I’m A Monster

The woman in the black cloak

I kept looking at the drunk guy who looked totally disgusted by the sight of me.

”Don listen to him darling, come lets eat ”.

I followed her to the dining table, only to hear someone laughing like a crazy person I turned around and it appeared to be the guy who called me his sister. He began coming closer and when he finally got to the dining, he sat on one of the chairs and began to shout.

”Where are all the maids? ”

The maids came running in as soon as he screamed.

”Why isn my plate here yet huh, do you need me to spell it out for you that I am the master of this house? ”

”I apologize sir ”.

He looked at the elderly woman who spoke and then he stood up from his chair and began hitting the younger maid that was close to the elderly woman.

”When I talk, you don talk ”.

He said still hitting her. I was irritated so I stood up, went over, and held his hand so he could stop hitting the young lady. He looked at me and raised a brow.

”Stop ”.

That was all I said and then I let go of his hand but then, he hit her even more. I couldn take it anymore so I turned him around and slapped him real hard across the face.

He held his cheek which was now really red and looked at me surprised and probably humiliated.

”For a handsome guy like you, you sure do lack in a lot of ways ”.

I went towards the maid who was crying silently and began patting her back. She shook a little out of fear but when she realized that I was of no harm, she calmed down.

”Its okay, he won hit you from now on. At least not when Im around ”.

”Did the accident make you lose your mind? ”

I turned around and looked at him.

”Why do you always shout? I hate the noise ”.

”So now you
e going to meddle with how I treat the maids? Youve never cared. You even treat them worse than I do ”.

I signaled the maids to leave and then went back to my seat.

”Well, you can say a near-death experience made me a better person ”.

I then rose my head and looked at him.

”You should probably try it sometime ”.

”Are you saying I should die? ”

I didn say another word and began eating my food. Even though I don remember anything, I am very sure we don get along. Funny enough, my mother didn say anything and just kept looking at us as though she was used to seeing us like this already.

”Miguel, sit down and eat ”.

”Thanks a lot, almighty mother but Ive lost my appetite ”.

He said and went upstairs.

After eating, my mother insisted that I go up to my room and rest a little since I was just discharged and I did just that.

I didn leave my room till later in the evening. When I got out of my room, the first face I saw was that of my brother. He kept looking at me as though he was expecting me to say something but I didn say anything instead, I just walked out.

”Go ahead, thats all you are good at, ignoring me ”.

I turned around and looked at him, I accessed him from head to toe and turned back and left.

When Cleo had left, Miguel felt so infuriated he banged his hand so hard on the wall that blood began to spill out.

Miguel had a mature and handsome face so the nurses mistook him for Cleos elder brother since she looked young enough to be his younger sister.

In reality, Miguel was Cleos younger brother but he was for a different father. Cleos mom got married again three years after her dad died but the man she got married to was a total fraudster so shortly after Miguel was born, his dad got arrested.

Cleo never really had a thing against Miguel but she didn like him at all. She was a strong and independent woman right from her childhood so she didn like the fact that Miguel did almost anything just to get her attention. To her, it looked extremely petty.

Cleo was five years older than Miguel and right now, she was twenty six years of age. For all those twenty six years, they never for once had that brother sister kind of relationship.

After leaving Miguel, I began to feel a severe headache, it felt absolutely unbearable and it just kept getting worse. I decided to go back to my room and luckily for me, the troublesome dude wasn there anymore. I went straight to my bed and began holding my head in pain.

It went on that way for a while and then suddenly, I passed out.

When I opened my eyes, I was in the same place I was when I passed out in the hospital so I knew this wasn real. I kept looking around but the place looked totally empty.

”You are finally here my lady ”.

I recognized her immediately, she was the lady in the black cloak.

”What do you want from me? ”

”I seek nothing from you, my lady, I am here to serve you ”.

I didn understand what she was trying to say besides, how would she serve me when I only see her in my subconscious mind?

”How will you serve me? Your not even real ”.

”Ohh yes I am my lady. If you do not like us conversing this way, you can always bring me out of your subconscious mind anytime you want to ”.

I couldn help but smirk, that accident sure did a number on me.

”You are not just C.E.O Cleo Skye anymore, you are way more than that, you are….. ”

”Yeah, yeah, yeah, Im your lady. Look I don know how you got into my head, your probably someone I use to know but can remember but its cool, all Im asking is that you stay out of my head. I hate it when people try so hard to get my attention ”.

I said and turned my back trying to look for a way out of this crazy dream.

”You are a goddess!! ”

I turned back with one brow raised trying to understand what nonsense it is that she was going to say.

”You are made for more, you have to save the world ”.

I was getting irritated by her fantasy story.

”Enough!! ”

I said and waved my hand but as soon as I did that, fire emerges from it and the place where my hand was directed to began to burn.

I gasped and looked at my hand and then looked at the lady in black.

”Do you believe me now? ”

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