Chapter 24.2: Want to spend money for him

Meng Yuan was also taken aback and quickly contacted the company to make sure it wasn’t their doing, nor was it a fan fundraiser, but a real wild fan.
He asked Shi Rou in a low voice, “We are not dreaming, right?”

Shi Rou rubbed her face, “It’s not a dream.”

Yu Nian was not affected much and continued to naturally talk about the interesting things from the previous recordings.
The person with the username “Nian Nian You Yu” didn’t move after that, nor did they speak until the end.

As soon as Yu Nian finished his live broadcast here, the topic of #Yu Nian’s fan splurging a million# soared against the wind and also suppressed the heat of #Yu Nian’s god-level appearance without makeup#.

Not long after, Xie You’s Weibo suddenly got an update with a hashtag:

[#Yu Nian’s god-level appearance without makeup# Huh, this is called god-level appearance without makeup?]

After the first two times, in addition to his own original followers, there were also some of Yu Nian’s fans and haters who paid attention to Xie You.
So once Xie You’s Weibo post was posted, a large number of comments came out quickly.

[It’s self-promotion, right? God-level? This description is embarrassing to look at!]

[The method of hyping by saying that a big fan splurged a million yuan on gifting in the live broadcast room is too old-fashioned.
This company’s support is something, throwing money without thinking!]

[Hahaha, is my husband feeling abandoned? Don’t worry; your face is the only one that can be regarded as godly in my heart.
Sighing again: I can understand the Weibo posted by my husband today too!]

Qu Xiaoran lazily crouched on the sofa in Xie You’s office, also reading Weibo.

After reading Xie You’s update, he crossed his legs, wanting to roll his eyes, “Xie Xiaoyou, this young master really has no words for you! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it! One second ago, you threw a million with the username Nian Nian You Yu and occupied the first place in the leaderboard of his live broadcast room, which made the whole platform explode.
And in the blink of an eye, you went to Weibo to attack him.
What do you think you are trying to do?”

Xie You signed at the end of the document, doing two things at a time: “The topic is trending again.”

“Ah? What is trending?” Qu Xiaoran sat upright for a second, carefully read the list on Weibo twice, and became even angrier: “Fuck, you are the only president who does business by relying on money and face, and your popularity is even close to the popular traffic! This young master refuses to accept it!”

Xie You’s tone was flat: “Refuse to accept what? Hmm.”

Because of Xie You’s Weibo, the fans and haters were already arguing in the comment area, but as time went by, passers-by and melon eaters also all rolled up their sleeves and ended up going into the battlefield.
Even the popularity of the topic of #Yu Nian’s god-level appearance without makeup# also caught up with #Yu Nina’s fans splurging one million#, rising to the top ten.

Comparing the data before and after, Qu Xiaoran was really surprised by Xie You’s manipulation and muttered to himself, “This reverse operation — it’s actually quite useful? You are muddying a pool of water by yourself, Xie Xiaoyou!”

Xie You bowed his head to approve the document and did not answer, but the corners of his mouth curled in an inconspicuous arc.

No one paid attention to Qu Xiaoran.
He didn’t care either and was very happy to entertain himself.
After a while, he patted the sofa again and said, “Hey, hey, hey, the news feed is here! President Xie, who has deeply hidden methods and fame, let me read it to you! “A fan shocked everyone with his crazy ways.”  Hahaha, this title is interesting! Also, “A local tyrant fan poured money to stage Internet love.” What the hell is this? “We were never destined for each other, but money pulled us together.” Hahaha!”

Xie You raised his head and corrected it rigorously, “Destined.”

“Ah?” Qu Xiaoran reacted for a few seconds, “Okay, yes, yes, you two are destined to be together!”

After flipping through several similar news articles, Qu Xiaoran asked Xie You, “I’m very curious, although Xinghai Live is owned by Xingyao Media, and the water doesn’t flow out, but you spend a million, why? Just to create a topic to help Yu Nian become popular?”

Hearing this question, Xie You stopped the pen in his hand and replied, “He is very short of money.”

Xie You still remembered when he met him for the first time in the elevator.
Yu Nian said that after buying a white shirt, there were only less than two hundred left, and he couldn’t even afford to order takeout.


Qu Xiaoran didn’t even look at his phone when he got this unexpected answer; he sat up and asked, terrified, “So, that’s why you injected funds into the ‘Sound of Nature’ program team and specially set up a reward money of 500,000 yuan?”

Xie You nodded firmly, “Well, he will definitely be the first.”

“Is this the truth?” Qu Xiaoran was a little dizzy: “You, the way you spent the money, isn’t it too much?!”

Xie You’s slender fingers were holding the pen, and the tips of his ears were a little red, “Well, I just wanted to give him money.”

At this moment, Qu Xiaoran felt that even the air around him was sweet!

Xie You blocked a lot of haters’ comments under his latest Weibo, and when the hot comment area looked refreshed, he estimated the time and sent the handwritten menu to the private restaurant Yu Nian liked.

He had another reason to buy food for him.

Yu Nian was sitting in the dressing room, chatting with Xia Mingxi.

Xia Mingxi exclaimed, “It’s so irritating! It was your first live broadcast, and I thought to leave my name on your gift list! Result! Where did your local tyrant fan come from? They spent one million just like that! I was so scared that I silently took back the ten diamonds that I was about to send.”

Many people have asked this question since Yu Nian’s live broadcast until now, “To be honest, I don’t know either.
I was also stunned at that time.”

Xia Mingxi also sighed and remembered, “Speaking of which, my dad told me to learn from you two days ago, telling me not to be too squeamish and that I can’t bear the pain at all.”

Xia Mingxi skillfully rolled his eyes, looking disgusted, “And guess what? When my dad was serving the dish, he was slightly scalded, so he quickly went beside my mother, wanting her to blow!”

He rubbed his arms, “I’ve been tired of watching this kind of sappy drama for twenty years, but they are still not tired of it!”

Yu Nian shared a packet of biscuits with him and agreed, “Yes! My grandfather and my grandmother were also very lovey-dovey with each other.
Every year at the Qixi Festival*, my grandfather would write a ninety-nine-word love letter to my grandmother, and my grandmother would meticulously put all of them in a wooden box.
Finally, I buried the wooden box into the soil to accompany Grandma.

[*T/N: Chinese Valentine’s day.]

Both of them had the same experience and laughed together.

At this time, a staff member came over, knocked on the door of the lounge, and told Yu Nian that the takeout you ordered had arrived.

Xia Mingxi, who was already hungry, tilted his head excitedly, “You ordered takeout Nian Nian!”

“Ah? Okay, thank you.” Yu Nian quickly realized who ordered the takeout.
He felt a little funny, remembering what he saw on Xie You’s Weibo before — Was it to coax him again?

The takeout was delivered to the lounge, and the table was filled.

Xia Mingxi recognized it: “God! This is from a private restaurant in the west of the city.
Isn’t that restaurant not delivering takeout? Don’t tell me you are their lifelong VIP Nian Nian.” 

Yu Nian just followed the wind, thinking that I am not, but Xie You should be.
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Xia Mingxi exchanged another packet of biscuits for the opportunity to eat and drink and remembered something: “By the way, I heard from my dad that in the movie Yu Qing was filming, she took the contract of the ending song herself and asked Si Ning to write the lyrics and music.
When the song comes out, it will definitely explode again!”

Yu Nian’s hands holding the food paused for a moment, his eyes were down, and he was eating seriously, feeling too embarrassed to answer.

Xia Mingxi was also eating and didn’t notice Yu Nian’s discomfort.
After swallowing the food, he said to himself, “But Si Ning’s lyrics and music are really good.
It’s just that it’s too hard to make an appointment with him, and no one has even seen his face.” He jumped the topic quickly, saying, “By the way, what are you going to do after recording the show?”

Yu Nian then said, “Release a single or EP, and then go on a variety show.”

“If you release a single, it will definitely explode,” Xia Mingxi sighed, “My dad saw that I couldn’t sing and dance, so he asked my mother to find a friend to put me in a crew so that I could try to act.
If I could, I would develop into showbiz.” 

Yu Nian felt that he was not very spirited, “Aren’t you willing?”

“No.” Xia Mingxi put down his chopsticks, resting his chin on his hand, “I know very well that my parents have been popular for so many years, and if I am in this circle, my development will be much easier than others.
I don’t hate singing or acting, but…,” he closed his eyes and wrinkled his nose, “I’m just afraid of embarrassing my parents.”

Yu Nian laughed, remembering when he wrote songs and was always afraid of embarrassing his grandmother.

Yu Nian’s rehearsal time was arranged for the afternoon.
According to Meng Yuan’s previous idea, he really brought a European-style velvet gilt sofa and placed it in the center of the stage.

“If you hurt your foot, don’t move; just sit on the sofa and follow the lift.
I’ve thought about it and found an angle.
I’ll let the camera pull a shot from the bottom up.
The visual effect will be amazing.” He Qiubai asked Meng Yuan again, “Have you decided which one to use from the two performance costumes?”

Meng Yuan didn’t hesitate, “The one with the white fur collar!” 

Yu Nian hadn’t worn this type of luxurious outfit for a performance before, “Wouldn’t it be too exaggerated?”

Meng Yuan denied, “No, you look good.
Your facial features are exquisite, and your face is small.
The point is that your temperament can hold up well.
Wearing clothes with white fur collars will make you look extravagant under the camera.
It’s time for the audience to experience the feeling of being killed by appearance!”

Yu Nian believed in Meng Yuan’s judgment, “Okay, then I’ll listen to Brother Meng.” 

The rehearsal went well, and during the official recording, Xu Xuan took the initiative to talk to Yu Nian.

“I’ll try my best, and I’m sorry.”

Yu Nian was memorizing the lyrics.
He raised his eyes and smiled, “I’ll try my best too.”

Xu Xuan stood for a while, then said solemnly, “Thank you.”

Yu Nian’s appearance order was fifth, and the singer who would appear before him was also a newcomer who had only debuted not long ago.
While waiting, Yu Nian could hear the music coming from the front.

The stylist was doing the final makeup and hair adjustments.
Shi Rou handed Yu Nian water and made a gesture of cheer.
Yu Nian smiled back confidently, “I will definitely do my best.”

The music on the stage stopped.
Yu Nian sat on the scarlet velvet sofa, and soon the elevator began to slowly rise.

The moment he appeared in the middle of the stage, a beam of lights illuminated his surroundings.

Yu Nian leaned lazily against the back of the sofa and bowed his head slightly.
The tip of his fair chin was sunk in the snow-colored fur collar; his delicate eyebrows were gleaming in the light, and the mole under his eye became even more attractive.
After the prelude, Yu Nian raised his hand to hold the microphone.

His voice was very low, with a touch of repressed lingering taste: “In the long and dark night, the light rain does not stop, and the moist cold wraps my heart layers by layers… Gentle, considerate, and farewell, all the details are broken with the world…”

With his singing, it seemed like it was really raining in the heart.

In the lounge, Xia Mingxi was holding a pillow.
He was worried about Yu Nian’s performance, but when he heard the first sentence, he knew he would be okay.
He couldn’t help but whisper to himself, “If only I could have sung like this, my parents would definitely be very happy as if in a dream…”

The fill-in singer sitting next to him heard what he whispered, and answered, “If I was as  good-looking as him, my manager would have been happy too.”

Xia Mingxi smiled politely and tried to recall what the other party’s name was.

At this time, Yu Nian was singing the climax.
The stage began to rise, and he stood up in front of the scarlet velvet sofa.
The color contrast was extremely bright.
The camera shot from the bottom to the top and the calf lines caused by the narrower trousers were extremely eye-catching.
Finally, the camera gave a close-up of the face, and Yu Nian’s eyelashes seemed to be glowing.

The singer who was speaking whispered again, “Continuing to change the voice on the high notes, without breaking the voice or breathing, how did he do it? And whose song is this? It’s so good.”

Xia Mingxi said proudly, “Yu Nian wrote the lyrics and music himself!” 

In the office, outside the glass window, was the cold and deserted night.
Xie You was talking on the phone.

“Have you thought about it yet?”

Xie You fixed his gaze on the rose petal pattern on the table, and he said solemnly, “Uncle Qu, I have thought about it.”

Qu Zhengqian praised, “You are very courageous.
Back then, your father was not at ease, worried that you would be bullied if you were less decisive.
Now that you are sure, then my side will cooperate with you to start and find all the evidence first.”

“Okay, I troubled you, Uncle Qu.”

“Where’s the trouble? Besides, the pretense that you’re not doing a proper job is useful, and their defenses have been weakened a lot recently.” Qu Zhengqian reminded him again, “However, you have to keep in mind that his roots are deeper than yours, so don’t let your guard down until the last moment.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Hanging up the phone, Xie You sat on the chair and leaned his head back slightly.
He held the two candies that were given to him by Yu Nian, and it took him a long time to suppress the restlessness in his heart.

Don’t be impatient; it’s been four years, you can’t fail now.

He raised his hand and covered his eyes with his wrist.
Only in the dead of night, when no one was around, did he dare to indulge himself and loosen the tight strings in his heart a little.

Indulge himself, and think about that person.

He hadn’t seen him for many days.

Xie You hesitated for a long time, but got up and walked out with his suit jacket.

It was already deep in the night.
Xie You changed to another car, took a detour, and stopped outside Yu Nian’s community.

The window of Yu Nian’s house was dark, he didn’t know if he had fallen asleep or— 

The car was parked on the side of the road.
Yu Nian got out of the car, bent over, and said, “Sister Rou Rou, you don’t have to take me upstairs.
Today’s recording was too late, go back to rest early.”

Shi Rou was worried, “But your foot is still hurting.”

Yu Nian closed the car door first and waved his hand, “It’s only a few steps away, I can do it myself.
See you tomorrow!” After that, he told the driver to drive quickly.

Shi Rou had no choice but to give up and warned again, “Then be careful!” 

The car drove away.
Yu Nian stood up straight, took the crutch, turned around, and walked into the community.

He didn’t know when the two street lights next to him were broken.
Yu Nian was very familiar with the road, so he didn’t turn on the flashlight.
He was thinking about writing songs for Yu Qing’s film, but when he wasn’t paying attention, his crutch was pressed against something and slipped, and his center of gravity instantly became unstable.

Just when Yu Nian thought he was going to fall, his arm was pulled.
The opponent was very strong and forced him to stabilize his body.

Yu Nian stood up and just wanted to thank him when he suddenly smelled a faint cold aroma of cedar.

“…Xie You?”

Xie You let go of Yu Nian’s hand and said, “It’s me.”

Under the cover of darkness, no one could see his red ears.

Yu Nian looked up at him, saying embarrassingly, “Thank you, I almost fell down just now.
I was too distracted and didn’t pay attention to the road.”

“Be careful,” Xie You paused for two seconds and asked, “How did you know it was me?”

“I remember the smell on your body.” Yu Nian said, and looked out, seeing a car parked on the side of the road, Xie You followed his line of sight, “preparing to go home.”

“You saw me when I was passing by, so you got out of the car to help?”


The night was very quiet.
Yu Nian didn’t know why, but in front of Xie You, he was very relaxed.
His eyes were full of smiles like stars, and his tone was light, “Today’s program is over, and I won first place again.” 

The two of them were alone.
Xie You’s heart was beating a little faster, but his tone was steady, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Yu Nian blinked and added, “The takeout was delicious.”

Xie You breathed a sigh of relief, reluctant to look away, and said softly, “It’s good if you like it.”

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