Chapter 22: Want to give money

However, Yu Nian didn’t expect that more than just breakfast had been settled.

Just after discussing changing two movements with accompanying dancers and practicing them one time, Yu Nian saw Shi Rou enter the practice room.

“Nian Nian, the takeout you ordered has arrived.”


He was stunned the first time, but this time, Yu Nian was very calm, “It’s almost twelve o’clock, why don’t you put the takeaway in Meng Ge’s office?”

Shi Rou nodded, “Then come over to eat quickly, it won’t taste good if it gets cold.”

After Shi Rou left, Yu Nian took the phone placed next to him and opened Weibo.
Sure enough, Xie You had forwarded the video of him playing the piano and singing, with the words, “His piano skills are only average.” 

Yu Nian couldn’t help but laugh, agreed with the dancers about tomorrow’s time, and walked to Meng Yuan’s office while looking at the comment area.

[Thank you President Xie for your advice and guidance.
Our Nian Nian still has a lot of shortcomings, but he will continue to work hard!]

[Haha, President Xie is already gone, and the brain-dead fans are still talking nonsense.
Is there any point? You’re asking to be ridiculed yourself! Before taking over the family business, President Xie attended the Leto Music Academy, majoring in piano, understand?”

[!! Excited! Another Weibo that I can understand! But… Yu Nian?? What kind of grudge does my husband have against this guy named Yu Nian?]

[A passerby who specializes in piano (Whispering).
In the video, this little brother plays the piano very well.
Obviously, he has been practicing since he was a child.
It’s normal for a big boss like President Xie to laugh, but what qualifications do those keyboard warriors have to be sarcastic?]

Yu Nian didn’t pay attention to more comments after the comment about Xie You majoring in piano disappeared… Leto Music Academy?

Yu Nian was a little surprised, but on second thought, Meng Yuan had mentioned a few words before, saying that Xie You and Qu Xiaoran were both the youngest sons of the family, and there was a brother above him, so it was not his turn to inherit the family business at all.

There would naturally be no restrictions, and it was normal to go to a Music Academy to learn piano.
Later, it seemed that something happened, and Xie You became the heir.

However, Xie You’s piano skills should be very good.
After all, Leto was one of the three major music academies in the world, and it was extremely difficult to be admitted.

As he pushed open the office door, Shi Rou saw Yu Nian holding his cell phone, and she was a little nervous, “Nian Nian, you—” 

Yu Nian smiled, “I checked Weibo and went to look at Xie You’s Weibo comment area.
It’s nothing.
There’s no way to make everyone like me, and—” He saw the neatly arranged dishes on the table and didn’t speak for a while.

Those dishes were all the dishes he liked when he had dinner with Yu Qing, Xie You, and Qu Xiaoran last time, and there were even three plates of filigree lotus cakes.

He didn’t notice it himself how many times he eat them, but now, it was all in front of him.

Shi Rou handed the chopsticks to Yu Nian, seeing that he didn’t pick them up, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Yu Nian recovered, took the chopsticks, and first tasted a piece of filigree lotus cake, wondering in his heart, Xie You… What is going on with you?

Busy days always go by quickly.
Yu Nian got up early and slept late, and spent every day in the practice room but still felt that there was not enough time.
On the day of the recording, he even practiced the song on the way to the studio.

However, his diligence finally paid off, and the accompanying dancers who were going to cooperate with Yu Nian this time were all from the company, and their stage experience was much richer than that of Yu Nian.
After walking over, He Qiubai made a gesture, “Rest for two minutes, then we’ll practice one more time!”

Yu Nian gestured back.

He Qiubai looked at Yu Nian singing and dancing and his corporation with the accompanying dancers in the shot.
He smiled and said to Meng Yuan, “He has grown up very fast.
I still remember the first time during the rehearsal, he couldn’t move or look at the camera, and accidentally ran off-screen several times.
Looking at him now, when he was on stage with accompanying dancers, he was very precise in finding the angle of the camera without making any mistakes!”

Meng Yuan let out an “um” and sighed again, “Alas, I’m not the only one who knows that he will soon become a big hit.
During this time, there have been so many endorsement magazines coming to our door!”

Knowing that he was showing off, He Qiubai wasn’t angry, “You didn’t accept any of it, right?”

“Of course not!” Meng Yuan raised his chin, “Everything is mutual.
Since he has given me complete trust, I will naturally try my best to make his starting point a little higher and firmer.”

At this moment, He Qiubai, who was sitting on a plastic stool, suddenly got up and shouted at the suddenly chaotic stage, “What’s going on?”

Meng Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly, seeing that Yu Nian actually fell from the stage, his heart almost stopped beating, and he quickly took a few steps to the stage to be next to Yu Nian.

“How are you Nian Nian? Where did you get hurt?”

When Yu Nian fell, the pain in his ankle made his eyes dark.
When he eased a little and saw Meng Yuan’s anxious face, he forced a smile, “My foot is twisted.”

Meng Yuan’s heart sank, and he quickly helped him up, and said to He Qiubai, “I will take Nian Nian to the hospital, you help me look for a bit.”

He knew clearly that when practicing dancing Yu Nian often fell to the ground, and if the pain wasn’t severe, he would stand up with a steady expression and continue to practice.
This time, cold sweat came out on his forehead, and his breath was shaking when he spoke.
There must be something wrong.

He Qiubai understood what he meant and knew that he might be suspicious of something.
He didn’t say much, only reminded him, “There is still recording at night.”

Meng Yuan said with a sullen face, “I know, I’ll call you.” 

After getting into the car, Yu Nian took a deep breath, and the first sentence he said was, “Brother Meng, the place where I fell was very slippery.” 

His guess became a reality.
Meng Yuan punched the back of the chair, “Fuck his ancestors!”

Gradually getting used to the pain, Yu Nian raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, and his eyes were a little cold, “I’ll still record as usual at night.”

Meng Yuan’s fist was slightly red, staring at his ankle, he became angry, “What recording? Don’t you want your feet anymore?”

“Brother Meng,” Yu Nian was still laughing, but his tone was less gentle than usual, “Someone doesn’t want me to record the show, but I don’t want to do what he wants.”

Meng Yuan looked into his clear eyes, knowing that his heart was very pure, and after a few seconds, he sighed heavily, “You… I’ll listen to you.” 

Yu Nian’s eyes were filled with a smile, “Thank you, Brother Meng.” 

After going to the private hospital for the examination, Meng Yuan took the examination report in one hand and patted his heart with the other, “It’s okay, no fractures, no surgery, it’s not too serious.” 

Yu Nian also relaxed, “Well, I noticed something was wrong when I stepped on it, so I adjusted my weight when I fell.” He pursed his lips, “If I hadn’t noticed, my knees would have hit the ground and my knee joint would be injured, and the meniscus would have been torn.”

Meng Yuan took a deep breath, he knew, and Yu Nian also knew that there was obviously someone who wanted to ruin his legs and make him unable to dance!

Pressing down the fire in his heart, Meng Yuan took the test results, “The doctor said to walk as little as possible for the past two weeks, and things like dancing are also—”

After meeting Yu Nian’s gaze, he compromised, “Alright, alright, you can dance! Damn, why are you so stubborn?”

Yu Nian smiled, then stretched out his fingers and swore, “Thank you, Brother Meng, I will definitely walk less after the dance is over.”

Meng Yuan was stubborn, but said bitterly, “I… I’ll send out a few press releases!”

Yu Nian couldn’t help laughing, his eyes were bright, “Well, then it’s hard work for Brother Meng.”

Back in the studio, Xia Mingxi ran over and circled around Yu Nian in panic.
He Qiubai came over and pulled Meng Yuan to talk, worried, “Can he do it?”

“It would be a wonder if he can do it!” Meng Yuan was annoyed, “But he stubbornly insisted on dancing!” The man lowered his voice, “Lao He, Yu Nian said that there was water on the stage.”

He Qiubai had seen all the dirty things, “After you left, I went to see it in person, and there weren’t many traces left.
But he didn’t fall the first two times when dancing, which means that the water should have been spilled later.
Don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation.”

Xia Minxi’s rehearsal wasn’t over, and he was driven back to the stage with a worried look on his face.

Shi Rou looked at Yu Nian’s badly swollen ankle, her eyes were red, and she said, “I’ll go buy a pair of slippers in a while, and you put them on after you finish dancing, don’t wear hard boots.” 

“I’ll trouble sister Rou Rou then,” Yu Nian nodded with a smile, “But I also can’t wear boots right now, can Sister Rou Rou help me find a pair of shallow leather shoes?”

Shi Rou nodded quickly, “Okay, I’ll go.”

Although his foot was injured, Yu Nian held on, and his expression did not show any abnormality during the recording, and it went very smoothly.

After finishing singing the high note at the end and setting it on the last dance move, according to the plan, Yu Nian would have to raise his hand to tear off his clothes handsomely, and at the same time, there would be a “bang” sound effect.

However, imagination was always beautiful, and Yu Nian was also feeling pain.
He pulled the collar of the black shirt with his hands and tore it down with force, but he didn’t expect that the buttons were too tight, and he didn’t succeed!

Yu Nian was stunned for a moment, then he changed his movements temporarily so that he could make up for the mistake.

When he got off the stage, Shi Rou came over to help him put on his slippers.
Meng Yuan handed him the newly bought crutches and said, “Take care of your feet, and don’t use any force!”

Yu Nian was not stubborn at all this time.
He walked slowly to the lounge with the crutches, and asked, “Brother Meng, was my performance good just now?”

Meng Yuan saw him dancing while singing the whole song, sweating from the pain, and his clothes were also soaked.
If there was no foundation, he didn’t know how bad his complexion would be.
He couldn’t bear it and said, “You dance very well, I didn’t even see that your foot was hurt .” 

Yu Nian exhaled, his eyes brightening, “That’s good.”

Meng Yuan supported him, “I’ve already told Lao He to move a sofa to the stage, so you can sit on it and sing and stop dancing.”


Meng Yuan glared at him, “Oh, You are obedient now?” 

Yu Nian just laughed and didn’t answer.

When the show was broadcasted, Yu Nian was sitting on the sofa, answering Xia Mingxi’s video call.

Xia Mingxi first asked him as usual how his feet were recovering, but after hearing Yu Nian say that it didn’t hurt so much, he was relieved and laughed again, “By the way, do you know why did I call you? Hahaha Nian Nian, you are so funny! I didn’t know that you wanted to tear your clothes in the end before.
But you didn’t succeed in the end, right? Hahaha! Go look at the barrage and Weibo! I’m laughing to death!”

After hanging up the video call, Yu Nian struggled for a while, gave up watching the barrage, and clicked on Weibo hesitantly.

Sure enough, under the Weibo of the program group he had forwarded before, there were already hahaha.

[Hahaha, My Nian Nian’s dumbfounded look! I’m dying of laughter! I can’t stop taking screenshots! Collection!]

[Aiya, the quality of the shirt is too good.
Nian Nian, don’t cry, we’ll just laugh quietly! Hahahaha.]

[Can’t tear off your clothes, Nian Nian? Let me come! I’ll tear it up for you! A person begging to help you!]

[Just a little bit! Just a little bit! I can see my Nian Nian’s xxx! He was stunned because he couldn’t tear up his clothes, so cute!]

On the other side, Xie You finished the cross-border video conference, and it was already late at night.
He skipped the scenes of other people, and only watched Yu Nian singing, especially the last scene, the progress bar was pulled back and forth, and he watched it several times.

Under the camera, Yu Nian was standing on the stage with the dancers half-kneeling behind him.
The spotlight made his eyebrows bright, and the tears at the end of his eyes made his eyes glow like water.

Because of the dancing, he was breathing heavily, and the black of his shirt was light in texture and soaked with sweat.
His forehead was wet, but his eyes were bright.
The collar of the shirt was wide open, revealing the snow-colored skin and delicate collarbone.

The last dance movement stopped, he should have wanted to tear his clothes down, but he didn’t expect to pull it unsuccessfully, and his expression was momentarily dazed.
But soon, he raised his hands and gave up tearing clothes.

The barrage was full of “Hahaha failed to be handsome!” “The costume designer’s fault!” “Poor Nian Nian, I feel bad!”

Xie You tapped on the table with his fingers and looked at the stage.
Although the neckline was messy, the clothes were still intact even after Yu Nian’s pulling, He really wanted to give this costume designer money.

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