I’m A Monster

Introducing Cleo Skye

Beep beep beep.

As my eyes gradually opened, the first sound I heard was the sound of a hospital machine beeping gently in my ear.

I could barely feel any part of my body and it felt like my brain was blank at the moment. I tried speaking but no words were coming out.

Soon, images began to flood my brain and it made my head pound like crazy. The once gentle machine began to sound really loudly and it wasn helping my headache at all.

As soon as the machine began sounding loud, doctors began rushing into the young ladies room, and soon, there were about four people in the room with her. That was one doctor and three nurses.

I was beginning to feel severe pain at the back of my head and in no time, I passed out or so it seems. But as soon as I did that, I saw a lady covered in a completely black cloak.

”Who….who are you? ”

I asked in a very weak voice. The lady in black bowed her head as though she was paying respect to someone I turned to see if someone was behind me but there was absolutely no one. When I turned back, she was standing right in front of me.

”Ahh!! ”

I screamed and fell to the floor.

”My lady, I guess you are not as weak as you were weeks ago. Good to know ”.

She bent to my standard and kept looking at me. It was obvious that I was so scared I could pee in my pant.

”Its time for you to wake up my lady, stop being such a weakling. WAKE UP!! ”

After that encounter, the young lady on the hospital bed who was already being registered as dead opened her eyes wide. For a split second, her eye was completely black but no one saw it.

I stood up with a newly profound strength, I saw a woman cry but I didn seem to recognize her at all. Beside her was another woman cleaning her eye with a hankie but I didn see any tears at all.

Suddenly a woman in uniform that looked like a nurse began to point at me.

”Sh….she…shes awake, doctor, shes awake!! ”

She said while running out to call the doctor. The doctor walked in at full speed and the women who were crying came closer.

”How is this possible? Miss, can you please lie down for a while? ”

I obeyed the doctor and laid back down on the bed. He began asking me questions and I answered them with my voice as clear as the morning sky.

He turned to the woman who was crying and said.

”This is a miracle, she looks totally fine ”.

”Ohh, ohh my baby ”.

The woman began crying again as she drew closer to me and hugged me tightly. I didn know who she was so it made me a little bit uncomfortable.

”Who… ”

She stopped crying and looked at me.

”You…you don know who I am? ”

I kept looking at her and thought.

If I knew would I be asking?

”No no no, this can be happening. Doctor! Check her again please ”.

After a few more checkups, the doctor called the woman into his office.

”Mrs. Skye, due to the accident, a portion of her brain has

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