Chapter 2: Xie You, are you actually shy?!

The elevator stopped on the 51st floor.
Xie You stepped out of the door.
When the secretary heard the movement, she looked up.
Seeing that it was Xie You, she hurriedly stood up, pressed her hands against her lower abdomen, and spoke,”Mr.
Xie, good morning!”

Xie You stopped, and asked in a cold voice, “Is Qu Xiaoran here?”

The secretary stared at the marble floor and didn’t dare to raise her eyes, “President Qu is in his office right now.
Do you want me to take you there?”


The secretary quickly stood up in front of Xie You to lead the way, not daring to say a word.

She came to work in Xingyao for so long, and it was not the first time that Xie You came to look for President Qu, but her heart beat faster every time she saw him because of fear.
As for the rumored amazing beauty of President Xie, she had not seen it carefully, because the momentum on the other party’s body was always so overwhelming that she couldn’t even lift her head.

The door of the office opened, and Xie You raised his eyes to look at the person sitting behind the desk.
Sure enough, he fell asleep with his chin up again.

Xie You tapped on the table with his fingers, “The teacher called you.”

“Which question!?” Qu Xiaoran stood up straight.
He was confused for a while, then became angry, “Fuck, Xie You, can you fucking stop doing this trick every time? You’ll be responsible for Laozi’s death if I got a heart attack?”

Xie You sneered, “Then can you stop sleeping in the office every time?”

“Okay, okay,” Qu Xiaoran scratched his hair, and sat down again, “Why did you come here today? Do you not have any work or documents to approve?”

Xie You held the invitation card between his fingers, “My mother wants you to come home for dinner in a few days.”

Qu Xiaoran was sitting with his legs crossed.
After listening to Xie You, he stretched out his hand to accept the invitation and smiled, “Okay, tell Auntie that I will be there.” After speaking, he whistled.

Seeing Xie You frowning, Qu Xiaoran hurriedly sat up straight with a flattering smile on his face, “I heard that a financial magazine, that used your interview photo as the cover, has sold countless copies and went out of stock? Their sales have directly killed the popular traffic under my hands.
President Xie, do you want to say something about it?”

Xie You: “No.”

Qu Xiaoran was accustomed to Xie You’s indifference for a long time.
So he took his mobile phone to open Weibo and read it with emotion.

“A netizen named ‘I am Mrs.
Xie’ commented on your Weibo. I missed this magazine.
I don’t know how long it will take to see my husband’s astonishing face again! I want to pass this copy to my descendants, show it to my grandchildren when I’m old and tell them this is your grandfather!”

After Xie You heard this, he frowned and corrected, “I’m not her husband.”

Qu Xiaoran knew that on the surface Xie You was like an automatic air conditioner, and no strangers within ten meters were allowed to approach him.
But in fact, he was extremely innocent inside.

“Yes, yes, of course, you are not!” He winked and ridiculed, “Our President Xie has to keep his chastity for his future true love!”

Xie You was too lazy to speak, “I’m leaving first.” He took a few steps outside, thinking of something, and pretended to ask casually, “Your company is hiring new people?”

Qu Xiaoran was happily flipping through the Weibo comment area on his mobile phone.
Hearing his words, he raised his head blankly, “Our company is going to recruit new people? Why didn’t I know?”

Xie You thought that it would be strange if you knew.
He really shouldn’t have asked this question.
Without waiting for Qu Xiaoran to say anything, he waved his hand and went straight out of the office.

When the secretary saw him coming out, she hurriedly pressed the elevator.


Yu Nian didn’t expect to meet this man again.

He paused in his footsteps and entered the elevator with a calm expression.
He originally decided not to look sideways, but after a while, he couldn’t help but glance at the man through the reflecting mirror.

He would… not be discovered, right? The other party’s facial features were three-dimensional, the eyebrows were deep, and the lips were slightly thin; coupled with the cold momentum, there was a sense of sharpness.
His shirt was buttoned up to the top, with a tie, and even the raised adam’s apple looked extra sexy.

Xie You loosened the black tie slightly with his right hand, and met Yu Nian’s eyes in the reflected mirror, “Does it look good?”

His voice was also very nice… no, he was discovered!

Seeing the other party’s expressionless but not unhappy face, Yu Nian simply looked at him carefully, smiled sincerely, and praised, “Well, it’s very beautiful.”

But it was also very rude to look at the other party rashly.
Yu Nian took out his mobile phone and lowered his head, and sent a WeChat message to his senior brother, saying that he had successfully signed a contract and would have dinner together when he had time.

Xie You, who was standing two steps away from him, turned his face uncomfortably, and the tips of his ears were slightly red.

If Qu Xiaoran was there, he would definitely jump up in shock — My great Xie You, are you actually shy?

After coming out of Xingyao Building, Yu Nian first went to get his old-fashioned bicycle, lifted his long legs, sat firmly on it, and made plans in his mind while riding in the direction of home.

Meng Yuan gave him a set of keys.
It was a two-bedroom house.
The community was only ten minutes away from Xingyao Building.
He could live there during the contract period.

His own home was in the west of the city, and it would take him an hour to come here, not counting the traffic jam time.
The training session would start in three days, so he had to move in as soon as possible…

At this time, Yu Nian vaguely felt that someone was looking at him.
He turned his head and found that across the street, a black Aston Martin was also waiting at the red light.

When he saw the person sitting in the back seat, Yu Nian was stunned for two seconds, then smiled and nodded politely.

Xie You looked at the white shirt sleeves that Yu Nian had rolled up through the half-opened car window, and inadvertently swept his gaze over the bicycle whose chains were rusted and would be scrapped at some point, and finally turned his eyes back to Yu Nian’s face.
He nodded coldly and restrainedly.

The red light turned to green and the traffic started moving again.

He didn’t have many things to move, just a few small things like a few pots of flowers, a box of music sheets, a box of clothes, and two boxes of books.
To save money, he moved back and forth several times by himself, and it took him a whole day to move everything.

When he received a call from Meng Yuan saying that he wanted to come and see if he was used to living there or not.
Yu Nian knew that the other party wanted to see his private situation, so he didn’t refuse.

The next morning, when Meng Yuan entered Yu Nian’s house, his eyes were dark and his spirits were not very good.
“Do you mind if I borrow the bathroom and wash my face with cold water? I stayed up all night, and I can’t hold it anymore when I am old…..”

Yu Nian heard him say that he stayed up all night, so he changed the type of tea and prepared a pot of strong tea, “Of course, I don’t mind, you can do whatever you want.”

After getting permission, Meng Yuan went into the bathroom with drooping eyelids but rushed out in less than a minute.

Yu Nian put down the teapot in his hand and was about to ask what was wrong when he suddenly saw what Meng Yuan was holding.

At this time, Meng Yuan’s drowsiness and tiredness were all gone.
His eyes were shining when he asked, “This, this… Is this lotus pattern plate with twisted branches from Yunyao?!”

Yu Nian blinked, “It’s a lotus plate with twisted branches, but it’s a fake.
I found it in the antique market for 42 yuan.”

Meng Yuan cautiously held the lotus-patterned plate, “I also thought, it must be fake.
if it’s the real thing, its price would be 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.
How can it be used to put soap in the bathroom?… But it’s really good! Look at this color, how beautiful it is!”

Yu Nian nodded in agreement, “Well, I don’t know much about this, so I bought it when I thought it looked good.”

Meng Yuan looked at it for a while, then walked back to the bathroom, sighing, “The more I look at it, the more it looks like the real thing.
You are lucky, this imitation has a lot of skills in it!”

After washing his face, Meng Yuan became more energetic.
He sat on the sofa and looked at Yu Nian’s tea set carefully, “This celadon tea set is also fake? This is also very good.
You can see that this texture is delicate, and the shape is dignified.
The glaze is green and bright, and the patterns are also elegant.
The tea is brewed perfectly, and the color is very beautiful.”

Yu Nian handed a cup of tea to Meng Yuan, smiling embarrassedly, “In the past, the elders in the family liked to make tea, and they studied tea utensils and tea sets, so I just watched and learned.”

After drinking a cup of strong tea, Meng Yuan pinched his brows, “I came here today to see if you are used to living here.”

Yu Nian put down the teacup and listened carefully to what he said.

“The second is to tell you about my initial plan.”

Meng Yuan’s tone was serious, and his fingers tapped his knees twice, “I have carefully read your information in these two days.
You can’t dance and have not received professional vocal music guidance.
We must pay close attention to these two aspects.
I have already arranged a teacher for you.
The class schedule has been sent to your email.
You can take a closer look at it, and don’t be late for class.”

Yu Nian said calmly, “Okay, I’ll study hard.”

“You must study hard.” Meng Yuan pretended to be mysterious, “I have secured a place for you in a show!”

Yu Nian laughed, eyes like the crescent moon, then he lowered his voice and asked, “What program is it?”

Meng Yuan said, “You guess?”

Yu Nian really couldn’t guess, and complained, “Brother Meng, I really can’t guess.
Why don’t you solve the riddle directly?”

Meng Yuan cleared his throat and raised the corners of his mouth, “Do you know He Qiubai?”

“The show ‘Voice of Heaven’ that was popular the year before last and ‘Sound of Nature’ that was popular last year are all his shows.”

Meng Yuan saw that he had done his homework, and didn’t say much.
He said bluntly, “It’s him.
He is preparing for the second season of ‘Sounds of Nature’ this year, and I put you in.”

Yu Nian was really surprised.

He heard his senior brother Qi Zhe say that Meng Yuan is one of Xingyao’s two pillar agents, and many big stars had to shout “Brother Meng” when they saw him.
His vision for picking people was extremely high, but correspondingly, the resources at hand were also excellent.

“Is it shocking?” Meng Yuan leaned back on the sofa and met Yu Nian’s eyes, “I signed you, at least during the five-year contract period, we are bound together.
You don’t have to think about anything now, you just have to do your training well.
We will take it step by step.”

Yu Nian knew what was going on, so he poured another cup of hot tea and handed it to Meng Yuan, “I’ll listen to you.”

The two chatted for a while.
Then Meng Yuan got up, walked around the living room, and saw that on the balcony, in addition to two pots of flowers, Yu Nian even planted a pot of green onions at home.
He asked curiously, “You can cook? “

“Well, I can make simple things.
Does Brother Meng want to try my cooking?”

Meng Yuan assured himself again and again that he was very good at judging people.
He just moved in, and all the room furnishings were neat and tidy, and he could even cook by himself! When he would look at him (YN) for the rest of the year, it would be very good.

“It’s good to be able to cook, and this is a good point.
You haven’t decided on your external image yet, I’ll think about it…”

Just as he was about to leave, Meng Yuan’s eyes suddenly froze, “No, this flower pot where you grow green onions…” He wondered, “Is this pot with blue and white plum branches also fake?”

Yu Nian didn’t change his expression, “Well, yes, it’s also fake.”

The author has something to say:

Xie You: President Xie will never be shy.

Yu Nian: Well, they are all fake.

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