Can you explain, Mr.

Bai Sheng finally opened his eyes lazily, “You didn’t have this attitude when you hugged my neck last night and didn’t let go? Isn’t that the attitude, inspector, you won’t admit it at dawn?”

A car accident, a collision, Liu Sanji, a monster with eyes all over his body… Scenes that happened on the highway suddenly flashed in his mind, and he looked down.

He saw that his own white shirt was open, and the wound on his abdomen that was pierced by a knife had healed, leaving only a hideous scar on the surface of his skin.

“Lie in my arms and call me handsome when you need it, and call me Mr.
Bai when you don’t need to have face.
Why, want to prostitute me for nothing?”

Bai Sheng sat up lazily, the blanket slipped off his chest, showing off his slender and vigorous figure in the morning light without any scruples.
Arms, waist, and back to abdominal muscles, every inch of line is full of indescribable impact, the face is handsome, the hair is messy, and a bunch of silver hair is arrogantly curled on the top of his head.

“If you fall into my hands, you will be mine, and you still want those people from the Shenhai City Supervision Office to take you away?” Bai Sheng sneered, “It’s not that easy to deny your account after whoring.”

Bai Sheng leaned forward slowly and approached, Shen Zhuo was forced to lean back until their breathing was intertwined——

Crash! The iron chain suddenly slammed.

Without warning, Shen Zhuo broke free from the handcuffs, turned over and pressed Bai Sheng on the bed, kneeling on his back waist, twisted his hands behind his back in a beautiful grabbing posture, and handcuffed him with a “click!” like lightning.

The situation was reversed in an instant, Shen Zhuo firmly pressed an elbow on the back of Bai Sheng’s neck, leaned over and whispered in his ear:

“Handsome guy, thank you very much for your rescue, but please forget everything else I said, you and I are adults after all.
What do you say?”

Bai Sheng’s face was pressed into the pillow, unusually quiet and docile, without any struggle.

Before Shen Zhuo had time to feel something was wrong, the bedroom door was pushed open with a huff, and Chen Miao was holding a bowl of soup: “Brother Bai, didn’t you say that this soup can be cooked in the microwave for two minutes, I—”

Chen Miao’s voice stopped abruptly.

On the big messy bed, the shirt on Shen Zhuo’s upper body was open, the hem of the clothes barely covered the bottom of his legs, and he was kneeling on both sides of Bai Sheng’s back waist with his thighs apart, bowing his head to the other’s ears.

And Bai Sheng’s pajama pants were hanging on his waist, his upper body was naked, his hands were handcuffed behind his back, like a poor little white rabbit who had been ravaged.

The distance between the two bodies could probably fit a thin piece of paper.

The scene froze completely, Supervisor Shen’s expression was blank, and he looked at Chen Miao outside the door and a few equally blank hands behind Chen Miao.


After a long while, Chen Miao squeezed out a smile, showing extreme fear in his flattery: “Student, senior, please take your time, we..
we will go out for you to keep watch.” Then he shut the door impatiently with a bang.

The bedroom was so quiet that a needle could be heard, and they were the only ones left on the big bed.

“…” Bai Sheng’s body trembled strangely, and finally couldn’t hold back anymore, he broke his defense with a puff: “Hahahahaha——”

-end of chapter ten-


1kǒuzhūbǐfá: to condemn in speech and in writing (idiom) / to denounce by word and pen.

2 According to the Brain Foundation: when a person is awake, but shows no signs of awareness

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