Chapter 9: Okay, Xie You, just be happy!

It was already two in the morning when Yu Nian left the studio.

Before leaving, Xia Mingxi took him to exchange contact information, and asked while scanning WeChat, “By the way, have you been busy recently?”

Yu Nian nodded with a smile, “Yeah, the class schedule is very tight.
I have dance lessons in the morning and vocal music lessons in the afternoon.
I didn’t have any basic knowledge before, and I am not from a major, so I rely on my current learning.”

Xia Mingxi shook the phone and smiled brightly, “Well, let’s work hard together, I will definitely be escorted to class by my dad when I go back.
Let’s play together when we have time!”

“Okay, definitely!”

Xia Mingxi followed the agent and left first, and then Yu Nian and Meng Yuan went to greet He Qiubai.

He Qiubai’s eyes were very red because of fatigue, but he was very excited.
As soon as he saw Yu Nian, he patted his shoulder and said with a smile, “Not bad! When you untie the black ribbon in the middle, the visual effect is very good! Our director couldn’t help but shoot your face multiple times!”

He turned towards Meng Yuan again, “Able to sing and dance, and to be knowledgeable, where did you find the treasure, Lao Meng?”

“It was dug in the mountains.” Meng Yuan sneered with his arms crossed, “I called you to tell that I had someone in my hand.
Who came to see it before putting it on the show?”

“I’m responsible for the show!” He Qiubai looked at Yu Nian again, as if he was looking at the show’s soaring ratings: “Xiaoyu, go back and rest well, recharge your batteries for the next round.
Also, before the show starts, remember to forward the program group’s promotional Weibo to cooperate with the publicity.”

Yu Nian: “of course Director He, I will never forget it.
You have worked hard too, so have a good rest.”

He Qiubai smiled and patted him on the shoulder again before continuing to work.

After getting in the car, Meng Yuan handed Yu Nian a blanket and asked, “Did you meet Xia Mingxi?”

Yu Nian’s work and rest schedule are very steady on weekdays.
Normally at this time, he would be sleeping, so his mind was working very slowly.
After a while, he answered, “Well, Xia Mingxi is a very nice person, and we can also chat.”

Meng Yuan hesitated for two seconds, but still reminded, “His parent’s status is there, if you get along well with him, you will definitely be ridiculed by some people.”

Yu Nian remembered what Fang Huai had said before, but he didn’t mind.
He leaned back in the chair and bent his lips with a smile, “If others don’t like me, it’s not my fault, why should I wrong myself to please others?”

He was wrapped in a small quilt, and his words were a little vague, “Brother Meng, can you wake me up when we arrive?”

Meng Yuan asked Shi Rou to turn up the temperature of the air conditioner in the car, and said, “Okay, you can sleep, I’ll wake you up when we arrive.”

He looked back and saw that Yu Nian had already fallen asleep.
The makeup on his face had been removed, and he fell asleep with his head tilted under the quilt, exuding an immature youthful vibe.
Meng Yuan suddenly wondered, how did the family teach him? He was only 21 years old, how could he be so mature?

The day after the recording of the show, Meng Yuan originally took half a day off for Yu Nian to make up for his sleep at home.
But the next morning, Yu Nian arrived at the practice room on time.

An Cheng was holding a glass of vegetable juice, when he saw Yu Nian come in he poked Huo Xing with his elbow, and said with a smile, “We all guessed right, he came to class on time .”

Yu Nian closed the door with his backhand and said hello as usual, “Mr.
An, Teacher Huo, good morning.”

“He’s in good spirits.” Huo Xing looked at him without saying much, “Warm up by yourself.
From today onwards, we will be stricter.”

Yu Nian exhaled, his eyes sparkling, “I’m ready!”

The next few days were no different from before.
He still carried a water glass and shuttled between the two practice rooms, strengthening his foundation bit by bit.

Until the first episode of the second season of “Sound of Nature” was broadcasted.

In the evening, instead of going to the practice room, Yu Nian sat in Meng Yuan’s office with a takeaway box.

The program team invested a lot of money in publicity, and the residual heat of the first season is still there.
Since two days ago, “Sound of Nature” has been on the hot search.
However, it was not until 20 minutes before the broadcast that the official blog of the program group slowly and leisurely sent an official announcement, and revealed all the participating singers.

Soon, the topic of #fanghuaitianlai# became the top five most searched. [T/N: Tian Lai ( 天籁 ): Sound of Nature]

Meng Yuan sneered, “Is this because he’s afraid that someone will steal his popularity? If my artist took the fourth place, I would never buy hot searches in such a hurry.” He added proudly, “Of course, It’s impossible for my artist to take fourth place!”

Yu Nian put down his chopsticks and was chatting on WeChat.

Xia Mingxi sent an emoji with rolled eyes, “If I were Fang Huai, I would like to be silent now, is being second to the last something to be proud of?”

After a while, the second message came again, “My parents and my mother turned on the TV to watch my stage debut.
I want to die, this is a public execution!”

Yu Nian’s brain made up the picture and couldn’t help but post a string of hahaha.

Xia Mingxi hit three exclamation marks in a row, “Alas! I am still not qualified to be a traffic actor, singing and dancing are really not suitable for me!”

After thinking seriously, Yu Nian replied, “Your appearance is very good, maybe you can act.”

Xia Mingxi replied in seconds: “Is that right? I think so too! Oh, watch TV, watch TV, it’s starting!”


When Xie You, who was in a black suit, entered the door, the warm lights of the house were on.
He greeted, “Mom, I’m back.”

Ruan Yunmei wore a thin beige shawl and sat on the sofa watching TV.
She asked Xie You with a gentle smile, “It’s already so late, Have you had dinner?”

Xie You nodded, “I have eaten.”

Ruan Yunmei felt sorry for her son, so she ordered the kitchen staff to boil a cup of soup, and said, “Don’t stress yourself out so much every day, go out with Xiaoran more often…,” Then she suddenly stopped — Xie You loosened his tie but didn’t go upstairs to the study to continue working as usual but sat down on the sofa.

Xie You glanced over the coffee table and picked up a fruit from the fruit plate, “I’ll cut the fruit for you.”

Ruan Yunmei was feeling a little strange, but still smiled, “Okay.”

At this time, the host’s voice came from the TV, “Welcome to the first episode of the second season of “Sound of Nature”……”

Xie You cut the fruit very slowly.
It can be said that he had the concentration and patience to prepare a beautiful handicraft.
But no matter how slow the speed is, by the time Yu Nian appeared on the stage, there were already several peeled apples in front of him.
He put down the fruit knife pretending as if nothing had happened and started watching TV.

Ruan Yunmei thought that he had encountered something at work, so she didn’t bother to ask.
But it seems…… it’s not the same as what she guessed?

Following Xie You’s gaze towards the TV screen, she saw a young boy blindfolded with black tulle standing at the centre of the stage.
Ruan Yunmei said tentatively, “Although this boy named Yu Nian is blindfolded, he looks really good.”

Xie You fixed his eyes firmly on the screen and replied, “He sings better.”

Ruan Yunmei was surprised.

Because of an accident at home, all the burdens of the family fell on Xie You overnight.
She watched her son become silent day by day, watched him put on a mask, and gradually learned to deal with those old foxes.
She couldn’t remember how long it had been since she saw him smile.

This made her very worried for a while, but there was nothing she could do.

She was really afraid of losing her only son after losing her eldest son and husband.

Ruan Yunmei didn’t speak again after seeing the row of cut apples and Xie You’s focused eyes.

Xie You didn’t notice Ruan Yunmei’s gaze.
He subconsciously relaxed his whole body, listened to Yu Nian’s singing carefully, and watched Yu Nian dance without missing any detail.

After Yu Nian finished singing, Xie You stood up and prepared to go upstairs.
Ruan Yunmei asked him, “Don’t you want to see the results of the game?”

“Don’t need it.” Xie You was determined, “He will be number one.”

Back in the study, Xie You closed the door and found the song that he had heard many times.

He clicks the play button, after the shredding voice of the microphone, there is a clear and slightly juvenile voice, “A few days ago, my grandmother also passed away, I miss her very much…… I wrote a song and wanted to sing it for her.” After he finished speaking, a melodious voice was heared.

It was Yu Nian’s voice that kept him from falling when he was at the most difficult.

Xie You looked at the rose petals on the desk, and whispered to himself, “I finally met you.”


Xingyao Building.

In the office, Meng Yuan took a deep breath, looked at Yu Nian, and suppressed his excitement, “You’re on fire.”

“We didn’t even need to bought hot searches for it, and the topic of #yuniantianlai# rushed to No.
4 in one go!” Shi Rou’s face turned red from excitement, and she spoke very fast, “It’s not long since the show ended, my homepage has been swiped by moving pictures of you taking off the blindfold!” She felt like she was dreaming, “Is this really not a hallucination?”

Meng Yuan smiled and said, “Of course, it’s not a hallucination! You can see Yu Nian’s Weibo.”

Netizens with extremely fast hands have already clicked on Yu Nian’s homepage through the program group’s Weibo, and the number of fans has reached six figures in a short period of time.

Under the official blog of the “Sound of Nature” program group, there are various comments.

“—Three minutes! I want to know all the information about this person named Yu Nian!”

“—Ahhhh, I’m the black gauze that blindfolded him! I’m going to drown in these eyes! Oh my god, there are stars in those eyes!”

“—What god-level appearance is this! Can’t stop taking screenshots! Ask for a high-definition picture! Ask for the original picture!”

“—deserve the first place! I announce that he will be my husband in the future! Lock it!”

“—A pollution-free sound source! Damn, this voice must have been kissed by an angel!”

At the same time, Meng Yuan’s team is also very busy and began to release the manuscripts in an orderly manner according to the plan.
With the popularity of Weibo, they pushed Yu Nian out in one breath.

By the next morning, the popularity of the second season of “Sound of Nature” continued to rise.
First, the GIFs of Yu Nian exploded the homepage, Then the topic of Xia Mingxi’s debut topped the hot search list, and ancestral fans helped to stir up the heat.

For a while, as expected by He Qiubai, the two of them propped up most of the show’s popularity.
He Qiubai also called Yu Nian specially and praised him well.

Xia Mingxi took advantage of the lunch break to chat with Yu Nian and complained, “My mother and my father had a big fight yesterday, and it was so fierce.
The reason is that they all thought it was their fans that made me a wave of popularity and grabbed the hot search.
I dared not stand in line, so I had to sit on the sofa and eat snacks with a dull face.”

Yu Nian was walking to the vocal music classroom.
After listening to his complaints, he smiled and said, “Same, my grandparents used to argue before, and I was also quiet.
What happened later?”

Xia Mingxi was not angry, “They left me later, and went out on a date.”

Yu Nian couldn’t help laughing, “Well, I will sympathize with you for ten seconds.”

Xia Mingxi snorted twice and brought the topic back to the right track, “By the way, did you receive something from Director He? I’m going to be bald after watching it! In the first round, you can sing any song you like.
But in the second round, you have to choose songs that can reflect your singing skills.
To be honest, I really don’t have singing skills, and I want to quit the competition!”

What Yu Nian knew about this matter comforted him, “You have a good voice, hurry up and practice hard, and it’ll not be a problem to stay.” He thought for a while, “I know a few songs, they sound good, and are easy to sing, I’ll send you the playlist in a while, and you can show it to your vocal teacher.”

“So good? Good brother, enough loyalty!” Xia Mingxi knew that Yu Nian’s class is about to begin, so he consciously ended the topic, “Well, then I’ll study them in a while, and tell you when I choose it.”


Qu Xiaoran played until midnight last night and went to bed when it was almost dawn.
Hearing the phone ringing, he turned on the phone with half-open eyes, “12:30…… How could this guy Xie You send me a message?”

He thought he had read it wrong, so he rubbed the corners of his eyes, took a closer look, and found that Xie You had sent him a link.

When he opened the link, he was stunned —the second season of “Sound of Nature”? What’s the situation? But he was sleepy and didn’t want to watch the show, so he quit and prepared to turn over and continue to sleep.
But he didn’t expect Xie You to send him another moving picture.

He carefully looked at the motion picture.
The more he looked, the more familiar the person in the picture become ……..Seemed to be a newly signed artist by his company? What’s he called? Yu Nian?

Immediately afterwards, one after another all the animations, screenshots, Q layouts, and hand-drawn drawings from all angles were sent to his mobile phone, and they were all from the same person.

Qu Xiaoran: “……”

He rolled over and sat up, typing in a hurry, “Xie You, I don’t want to read it, thank you!”

The frequency of posting pictures suddenly stopped for a few seconds.

Just when Qu Xiaoran breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Xie You had stopped under his protest, unexpectedly, an audio file was sent over.

Then, one, two, three…… the whole screen is full of audio files!

Qu Xiaoran rubbed his temples and cursed, “Xie You, you are fucking toxic!”

But thinking that they were good brothers since childhood, he decided to lie down and stop struggling, “Okay, okay, just be happy!”

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