“Shen Zhuo!” Yue Yang followed closely down the steps and shouted loudly.

The guard outside the Supervision Office building thought he had read it wrong, and hurriedly raised his hand to salute.
The staff in the distance murmured: “Is that Director Yue? “Why did he come to Shenhai?” “What happened?”

Shen Zhuo finally stood still, turned around and took a breath: “What’s the matter, Director Yue?”

Yue Yang didn’t seem to hear the impatience in his words at all, and calmly looked straight at him: “I heard what happened last night, your actions are too dangerous.”


“You are one of the top ten permanent supervisors in the world, but what you did last night even exceeded the safety range of ordinary supervisors.
What if the backup is not in place in time? What if the other party takes the opportunity to kidnap you?”

“There are many people who want to kill you in this world.
You must always remember that safety comes first.”

The two were only a short distance away, Shen Zhuo crossed his arms, stared at him with a slight frown, and said coldly after a while: “The person who wants my life most in this world is

your Central Supervision Office.”

What Yue Yang wanted to say was interrupted by Shen Zhuo: “Forget it, you and I are not in a relationship where we can show concern for each other.”

“…” Yue Yang was silent for a moment, and said, “Fu Chen won’t want anything to happen to you.
I have the responsibility to ensure this for him after he leaves.”

“I’m sorry that I can’t understand the loyal brotherhood between you evolutionaries.” Shen Zhuo said with a hint of sarcasm, “Why, did you come to Shenhai to weep for Zhao Jun in person?”

Yue Yang had obviously cultivated excellent self-cultivation after years of torture, and he paused for a few seconds before taking a deep breath.

“The Central Supervision Office sent an invitation letter to the S-class Bai Sheng, but he refused, saying that he only wanted to stay in Shenhai.
So I made an appointment with him later, and wanted to try to personally persuade him to reconsider accepting the recruitment of the Central District.”

Shen Zhuo said: “Then go find him.”

Yue Yang slightly emphasized his tone: “Bai Sheng told me that he has already submitted an application to the Shenhai City Supervision Office and is just waiting for your approval.”

There was no one in front of the Supervision Office building, even the patrolling guards were far away, and they were the only two standing on the steps, one high and one low.

“He did submit an application, but I’ve declined it,” Shen Zhuo replied calmly and businesslike after a moment.

“Most evolved people will show degeneration in social behavior, which is manifested in a clear internal class system and the instinctive obedience of low-level people to high-level people.
In other words, it is very similar to the ecological model of wolves.
Therefore, a high-level evolutionary is like the alpha wolf of a population, which will shake the order and balance of the entire region, just like when Fu Chen ruled the entire central area, and after Fu Chen died, the alpha wolf was replaced by you.”


“Shenhai is the world’s largest gathering place for evolutionists, balance and order are paramount.
I will never allow an uncrowned king to appear in this city.” Shen Zhuo said, “If you don’t take Bai Sheng away, I will try to expel him.”

Yue Yang was silent for a long time, and finally replied in a low voice: “I see.
Thank you for reminding me once again how much you discriminate against evolutionists.”

Shen Zhuo nodded in agreement, then turned and walked up the steps.

His right hand was inserted into the pocket of his suit pants, and his left hand was hanging by his side.
The black leather glove wrapped his slender five fingers, and even the knuckles were clearly visible.

The moment the bodies of the two of them crossed, Yue Yang’s eyes fell on his left hand, and he couldn’t help saying: “—Shen Zhuo!”

Shen Zhuo glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.

Yue Yang was silent for a moment, and the words came to his lips: “Fu Chen’s third anniversary of his death is approaching, are you coming to the memorial ceremony?”

The sounds of cars and people on the street could be faintly heard, but this square inch of land was extremely quiet, as if even the air had frozen.

Shen Zhuo stood still, looked at Yue Yang from top to bottom, and laughed for a while: “You really care about your brother’s affairs, Director Yue.”

Yue Yang paused, “I just—”

Shen Zhuo leaned down, with an undisguised arc on his lips, and whispered in his ear: “If you continue like this, I will have to wonder, are you caring about the brother under Jiuquan1, or have you been treating me all this time…”

Boom! The accelerator of the supercar exploded instantly.

A Koenigsegg drifted around a corner, lightning struck, and the roar of the engine shook the whole street; the next second, the tires snapped abruptly with the sound of sharp friction, and stopped firmly in front of the Supervision Office building.

In countless envious eyes on both sides of the road, the walking 20 million yuan opened the scissor door2, and the handsome guy in the driver’s seat took off his sunglasses.

It was Bai Sheng.

“Yo!” He greeted enthusiastically, “What are you whispering about?”

Yue Yang: “…”

Shen Zhuo: “…”

With a long leg, Bai Sheng stepped over the barrier with ease, and waved to the guard who dropped his jaw in the duty room on the way.
This person is designated to have a certain kind of social arrogance, he walks with his hands in his pockets and, in just a dozen meters, he walks like an international male model fashion show.
When he walked downstairs and looked up, he was facing the multitude of dull faces crowded behind rows of windows.

Bai Sheng’s face was blowing with the spring breeze: “Hello, Comrades! Comrades, you have worked hard!”

Upstairs, Chen Miao’s conditioned reflex: “To serve the people… what are you looking at! What are you all huddled in front of the window to see! Go back to work!!”

Everyone woke up like a dream, and immediately scattered like birds and beasts with their heads in their hands.

“This is Chief Yue, right? I’ve admired him for a long time.” Bai Sheng took the initiative to shake hands with Yue Yang, who had a blank expression, and then turned to Shen Zhuo.

First, he carefully looked up and down Shen Zhuo’s whole body, his eyes darting undisguisedly from the strands of his hair to the soles of the leather shoes, then he laughed and asked:

“Did you sleep well last night, Inspector?”

“…” There was a hint of subtlety in Shen Zhuo’s tone: “What are you doing at the Supervision Office, Mr.

Some people really rely on their peers to set off these days.
When a certain Mr.
Bai met for the first time, he showed off his muscles while forcing supervisor Shen to help him button his clothes.
When they met for the second time, he put his arms around Supervisor Shen and came out in public and almost scared his own uncle crazy.
But when they met for the third time, this Mr.
Bai stood side by side with Director Yue from the central area.
In contrast to the latter, he suddenly became more pleasing to the eye, and even that day the unprincipled tone that was born that day did not sound bothersome anymore.

“Director Yue said that he flew over from the central area to invite me out for dinner today, so I stopped by to see if Superintendent Shen is free and, if I have time, I will pick you up… I didn’t expect to bump into the two of you together.” Bai Sheng winked at Shen Zhuo jokingly: “Let’s go eat roasted whole lamb, come?”

Yue Yang coughed dryly, and explained in a low voice: “Supervisor Shen never eats out, the General Administration has safety regulations for him…”

“You drive a two-seater car, and I sit on the roof of your car?” Shen Zhuo said coldly.

Yue Yang was taken aback.

Shen Zhuo stopped looking at them, turned around and walked up the steps, and walked straight into the building.

“Yo, I’m angry.” Bai Sheng watched him disappear in disbelief, “I was about to tell him to drive the car, and I  run with the car.
On my shoulders.”

Yue Yang finally couldn’t hold back, “You guys know each other very well?”

Bai Sheng paused, as if he heard some inconceivable question: “Familiar?”


“How can the relationship between people be defined by simple acquaintance or unfamiliarity? Supervisor Shen and I are two people, and we hit it off right away.
Meeting each other, our relationship is like high mountains and flowing water, like meeting a close friend, and not seeing each other for a day is like three autumns!”


Looking at Bai Sheng’s serious expression, Yue Yang didn’t know how to react for a while, and suddenly felt that the sentence “I will try to expel him” just now might be an auditory hallucination.

“Tsk, let me tell you.” Bai Sheng forcibly put his arms around Yue Yang and walked towards the sports car on the side of the road on his shoulder, saying with relish: “Inspector Shen and I knew each other as close friends when we met for the first time, do you know? It was at the airport that day, and Inspector Shen took a lot of people on a special trip to greet me at the door of the cabin, helped me with my luggage, and let me go home in his special car.
He said he would be very kind and friendly to me, and he also took the initiative to reveal to me part of the content of the Inspector’s work manual…”

Yue Yang paused, “He took the initiative to reveal the contents of his manual to you?”

“That’s right,” Bai Sheng said without changing his expression, “Article 1, Paragraph 1 and Article 1, Paragraph 10.”

Each workbook is specially formulated according to the supervisor’s personal situation—judging from Yue Yang’s expression, he obviously doesn’t know what Shen Zhuo’s manual contains.

“After years of living in a foreign land, when I finally returned to my homeland, Supervisor Shen was the first person to greet me with open arms, and the first person to put clothes on me.
His silent and selfless care made me finally feel the warmth, thoughtfulness and love I have longed for!”

Bai Sheng graciously helped the little Internet celebrities sitting in the front of the car to take pictures one by one, took a group photo with peace signs, smiled and waved them off, then turned to Yue Yang and said emotionally:

“Tell me, Director Yue, why would I be willing to leave Shenhai and go to City B? How can I leave this hometown where I was born and raised?!”

Yue Yang felt that he should say something, but when he opened his mouth, a thousand words were choked in his throat, and he couldn’t say them out loud, feeling in a trance that he saw too little of the world.

“Let’s go eat roasted whole lamb.” Bai Sheng helped Yue Yang lift the car door, and clapped his hands happily, “After eating, I will drive you to the airport personally and guarantee that you will be sent back to City B safely, quickly and without any delay!”

Yue Yang: “…”

The supercar accelerated away amidst the roar, leaving only a trail of smoke that dissipated slowly.

In front of the window of the upstairs office, Shen Zhuo withdrew his gaze and murmured: “If I can live a long life, I must thank these two people for working together out of Shenhai.”

The team member who just finished the work report behind the desk: “Ah? Supervisor, what did you say?”

“It’s nothing.” Shen Zhuo said lightly, waved his hand to signal the team members to go out, went to the table, put on his glasses, and turned on the computer.

According to Zhao Jun’s account, the broker Thirteen Yao stole the true evolution source from the consignor “Mr.
Rong”, and then he cheated a large amount of money from Zhao Jun with the counterfeit product, and finally disappeared directly.
I don’t know if he died or ran away with the true evolutionary source.
Let’s not talk about broker Thirteen, who is “Mr.

Disabled, young, and in a wheelchair, but there is no object that matches the description in the national evolutionary data system.

Is it an ordinary person? Not too possible.

According to the experience of supervisors in various jurisdictions around the world, evolutionists dominate the black market evolution source trading.
Even if there are a small number of ordinary people involved, among them, you can only play the role of a broker—because the evolutionists are highly united and extremely exclusive.
Ordinary people have no way to obtain this rare resource that is comparable to arms.

But the point is, why would an evolutionary be in a wheelchair?

The first step in evolution is the absolute strengthening of physical fitness, the regeneration of severed limbs, the elimination of all diseases, and the instant removal of cancer cells.

It is not an exaggeration to say that even if that “Mr.
Rong” was born with incomplete limbs, he would be able to re-grow two legs in an instant after evolution——Evolution and disability themselves are an incompatible paradox.

So, is the disability related to this person’s special ability?

A strange intuition in the subconscious is constantly warning him.
In Shen Zhuo’s life, this intuition of danger has saved him many times, but at this moment he didn’t know where the danger came from.

Shen Zhuo let out a sigh of relief, and sent an application for assistance to the International Supervisory Administration.

This kind of application usually takes at least several working days to receive a reply, so he ignored it after sending it out, and held a meeting to deal with the backlog of work.
The sky outside the window turned from bright to dark.
It was already 9:00 pm when the last report was approved.
The supervision department had already changed the night duty team, and the driver was standing outside the office.
Seeing Shen Zhuo push the door out, he immediately stood up and saluted: “Supervisor, are you going home to rest tonight?”

Shen Zhuo draped his clothes over his shoulder and walked towards the stairs: “Tomorrow morning, the military region will hold a safety seminar, inform the airport to prepare a special plane.”

A black bulletproof car was driving on the highway, rows of street lights swept by quickly shining through the windows, Shen Zhuo leaned on the back seat and closed his eyes to rest.

In the distance on the road ahead, the military airport was brightly lit at night.

“Supervisor,” the driver answered the phone and looked into the rear seat from the rearview mirror, “Team Leader Chen said that according to Zhao Jun’s description, he drew the broker Thirteen Yao’s portrait, and based on the portrait, his identity was urgently identified.
The information has just been sent.”

Shen Zhuo opened his eyes, his eyes were clear and without sleepiness, and he reached out to take the tablet computer handed over by the driver.

“Thirteen Yao”, formerly known as Liu Sanji, was 41 years old, a migrant worker, and had multiple criminal convictions for theft.
His file was displayed on the tablet.
His profile picture is of a small man with narrow eyes, square face and short stature.
He has a fierce temperament that is not used to mixing in society and is extremely vigilant.

Unexpectedly, he is a D-rank evolutionary.

The ability of D-level evolutionaries is very low.
If Liu Sanji was a habitual theft criminal before evolution, then it is not surprising that out of the psychology of wanting to gain power, he took  the risk and stole the evolutionary source of the previous family.
According to Zhao Jun’s confession, he lost contact with Liu Sanji later.
If this broker hadn’t been caught and killed by “Mr.
Rong”, he should have escaped with the true evolutionary source.

Shen Zhuo pressed his eyebrows, “Let Chen Miao send a joint investigation notice to the major supervisory jurisdictions.
This person may know important information about ‘Mr.
Try to arrest him instead of killing him on the spot.”


Shen Zhuo casually put the tablet by his side, leaned against the back of the chair and closed his eyes.

On the flat screen, Liu Sanji was wearing an orange prison uniform, staring at the roof of the carriage with his slender eyes.

Meanwhile, outside the car window.

On the undulating hillside beside the highway, a man stared at the speeding black bulletproof car, narrowed his slender and fierce eyes, and on his chest wore an evolutionary meteorite that glowed with a faint light.

It was Liu Sanji.

“——Within half a month, bring the supervisor of Shenhai City, Shen Zhuo, to me, or you will be taken back by me with all your capital and interest, understand?”

Rong’s gentle and smiling voice sounded in his ears again, a chill shot up from the depths of his bone marrow, and Liu Sanji clenched his teeth.

A few beams of pale moonlight leaked from the gaps in the dark clouds, illuminating the group of pale and stiff figures behind him.
Liu Sanji took a breath, looked at the private car that was approaching gradually, and spit out two words hoarsely:

“Do it.”

There is a viaduct ahead, and after getting off the bridge is the military airport.
The driver skillfully turned on the lights and drove over the empty bridge, when the mobile phone in the back seat suddenly rang.

Shen Zhuo opened his eyes and saw that the screen displayed an unknown number: “Hello?”

The next moment, Bai Sheng’s cheerful and enthusiastic voice came from the other side of the phone: “Hey, Supervisor Shen, have you eaten tonight? Director Yue and I just finished roasting the whole lamb, and I packed two pieces of mutton brisket and one leg of lamb for you…”

Shen Zhuo cut off the call without saying a word.

The atmosphere in the car was tense.

After a long while, the driver let out dry haha’s.
He had tried his best to ease the atmosphere, even though it sounded more like a twitching of the throat muscles:

“Brother Bai really never forgets to care about our Shenhai City Supervision Office, hahaha!”

Shen Zhuo said calmly: “Go back and find out who gave my mobile phone number to Bai Sheng, and find out who will withhold the half-year bonus.”

“…” The driver: “Yes!”

Shen Zhuo put down his phone, when the roof of the car suddenly—bang!

The whole body shook violently, and the two raised their heads at the same time, and put their hands into their coats reflexively.

The driver’s face changed slightly: “Something fell off… Supervisor Shen fastened his seat belt? I…”

Before he finished speaking, a huge pale human face poked down from the roof of the car, with dozens of eyes crowding on the whole face, staring at him through the windshield.


The driver’s pupils shrank sharply, the steering wheel slipped instantly, the friction between the tires and the ground made a sharp piercing sound, the scenery outside the window was spinning, and the bridge pillar in front was rapidly approaching– boom!!

The impact and darkness came at the same time, and the five senses seemed to disappear in an instant.

After an unknown amount of time, consciousness gradually came back, and sharp pain engulfed his mind all the way from the nerve endings.

Shen Zhuo opened his eyes, his sight was unable to focus due to the violent impact, he closed his eyes for a while, then opened them again, everything in front of him gradually became clear.

The surroundings are full with the smell of rubber friction and gasoline, the cabin is squeezed and deformed, the seats are turned upside down, and the blood from the ear is winding all the way to the corner of the eye.

The car overturned.

“…Cough, cough, cough,” Shen Zhuo choked out a few mouthfuls of blood, and called the driver’s name, “Luo Zhen?”

There was no response from the driver’s seat.

Shen Zhuo tried his best to unbuckle his seat belt, and stretched out his hand to push the crooked car door, but suddenly stopped.

A group of footsteps shuffling stiffly came from outside the car, getting closer and clearer, and soon surrounded the car from all directions, and through the car window you can see pairs of bare feet on the asphalt road.

It was certainly not a living foot.

They are pale and swollen, with cuts all over from the insteps of the foot to the calves, and the flesh and blood of each cut are covered with small eyes, densely packed and bustling, and they looked at Shen Zhuo in the car.

Immediately after, the windows—

Boom! !

The bulletproof glass shattered, and several hands crowded with small eyes rushed in.

– end of chapter eight-


 1Jiuquan: “another term for the underworld, jiuquan zhixia (九泉之下, under the nine springs).” credit: (Hsueh)

2If you were also confused as to what a “scissor door” is, here is a reference pic this as well is what Bai Sheng’s car looks like:

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