Chapter 4 – Obedient Liang Chen.

Zhuo Ting looked stunned.

What is his brother doing?

«TingTing, you can't tell aunt, okay?» Zhuo Shao gave her sister a gentle smile.

Zhuo Ting nodded dumbly and suddenly said: «Brother, you look great smiling.»

«Is that so?» Then I will smile more in the future.
Zhuo Shao said with a smile, it always seemed like someone owed him money in his last life.
He was very indifferent, but he could smile more in the future.

Zhuo Shao ate, washed the bowl, and sent Zhuo Ting to study.

Zhuo Ting's elementary school is not far from high school, but he also has to detour.
As he approached, Zhuo Shao asked him some questions about his life, and Zhuo Ting obediently answered. He was very happy and the answers were very normal.
Obviously, she hadn't been hurt.
Zhuo Shao was immediately relieved. But even if he is relieved, he will try to find a way to get Zhuo Ting away from her uncle's house as soon as possible.

He and Zhuo Ting have a place to live.
A few years ago, his parents spent 50,000 yuan to build a beautiful two-story villa in the countryside, but the house is now owned by his uncle and has been rented out.
If he wants to move there, he must tear his face apart with the uncle's family and have money to open fire on his account. This cannot be done for a while.
He now he goes to school.

Zhuo Shao was late again.
Master Yang, the class teacher, was already sitting on the podium.
Seeing Zhuo Shao begging for permission at the door, he immediately frowned and then stood up: «Zhuo Shao, come outside with me.»

Zhuo Shao followed Master Yang into the corridor.

«Zhuo Shao, what's the matter with you lately?» Master Yang frowned and asked, «You can't trust your brain to be smart, if you can't study well, you won't be able to do your homework…
Have you been playing?»

«I did not do it.» There have been similar conversations in his last life.
At that time, Zhuo Shao immediately rejected them, but he was still very uncomfortable from suspicion.

«You're in the third grade now, you should think about studying.
The students in the class don't go home for lunch now.
You can go home for lunch.
But coming to school so late every day will not only waste your lunch break, but also disturb your classmates' study!» Master Yang is a bit harsh.
«Tell your parents that you will eat at school later and that you won't go out at noon!»

«Master Yang, I don't have money to eat at school.» Zhou Shao said.

In fact, in order not to waste time, most of the students in his class eat at school in the third year. Beimen High School is the best high school in the county.
The food is very good.
Each meal is divided into meat and vegetables.
The meat dishes are usually chicken cutlets with braised pork, so parents are willing to pay their children to eat at school. But where do you have money?

«Master Yang, I'm sorry.
I have to do the dishes and laundry at noon, and that's why I'm late.
I'm sure I'll wash them tomorrow morning.» Zhuo Shao also said that he had not done the laundry today, but that he had been asked to do it at noon before.

«Wash the dishes and clothes?» Master Yang looked at Zhuo Shao in surprise.
Now they are all only children.
Many parents he knew couldn't wait to feed their children…
Does Zhuo Shao even have to wash dishes and clothes?

He took the class from the beginning.
She had met Zhuo Shao's parents before.
Obviously that was not the case.

Zhuo Shao lowered his head and did not speak.

«Did your parents let you work? Now you are in third grade, the most important thing is to learn…»

«Master Yang, my parents died last year.» Zhuo Shao lowered his head, deliberately speaking in a trembling voice.

In his last life, he didn't want to be pitied by others, and he didn't want his classmates to know how harsh he had been.
Even if he didn't have enough to eat, he wouldn't show it at all, but really he was stupid.

Master Yang always thought that Zhuo Shao's grades were slipping, he was always late, and his homework became more and more sloppy because he was addicted to games or had an early crush.

Unexpectedly, he received this reply.
He couldn't help but be stunned: «Your parents…
Who do you live with now?»

«With my uncle and aunt.» Zhuo Shao said again.

«Where's the address?» The teacher will visit his house tonight.
Master Yang said in a deep voice, and saw Zhuo Shao again.

Only then did he find out that the boy lost a lot of weight, his hair was long and unreasonable, and he was still sweating everywhere.
I guess he came running to school. Before, I thought that Zhuo Shao, he was late, his haircut and so on, it was because he was rebellious, because he played outside, but now thinking about it…
Doesn't it really seem like that?

Zhuo Shao said the address, and Master Yang asked him to go back to the classroom.

Zhuo Shao returned with his head bowed.
At this time, Master Yang's prescribed lunch break passed, and the classroom was no longer as quiet as before.
They all drank water and went to the bathroom.
They were waiting for the first class.

Zhuo Shao entered the classroom and felt that there were many students whispering about himself.
He didn't take it seriously and sat quietly on his seat.

«Zhuo-Zhuo Shao, the master…
He criticized you?» The fat man at the side table looked at Zhuo Shao anxiously and stammered.

«Everything is fine.» Zhuo Shao smiled at the little fat boy.

He had a good impression of the little fat man.
After being treated by him in the morning, he had the idea to accept him as a younger brother, and believed that he would not refuse. The little fat boy blushed at Zhuo Shao's smile and quickly walked away.

After a while, he took out a chicken leg packed in his backpack and gave it to Zhuo Shao: «You…
Would you like to eat?»

Zhuo Shao ate more meat at noon, but he was not full at all.
He thought about it and picked up the chicken feet.

He was very impressed with this brand of chicken thighs.
He remembered that in his last life, the fat man always chewed on this.
He was particularly jealous, and then he thought that this man was not easy on the eyes…

Seeing Zhuo Shao eat the chicken leg, the fat man felt very happy.
Then he took out another bottle of drink and asked hopefully, «Would you…
Would you like to…
Drink juice? This is delicious.»

«Do not.» Zhuo Shao refused the juice.

The little fat guy unscrewed the juice bottle with a little loss and planned to drink it by himself.

Zhuo Shao frowned.

The eating habits of this little fat guy are really unhealthy.
«Snacks or drinks are not good for your health.» Zhuo Shao is not a busybody, but he thought that if he were not for this person's money in his last life, he was afraid of being hungry.
Right after receiving the chicken thighs from this person, he added, «Drinking beverages is not good for the body.»

«Oh.» The little fat man quickly screwed on the lid of the drink: «Then I won't drink.»

Zhuo Shao was prepared for this man not to take his words seriously.
This little fat guy drinks drinks like water every day.
How could he change after hearing his words? However…
The man really stopped drinking.

Zhuo Shao looked at his desk mate a little surprised. Liang Chen was seen by Zhuo Shao.
He was a bit helpless, and quickly added, «I, I won't drink anymore.» If Zhuo Shao doesn't like me to drink, he won't drink anymore.

«That is not necessary.
Just drink less.
You should also eat fewer snacks.
You will be fat and these things are not good for your stomach.» Zhou Shao said.
Later, his voice changed a bit.

Liang Xin liked to eat snacks, especially meat such as chicken wings and duck necks.
When he first followed Liang Xin, he thought that Liang Xin's habit was charming.
He bought snacks and secretly kept them in Liang Xin's office cabinet.

But then…

After detecting gastric cancer, Liang Xin never had snacks again, but it was too late at that time.

Zhuo Shao's expression was not correct, but Liang Chen paid no attention.
His mind was focused on 'being fat'.

Zhuo Shao thinks he is fat and ugly?

He must eat less in the future.
But if he doesn't eat this, what can he eat?

Liang Chen's forehead is slightly wrinkled, and at this moment, the class bell rings.

This class is ideological and political.

When they were in the first year of high school, the school said that there was a lack of political teachers and that all the ideological and political classes were organized in other classes.
In the second year of high school, there was only one politics class a week, but now in the third year of high school it is twice a week, and now the political class is starting.

After all…
The high school exam is still required.
In view of this lesson, as long as the back, it is certain that the test, so the school just until the third day of high school, just let them put together the three-year lessons.

In view of the fact that as long as there are many lessons in this lesson, they will definitely be able to pass the exam, therefore, the school hopes to reach the third grade before allowing them to take all the lessons of the three years together.

The politics professor didn't even care about the key points.
He had already ordered the content to be tested, printed it out, and sent it to each student.
He now asked them to take out information and read it. Zhuo Shao listened intently, listening as he recited, while Liang Chen sitting next to him was distracted.

Liang Chen opened his pencil case and adjusted the angle.

There is a mirror behind the lid of his case.
After adjusting the angle, you can see Zhuo Shao in the mirror. Zhuo Shao is so handsome…

Liang Chen looked on happily for a few moments, thinking that Zhuo Shao had talked to him today, and had a good time for a while. He is really particularly happy today.

Zhuo Shao has been listening to the class, completely unaware of the mystery in the stationery box on the same table.

In the afternoon, the first section is a political class, and the second section is an art class.
In view of the fact that the art teacher 'has something to do' and does not have a class, he switched to self-study.

In the morning, the girl with the ponytail, who is reading English with everyone, took the exercise book and sat on the podium, supervising everyone to study on their own.

Zhuo Shao still needs self-study.
He takes out the textbook from him and looks at it, by the way he did the questions asked by the teacher in the morning.

The topic…
It's quite difficult.

In his last life, his grades have dropped at this point, but the main drop was in English and Chinese.
Math was still very good, after all, his brain is smart.

But now…
he can't do any of this math.

Zhuo Shao can't do it.
His fat desk mate did it pretty quickly.

«Lend me your math homework.» Zhou Shao said.

Liang Chen looked at Zhuo Shao in surprise! Did he borrow his homework book? Why does Zhuo Shao want the notebook from him? Liang Chen felt strange.

At the same time, he subconsciously gave Zhuo Shao his homework book.
After giving it to her, she regretted it.

His handwriting is too sloppy.
If he had known beforehand that Zhou Shao would read his homework, he would have written it well. Zhuo Shao also thought that the little fat man's words were too thick and ugly.

He practiced calligraphy since he was a child, he wrote good words.
Liang Xin's words are also very good…

Zhuo Shao quickly copied the math homework, and then borrowed the Chinese class homework to copy it.

Liang Chen was stunned.

His English homework hasn't been done yet, so he hurriedly did it. He wrote carefully, each letter is very beautiful, but until he finished school, Zhuo Shao didn't borrow his English homework…

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