C6—- Big Eyes

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Mu Sichen used his crossaxe and other people’s energy to trigger the “digging” skill and get the sticker.


Self stickers could help anyone stay awake, a kind of mental defense props, prop effect would be enhanced according to the growth of Mu Sichen’s strength.



This skill gave him the feeling that he had dug the walls of both the Great Existence of the Town and Qin Zu.



Mu Sichen felt that this skill shouldn’t be called “digging”, but “woolgathering”.


Anyway, he got the first useful prop after coming here.


Mu Sichen wanted to sneak into the town in the “dark” to find the “pillar” and a way to build a safe house to complete the newbie quest issued by the system.



To do so, he had to wear the cloak brought by the follower.
But this cloak wasn’t a good thing, he suspected that after putting on the cloak, he would become half crazy, it was already difficult to complete the task with normal sanity.


It was a good thing that a self sticker appeared at this time, it could be used to resist the cloak’s contamination.


The system suggested that Mu Sichen put the sticker on the back of his neck to protect the brain upwards and the central nerve of the spine downwards, covering a more comprehensive area.


Mu Sichen tore the sticker and stuck it at the back of his neck, and the sticker disappeared.



Mu Sichen couldn’t feel the presence of the sticker, but he could feel a slight chill at the back of his neck, where there should be a tattoo pattern.


The cool air cleared Mu Sichen’s mind, and his eyes fell on the food tray that had fallen to the ground.



The food brought by the followers was simple bread, eggs, mineral water and a few small tomatoes, before when he looked at the food, it was quite normal, but now he saw a transparent eye floating in the water.


The great existence was really obsessed with eyes.


The good thing was that the bread, eggs and small tomatoes were normal, Mu Sichen had long been hungry, he flew to eat these foods, nearly choking himself to death.


There were still five minutes to eight o’clock, Mu Sichen sped up, and tied the follower more firmly.


The follower was still stubbornly resisting, muttering under his breath, “Heresy …… eliminated …… Xiangping Town …… safe… …”



To be on the safe side, Mu Sichen hit the follower’s head again with his crossaxe.


The follower’s blood bar dropped to only 1/10 and he stopped talking.


Mu Sichen let the follower’s head rest on the desk, put the radio close to his ear, and turned the volume to the minimum so that only the follower could hear the contents of the radio.


It was to prevent him from being able to unlock the door after leaving the room.
If the follower escaped from the room, Mu Sichen would be in danger.


Of course, Mu Sichen didn’t intend to wear the cloak marked “Townie 629” all the time.
He would find an opportunity to change his identity.



He put the flashlight and other useful items into the backpack, but the pickaxe couldn’t be put into the backpack.


Mu Sichen was worried about how to cover up the pickaxe when he heard the system prompt “ding” in his mind.

He opened the system light screen and saw that there was an upgrade button in the weapon column.


It turned out that the crossaxe had gained experience after subduing a follower, and could be upgraded.


Mu Sichen: “……”


Why was the one who gained experience not him but the Cross Pickaxe?


He leveled up the cross pickaxe, the original level 0 weapon became level 1, and the rusty pickaxe became as good as new, emitting a silver-black metallic luster.



At the same time, a special weapon bar appeared in his backpack, where he could put weapons of level 1 or higher.


Mu Sichen hid the crossaxe and practiced collecting the weapon quickly to make sure he could take out the crossaxe in an instant.


After preparing everything, he leaned against the door and waited for the “night” to fall.


At 7:59:50 seconds, a dangerous thought suddenly came to Mu Sichen.


As the follower entered, the outside of the door was unlocked.
Would he open the unlocked door at 59 seconds and rush out to take a look at “day” in advance.


This action may make him insane, but because of the short time, maybe he could stay awake with the power of self-sticker.



The Great Presence was clearly the biggest obstacle to his lighting up the Tong Zhi Town icon, and he wouldn’t have any chance of winning if he couldn’t even look directly at the Great Presence.



It was risky, but not unsure.



The watch seconds had reached 58 seconds, there was no time to hesitate.


Mu Sichen touched the tattoo on the back of his neck, and made a decision in the light of day.


At 59 seconds, he gently twisted the door of the room, and walked out quickly.


There was only a split second of time, and Mu Sichen wasn’t sure what he would see.


His eyes swept aimlessly outside, all around to the sky, it was just for a moment, but the back of his neck immediately burned and his eyes were in severe pain, as if there was liquid boiling in his eyeballs, as if the next second his eyeballs would explode.



Mu Sichen raised his hand to cover his eyes, blood oozed from his left eye socket and flowed down his fingers.


At that moment, Mu Sichen couldn’t say what he actually saw.


He had the impression of only one huge blood-filled eye hanging in the sky, the eyelashes were made up of countless wriggling red and black worms that twisted around the eye, countless white feathers fell from both sides of this eye, the feathers emitted a faint holy light, and the process of floating down would disintegrate into a faint luminous mist.



The deafening sound of chanting echoed in Mu Sichen’s mind, his current reason could no longer distinguish the content of the lyrics, but he felt that the chanting sound opened a door to him, the door floated with countless feathers, as if behind the door was heaven, he just needed to walk in and there would be no more pain.


Mu Sichen’s feet moved forward uncontrollably, when a sudden chill came from the back of his neck, reaching his limbs instantly through his spine, and the pain was as dense as a pinprick on his legs.


This coldness and pain made Mu Sichen stop in his tracks and he didn’t continue to go forward.


It was only a moment of clarity, but the door in the void in front of him closed, and the chanting voice in his head disappeared.


Mu Sichen’s whole body trembled, he gasped for air and sat on the ground, looking his watch with his right eye, which was still intact.



It was exactly eight o’clock.



He seemed to be suffering in hell for days, but only one second had passed.


He just glanced at the “Great Being”, and didn’t see the whole picture.


The power of the sticker was completely exhausted, Mu Sichen could no longer rely on external forces to resist the spiritual pollution, with the cloak in him, from time to time he’d hear the choir singing, but the sound wasn’t so loud, it sounded very distant, so his mind could still resist this song.


With just a glance, the loss was heavy.


But it wasn’t without gain!


Mu Sichen covered his eyes and lowered his head, using his cloak to hide the smile at the corners of his mouth.



[Player perfectly defended against “Hidden Star’s” strike, activated san value system.]


[Player successfully spied on the “Hidden Star” and gained knowledge about the “Hidden Star”.]


Each system notification had a long description below, but Mu Sichen didn’t have to look, these contents along with the fatal mental blow entered his mind.



The world was so strange that “understanding” the indescribable things would pollute the spirit and cause madness, they’d either go crazy, or they’d get benefits to survive.


However, “peeping” at nameless things could lead to death without life.
If you survived by chance, you could gain knowledge and power.



At that moment, the san-value system, namely the sanity value system, was activated.

After that, Mu Sichen was able to see what his total san value was and how much was left, thus estimating whether he could withstand the spiritual pollution and for how long.



If Mu Sichen didn’t risk a glance at the Great Presence in the “day”, he would have never been able to activate the san value system, like being blindfolded in a trap full of mines, it was difficult to move.


At the same time, he also gained knowledge related to the “Great Presence”, which could never be gotten from the dependents and followers.


The system said that he had received a blow from a “hidden star”, and the “hidden star” referred to the level of the Great Existence in Tong Zhi Town.



Above the “Hidden Star”, there were also three levels of “Sunshade” and “Maitian”, which were the realm of the gods and couldn’t be told to ordinary people.


The “Hidden Star” was the threshold of the divine realm, to reach the “Hidden Star” would be to become the unnameable itself, but it was only a threshold, the dividing line between humans and the unnameable.



But this knowledge and the way to become a “hidden star”, ordinary people could never know.
Even if a “hidden star” wanted to tell someone, just by saying the word, the ordinary people who heard it would die of a nervous breakdown.


Only those who were strong in spirit, risked their lives to spy on the gods and desecrate the realm of the gods, could steal this knowledge.


It wasn’t that the system refuses to tell Mu Sichen these things, but that it was unable to convey this information.


The “great existence” of Tong Zhi town was a “hidden star” that was evolving towards “sunshade”.
Once it could keep “day” forever, it could become “sunshade”.



Mu Sichen didn’t see the way to step into the realm of god, but he got a hint, that was, “pillar”.



Whether a human became a hidden star or a hidden star became a hidden sun, all of them needed “pillar”, and the system asked Mu Sichen to look for this thing.


Although it was still unclear what the “pillar” was, but at least there was a direction of speculation.


The “hidden star” of Tong Zhi Town, Mu Sichen decided to call him Big Eye for the time being after the spying he had just done, and most of what Big Eye did in Tong Zhi Town was to prepare for the enhancement of his “pillar”.
If he could just find out what the dependents and followers were doing every day and sum up the pattern, he should be able to guess the truth about the “pillar”.


If he hadn’t taken this look, he would never have understood the meaning of the “pillar” and might have been foolish enough to look for a big pillar in Tong Zhi town.



Of course, this time was also really dangerous.


Mu Sichen blinked, his right eye was still intact, but his left eye was bloodshot and he couldn’t see anything.


At the same time, the non-stop choir singing rang in his ears, constantly affecting his sanity.


Mu Sichen could see his san value, currently his san value full was 100, after bearing a glimpse of the eye, there was still 88 left, which was an auspicious number.


But every hour, the cloak would reduce 3 points san value, at the same time, the song would also reduce 3 points san value every hour.



At 6 points per hour, after 12 hours of “darkness”, he would be minus 72 san points, leaving only 16 points.


Once the sanity value was only 16 points, he wouldn’t be far from going crazy.


He had to find a way out of this predicament.
At the moment, the still sensible Mu Sichen secretly thought.

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