(warning: descriptions of unnatural body contortion)

“Prepare the third urban air defense alert!”

“The crowd in the target area has been evacuated!”

“The jammer is in place and the directional missile can be launched at any time!”

A series of instructions circled in the control room of the tower and were quickly broadcast in all directions through the radio, like an invisible umbrella.
It opened up, shrouding the sky above the huge city of Shenhai.

“Inspector,” Chen Miao put down the satellite phone, cold sweat soaking his temples: “The ground still can’t contact flight MN538.
The situation is unknown, what should I do?”

Shen Zhuo stood quietly in front of the console, from the eyes of the people around him, his side profile was handsome and cold, and his eyes were deep and unreadable.

“Call the military region.” He said slowly, “Until the last moment, missiles cannot be launched without my consent.”


The robber, who was no longer in human shape, flew out of the cockpit door, volleyed over the entire aircraft cabin, smashed two barriers in the middle, and fell in front of the stewardess’ feet at the tail of the plane.

Three seconds later, the entire row of passengers together with the stewardess said, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—”

“No, it’s impossible…” Zhang Wenyong trembled, staring at the special S logo on Bai Sheng’s chest: “It’s fake, it must be fake…”

In fact, there have been rumors about S-class mutants among the people, but there are too few documents.
Some declassified data show that there are only 20 people who have undergone S-level evolution.
However, what they have become, what abilities they have, and whether they are even considered human anymore are all unknown.

There is no way to find out.

“I don’t believe it!” Zhang Wenyong roared angrily, rage breaking out in a desperate situation, and waved his hand—

Clouds of lead rolled wildly outside the window of the engine room, lightning and thunder struck, and countless cracks burst out on the windshield of the engine room.

“Ah, climate control?” Bai Sheng rubbed his chin.

“…No one can catch me” Zhang Wenyong’s expression twisted grimly in the thunderstorm: “You’ll all die with that damned surveillance office!”

The plane shook violently, then suddenly lost weight and plummeted to the ground.

The co-pilot smashed his head on the dashboard, and the cabin erupted in screams of fear!

Bai Sheng tightly covered the co-pilot’s bleeding forehead with one hand, and held the other flatly: “Brother, you are too impatient, can’t you relax a little?”

He spread his five fingers open abruptly.

Before Zhang Wenyong realized what had happened, he heard four crisp popping sounds in his ears: Crack! Snap! Snap! Snap!

Blood burst from his limbs at the same time, his body was reflexed into an unbelievable spherical shape, bent backward at a terrifying angle, and his whole body was hung like a bloody lantern.


Zhang Wenyong let out a shrill scream, but then everything stopped abruptly—

Bai Sheng made a silent gesture, and the air flow was instantly blocked in his vocal cords.

With a bang, the plane stabilized, and all passengers fell back into their seats.

“The gap between you and me is about the same as the distance between a paramecium and a human,” Bai Sheng said lightly.

Snap! The submachine gun fell to the cockpit floor.

The last robber who pointed a gun at Bai Sheng just now was trembling all over, and crawled backwards on his hands and feet, as if he saw a living demon: “Yes… I’m sorry… Spare me, spare my life…”

At this moment, his hand suddenly bumped into something behind him, and he subconsciously saw that it was the book that had just dropped on the ground.

The title of the book is terrifyingly long and full of nonsense, only the bunny girl who blows kisses and the words “Author: Bai Sheng” are very obvious.

In an instant, the robber felt blessed in his heart.

“Good, good book!” He frantically opened the book and held it up in front of his eyes, looked up at Bai Sheng in fear, and tremblingly said: “The author, the author’s thinking is very sharp! I will buy, buy a hundred copies!”

Bai Cheng turned his face sideways, looked down at him from above, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Too late.” He said with a smile, “Belated affection is more worthless than grass.”

He waved his palm upwards.

Blood splattered in all directions, bones burst and screams sounded at the same time, resounding throughout the cabin.

Ground, tower control room.

“Hello? Hello?” The long-disconnected communicator suddenly began to rustle, followed by a lazy voice: “This is Flight MN538, can you hear me?” In the busy control room, all the hurried footsteps seemed to be paused.

Everyone’s expressions froze, and they looked back at the console, unable to believe their ears.
Shen Zhuo’s pupils constricted slightly, and after a pause for a few seconds, he hung up the satellite phone of the military area, and reached out to pick up the walkie-talkie: “Who are you?”

“I’m an innocent passenger who suffered a lot and is ready to sue the airline for bankruptcy,” said Bai Sheng, sitting in the captain’s seat.

On the way, while holding the walkie-talkie, he smooth-talked the dying co-pilot, silently emphasizing: “I’m just kidding—”

Co-pilot: “…”

“The three hijackers have been subdued, but the captain was seriously injured, the co-pilot seems to be passing away, and the fuel level is still low.” Bai Sheng frowned and looked at the flight instruments, and finally said after a few seconds: “I can’t see clearly, the co-pilot just smashed the instrument panel with his head.”

The co-pilot couldn’t bear it anymore and struggled to his deathbed, but he opened his mouth in vain to say, “Goo!”1 A mouthful of old blood came out.

“Currently, an emergency landing is required, but I am not familiar with the operation of B777-300ER civil aviation airliners, please ask the ground tower to assist in an emergency landing.
Is landing clearance provided?”

There was a “boom” in the control room.

Countless people panicked, countless people shouted loudly, countless noises were transmitted into the cockpit through the radio, and Bai Sheng waited patiently.

After a while, he finally heard a clear and steady voice coming from the intercom.

“I’m the control tower.” Standing by the French window, Shen Zhuo looked up at the endless sky: “The forced landing is allowed, please accept the operation instructions.”

Ten minutes later.

The huge civil aviation plane roared and landed slowly on the tarmac.
More than a hundred Supervision Department supernatural powers were waiting in full force.

A silver-white cold light shone from the muzzles of numerous guns.

Shen Zhuo was wearing a throat microphone tactical headset, his index finger was already on the trigger, and the closed plane door was reflected in his deep eyes.

Every minute and every second became extremely long and, after a long while, the hatch was finally pulled open heavily, and everyone’s expressions tightened at the same time.

A young and vigorous figure appeared behind the hatch.
It was Bai Sheng.

This man is probably nearly 1.9 meters tall 2.
He is wearing a travel backpack with a boxing glove and a basketball charm on one shoulder.
He has changed into a shirt on his upper body, but only the bottom two buttons were fastened, revealing the muscular lines of the abdomen.

Under the left collarbone, the blood-red S jumped into everyone’s eyes.


The surrounding fell into complete dead silence.

Bai Sheng’s eyes are naturally sharp, and the blood spattered on the corners of his brows has not dried completely.
When he looked down from such a high position, there was clearly a trace of cold scrutiny in his eyes.

“Class S…” There was a gasping murmur from the crowd.

The next moment, Bai Sheng miraculously changed his face, smiled friendly, and waved his hands at the many muzzles of guns like a spring breeze:

 “Hello, everyone!”

Then he jumped down.

It was more than three meters from the cabin door to the ground, and he landed without making any sound, but the heavy objects he was dragging with both hands slammed “boom” and hit the ground.

Those are two climbing ropes, each tied with a group of twisted human flesh with tangled limbs and whose shape cannot be seen clearly.
On the left are the two hijacking accomplices, with broken bones and entangled hands and feet, and on the right is the main criminal, Zhang Wenyong, whose torso had been twisted into a spiral.

In an instant, everyone’s heart beat violently, and even the well-informed inspectors almost vomited.
Chen Miao hurriedly covered his face and stopped looking closely, then motioned his subordinates to escort the criminals out with him.

However, several people raised their guns and hadn’t stepped forward, Bai Sheng stopped them: “Wait, answer my question first.”

Chen Miao begged him to hurry up with his eyes.

“Before the robbers shot at me, I heard a guy on the walkie-talkie saying he never deals with criminals, and that high-ranking bastard is-”


Bai Cheng turned his head and met Shen Zhuo’s eyes.

The Shenhai City Prosecutor always wears the same attire, with a well-fitting black suit and white shirt, a plain and cold face, and beautiful thin lips.

The black leather gloves are thin and tight, and the slender knuckles can be seen, and the index finger holding the trigger does not move at all.

Even the sound of the wind seemed to freeze, no one dared to move around, no one even made a sound, and the muzzles of many guns were obviously unstable.


Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Bai Sheng’s complexion changed complicatedly, he seemed a little resentful and a little relieved, and after a while he finally sighed and muttered: “Beauty is really the most convincing weapon in this world… Now I believe it.”

“I forgive you, Inspector.” Bai Sheng raised his voice and raised his chin to Shen Zhuo: “Come and make a deal with me!”

There was no wave in Shen Zhuo’s dark eyes.

Bai Sheng motioned him to look at the climbing rope he was carrying in both hands: “I don’t have time to spare, come over and fasten the buttons for me, these three robbers will be handed over to the Shenhai City Supervision Office and, at the same time, the account between the two of us will be over, how about it?”

It’s that simple?

If you only look at the face, Bai Sheng will even give people the illusion that he is handsome and amiable, but everyone knows that the melee quality of S-level evolution is comparable to a human-shaped weapon, even if you just stand there smiling and not moving, there is a hidden sense of oppression.

“…” Shen Zhuo turned his head and winked at Chen Miao, signaling him to go over.

“I’m talking about you, inspector.” Bai Sheng emphasized his tone.

Then he raised his eyebrows and smiled: “I just like being served by beauties.”

At that moment, everyone in the back subconsciously looked at Shen Zhuo’s back, guessing what his expression was at the moment, but they were destined not to get an answer.


Shen Zhuo didn’t move for a few seconds, finally took a breath, handed his gun to Chen Miao, walked calmly, and stood in front of Bai Sheng.

Shen Zhuo’s height is already considered tall, but when they faced each other, his eyes only reached Bai Sheng’s chin, he lowered his eyes without saying a word and fastened the buttons of his shirt one by one, from bottom to top.

“I’m very curious about one thing.” Bai Sheng tilted his head slightly and asked softly in Shen Zhuo’s ear, “If I wasn’t on this flight today, what would you have done with this incident?”

“…In the process of the coexistence of human beings and evolutionaries, none of the conflicts can be resolved.” After a few moments of deliberation, he answered.

“All the handling methods and negotiation skills for human kidnappers have proved to be inapplicable, so every time a crime by a supernatural person occurs, it has a huge impact.
A large number of civilians died because of it, and I must strictly follow article 1, paragraph 1 of the work manual to deal with it.”

The wind blew across the empty tarmac, and the frightened and bewildered faces of the passengers could be seen from the portholes of the high plane.

“So,” Shen Zhuo raised his eyes, “The price of sudden evolution falls on every commoner, and it will be a disaster.”

Their eyes met, at such a close distance, Bai Sheng could even see his own shadow in his pupils.

“Is this the reason why you, as a hard-line opponent, are known all over the world for your unfriendly attitude towards evolution?” Bai Sheng said with a smile, “Shen Zhuo, inspector?”

Shen Zhuo didn’t answer, he fastened the last button under Bai Sheng’s collarbone, took half a step back, and looked up at him calmly:

“Follow the law and don’t commit crimes.
Article 10 of the Ombudsman’s Manual states that I must be very kind to you.”

Bai Sheng: “…”

Holding his breath, Chen Miao stiffened his head and led the men forward, carefully taking the climbing rope from Bai Sheng’s hands, and dragging the completely lifeless robbers into an anti- riot vehicle  

Another group of search and rescue teams quickly entered the passenger plane, preparing to clear the cabin and rescue the injured.

“On behalf of the Supervision Office of Shenhai City, I would like to thank Mr.
Bai for his contribution to the safety of the city.” Shen Zhuo bowed his head politely: “Welcome back to China, your salute has been collected, and the Supervision Office will send a car to escort you out of the airport.”

A bulletproof car came slowly and stopped beside the two of them.
Shen Zhuo opened the door and made a “please” gesture.

Very nice and friendly.

Bai Cheng rubbed his chin and got into the car.
Just as Shen Zhuo was about to close the door, he suddenly blocked it with his hand: “Wait, that inspector manual of yours… Can you lend it to me?”

The two looked at each other through the car window, Bai Sheng’s face was full of curiosity that was about to explode.

“The content of each workbook will be different due to the different personalities of the inspectors.” Shen Zhuo replied coldly, “Mine is long and boring.
I hope only I know the content.”


The door closed, and the car slowly drove forward.

Seeing his figure getting farther and farther away in the rearview mirror, Bai Sheng finally couldn’t hold back, turned on his mobile phone and asked the driver, “Brother.”

“Please tell me, Mr.

“There is a private job with a daily cash settlement of one million yuan, do you accept it?”

“…” The driver looked back at him in disbelief and was moved, “Brother Bai, it doesn’t matter whether it’s money or not, the main thing is that I admire your character— Let’s talk!”

Bai Sheng patted him on the shoulder encouragingly: “Steal Supervisor Shen’s work manual and lend me a look.
When will it be done?”

There was silence in the car.

The driver said slowly: “Brother, this kind of family extermination is a different price.”

The setting sun gradually slanted to the west, people came and went on the tarmac, and the passengers were checked one by one by the staff of the monitoring team and sent off the plane.

They couldn’t even stand still, and supported each other tremblingly.

“Wow- wow-” A four or five-year-old little girl got lost in the panic, her face was flushed from crying, she turned around and bumped into Shen Zhuo’s leg.


Shen Zhuo remained silent, leaned over and patted her head, and picked her up.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…” A young woman ran towards the place under the guidance of the staff, thanking him again and again, and fearfully took the little girl away from Shen Zhuo’s arms.

“Supervisor.” Chen Miao walked quickly and said in a low voice: “The Central Supervision Office just called and asked you to make a statement on the hijacking incident.
The special car is already waiting outside.” —The Central Supervision Office has been making things difficult for Shenhai City for a long time, and it has not changed since the first day Shen Zhuo took office.

Shen Zhuo nodded, but did not leave immediately, quietly looking at the passengers who were crying with joy not far away, and suddenly asked: “How is the situation of the injured?”

“Only the two captains, the captain and the deputy, were seriously injured.
They lost a lot of blood but were in stable condition.
Miraculously, not life-threatening.”

“…That Bai Sheng person should have some medical abilities,” Shen Zhuo said softly.

Medical treatment is a rare type of ability, and the probability of its existence on the earth is one in a thousand.
However, Bai Sheng, is an even rarer S-level, it’s not surprising that he would order something messy.

Chen Miao stroked his chin thoughtfully: “I didn’t expect that we would suddenly have an S-rank in Shenhai City.
This is the first time I’ve seen a live S Class after Brother Fu’s death…”

Immediately afterwards, he caught a glimpse of Shen Zhuo’s eyes, and reacted with a shiver: “I’m sorry, senior! I didn’t mean it!”

Shen Zhuo stared at him with unnatural cold black eyes, without saying a word.

“…” Chen Miao stared at him in fear, finally couldn’t hold back after a long while, and asked in a low voice: “Senior… Senior, if there is an S-level in our inspection office, those people in the central inspection office will definitely not dare to embarrass us in the future.
Will you find a way to recruit him?”

Shen Zhuo withdrew his gaze, turned around and walked across the tarmac to the black car in the distance.

“No.” He replied coldly, “My birthday wish every year is to keep evolutionists away from my life.”

“—Huh?!” Chen Miao was dumbfounded: “Including me? Senior! Senior—”

The setting sun and twilight are all together, and the lights in the distance are beginning to rise.

The huge city is gradually shrouded in night and, at the end of the deep blue sky, two or three stars are shining faintly.

Nine o’clock in the evening, news channel.

“Today there was a vicious incident of attempted hijacking at our city’s airport.
It has been confirmed that the three hijackers were the robbers at the Shenhai City Bank a few days ago.
They have all been arrested and brought to justice this time…”

In the abandoned ward, an old-fashioned TV set flickers faintly with fluorescent light.

The screen changes constantly, and in front of the camera are passengers and family members who are crying.
Among the reporters, long guns,  and short guns, a black car bulletproof car with the license plate number of six number 1’s slowly left the airport.

The person in the back seat of the car was in a black suit and white shirt, with a quiet and expressionless face, but the car window was raised in the blink of an eye.

In front of the TV, a slender and young man was sitting in a wheelchair, with a smile in his eyes, propped his chin with one hand, and murmured: “Shen Zhuo…”

The room was low and dilapidated, as if it had been burned by a fire, and the charred walls and floor tiles were stained with stains from the 1980s.
However, this man’s attire was very refined, with a well-cut shirt and trousers, a fair and handsome face, and a pair of eyes as deep and gentle as obsidian.

There is a kind of quiet dignity about him, which is incompatible with everything around him.

The screen changed and the next international news began to be broadcast.
The young man looked away indifferently: “Let’s go.”

There were two people guarding the door and, one of them, a woman with short green hair, immediately stepped forward and turned the wheelchair, pushing him out of the humble door.

—The outside of the house suddenly opened up, and the mountains and forests are not far away.
It is a village deep in the hinterland of a mountain.

Rows of off-road vehicles waited for a long time in the open space.
Dozens of vehicle lights illuminated the building behind them.

A hospital in charred ruins.

Dozens of evolutionary men armed with live ammunition stood in front of the car, while a man was escorted to kneel down, disheveled, half of his left ear torn off, and blood flowing down his cheek like running water.

Seeing the young man in the wheelchair being pushed out, the man’s eyes lit up, and he rushed up to hug his legs: “Mr.
Rong! Mr.
Rong! Sir, I was wrong! I was just greedy for a while, please, I don’t want to die! …”

With the sound of a swish, the green short-haired woman’s hands suddenly turned into vines and they rushed through the air like lightning, knocking the man to the ground.

The young man in the wheelchair called Mr.
Rong waved his hand and stopped the vine girl.

“What about the stuff?” he asked gently.

A subordinate immediately stepped forward, broke the pendant hanging from the man’s neck, bowed his head and put his hands forward.

He saw that it was a transparent isolation tube.
Inside the tube was a black stone the size of a fingernail.
The surface was rough and rugged, but it glowed with a shining blue light like a veil of mist, light and mysterious, like stars twinkling in the night sky.

It was a meteorite.

Five years ago, more than 4,000 such meteorites fell to the earth, triggering the sudden evolution of 100,000 people around the world, and human society was once in chaos.
Since then, these meteorites have been searched and investigated by the governments of various countries, and all of them have been sealed up in top-secret research centers, they have never been seen by the people.

Ordinary people with potential will evolve as long as they come into contact with these meteorites, so they are called evolution sources, and they are extremely valuable on the black market.

“I-I don’t want to steal it and sell it.
My ability is too weak.
I just want to get more power…” The man trembled violently and burst into tears: “I won’t dare again next time.
Please, please don’t kill me!…”

“You want strength?” Mr.
Rong leaned forward slightly, interrupting his incoherent begging for mercy.

The man covered his bleeding left ear: “Yes, yes!”

Rong laughed and leaned back of the chair casually.

He threw the meteorite upwards and then lightly caught it, as if meditating on something.
After repeating this four or five times, he casually threw the meteorite forward, dropping it on the sand in front of the man.

“Within half a month, bring Shenhai City Supervisor Shen Zhuo to me, and it will be yours.” The man’s eyes widened and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Complete the transaction within half a month, and you will always gain the power of evolution and become a powerful member among us; otherwise…”

Rong paused softly, looking down at him.

“—You and your abilities will be taken back by me with interest, understand?”

The man was panting violently, holding the evolutionary source meteorite firmly in his palm, his eyes burst out with a desperate light, he gritted his teeth for a long time and squeezed out a few hoarse words: “I-I understand.”

Rong patted him on the shoulder encouragingly, the wheelchair passed by and headed towards the off-road vehicle.

Rong!” The man suddenly remembered something, took a few steps to catch up, knelt on the ground and asked urgently: “That Shenhai inspector, that Shen Zhuo, can I bring you his body?”

Seemingly not expecting this question, Mr.
Rong paused.

Immediately, he burst into laughter, looked back at the man for a moment, and said, “If you can kill him, I will give you the highest reward… I will make you live forever.”

The man’s eyes widened.

Rong smiled and turned away.

Under the vast night sky, dozens of off-road vehicles lined up and sped away along the rugged mountain road, gradually disappearing in the deep silence of the mountain place.

– end of chapter three –


1Goo!”/咕 : onomatopoeia for the sound of a bird, an empty stomach, etc.

2 About 6’3” … zamn! 

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