My pure blood

Part 3:The fight

Here we are infront of this huge school it looks beautiful, in fact beautiful is an understatement. I looked over to see Chloes mouth wide open. I can believe we would be schooling here. We both walked in and while the outside is beautiful the inside is magnificent, we headed to the principal office. And when we got there I knocked.

”Yes coming ” she responded to the knock. ”Oh you must be part of the freshman year right welcome miss snow and miss Chloe Alexander, you must be sisters I presume ”. She added and Chloe nearly choked.

”Actually no we are cousins, father side actually ” I cleared the misunderstanding.

”Well miss Chloe what will be you subject to offer while you are here? ” she turned and asked Chloe.

”Business major ”she said shocking the life out of me. What Chloe business,I mentally laughed,but still a wise choice.

”And you miss snow ” she asked me.

”I am going for poetry actually ” I said and my devil cousin laughed the least she could have done is laugh inwardly.

”Why? if I may ask and not much can come out of it ”the principal asked me.

”Because I feel like poetry is all about feelings and emotions being able to put your emotions into writing and express them with words be it pain, joy, love or lust, everything about it is beautiful and fascinating and not really for the money ”.I said.

”Wow that beautiful indeed so do you have any poems I can listen to right now made by you? ” She asked, I did have a few.

”Well yes ma ” I said.

”Then the floor is yours ” she said it like it was an audition, wait was it.

*Note: This poem was written by yours truly ME. Enjoy*


The best way to hide your pain is with a fake smile.

Keep the pain with the inner most lie.

I always thought pain comes by noon and joy in the morning.

But my pain is everlasting.

Pain is living without a mother the first day you see the red river.

Pain is having a father love yet wishing for more.

Pain is thinking letting go of life will bring no harm.

The best way to hide pain.

Is to live with a gain.

And when the gain is lost.

Contain yourself with lust.

Pain is putting the best in all.

But never getting the attention of all.

Or has my life been compressed to dust.

Nobody can see Pain if it is hidden with a smile.

And those who see past the smile will do you no harm for themselves are filled with pain.

Don be sad if my love has died.

I grew with love now its gone.

Is my life done because I live without love.

Or is it done because I live with pain.

The pain of a fake smile to please the people.

The people I lost.

Pain is a diseases, don get infected because the cure is hard to find*.

The minute I was done I didn even know that another person came in and started clapping with mouths open wide with shock. Was it really that good.

”Well miss snow I must say that was beautiful the way you highlighted your own level of pain was indeed beautiful ”. She looked impressed as the words came out of her mouth.

”This is the vice principal and also the music teacher Mr sam ”she said pointing to the man standing by the closed door.

”Miss snow I must say that was incredibly I look forward to seeing you in class, ladies please follow me to a land where I will show you that means to your dorms ”said Mr sam laughing about what he had just said.

”Oh and least I forget your time table and activities for the semester ”.she said handing us a sheet of paper.

”Thank you ma ”we both said.

”Oh please call me Mrs. Maddison ” she told us her name.

Chloe time table looked confusing what is business theory, economic that one I know. After all that we left Mrs Maddison office which I must say she is a sight to behold.

Beautiful shining brown skin, black twisted braid, ocean blue eyes, pointed nose and a beautiful small pink lips.

Mr Sam first showed Chloe to her dorm room first and it was beautiful before he should me mine. She is in block C and me at last dorm block E it was truly beautiful and big.

”Class begins tomorrow don be late ” Mr Sam reminded me of that.

”Ok sir ”.

”So rest well tomorrow might just be full of surprises ” he said before leaving. everyday is always filled with surprises I said in my head.

Walking through does doors and I saw the most beautiful room, is this type of room even allowed here.

A red Queen size bed placed by the right side of the edge in the room a walk-in closet filled with unforms, shoes, and so much more, my personal book selves. I walked into the toilet and just wow a big hot tub and girls products. It had lots of space in it. I love it.

I placed my things in the closet and placed the books I was given in my book shelf and I rested.


My alarm woke me up, feeling really reluctant to get up, I off the alarm and slept back. After 1hour of the best sleep in the world I realised that I was late and dead, I quickly woke up went to take my shower and my oh my lord I could sleep in here because of the hot water, brushed my teeth, put on my underwear and I wore my favourite clothes, picked up some books from the shelf put them in bag, stain my lips with lip gloss and off I went

While running through the hall way I finally reached my destination and all eyes on me and the teacher turned and stopped teaching, oh great our teach is Mr Sam.

”Miss snow you are late ” he noticed.

”Sir I am so sorry its all my fault I take full responsibility sir ” I felt disappointed in myself, going late to class on my first day.

” You didn make up some stupid excuse like the rest so you are forgiven and let this be the first and last time this Will happen ”. Yes I was forgiven in your face all you people. I am weird I know.

”Thank you sir ” I sat down on an open chair still smiling and just then somebody walked in too, he is 5 minutes late and nobody is saying anything. He came and took a seat close to me.

”You are late ” I wispered to him.

He turned to look at me with is hoodie above his head and then he took of the hoodie and it was the boy from the plane.

”Well then we are both late ” he said with a husky wisper voice. And I immediately shut up.

Is it me or is everywhere hot, like seriously hot, oh I think I need fresh air but I can leave the class I quickly take one of my notes to produce air for myself I bowed my head so he can see me.

”I don really think its hot here I mean its snowing and it is really cold cause it is snowing, snow ” he said not smiling one bit and oh damn my name sounds sexy.

”Wait, what it is snowing? ” I quickly put my face on the window to look at the snow its beautiful.

”You must really like the snow ” he said with an amusing look on his face.

”I haven actually never seen it ” I said still looking out the window.

I quickly turned around to focus on what the teacher was saying and I heard the word*ASSIGNMENT* why!!!!!!!!. We have to right a poem about your name and what you think it means in respective to your personality and how you feel you have been treated with what your name means.

The bell rang and he was the first to leave, I didn even get his name.

After the class I checked my schedule and I realised I have free period best time to check out the snow and start my assignment so simple.

I stepped out and realised what a hard assignment, I did a few research and found out that snow represent Purity, innocence and a frozen feeling does that make me Elsa, just kidding. I checked the time on my phone and saw that time went by so fast.

The bell immediately rang. I checked my time table to see if its another class I realised it was lunch time.

I walked to cafeteria, I know you are thinking how did I find it well basically I saw it when I first came I have a good memory. I took a plate and went to the line, I waited until it was finally my turn. I asked for a double chicken sandwich and a chocolate shake and a chocolate cake for dessert.

I looked around for a place to sit and I found an empty chair, I sat down and stuffed my face with the sandwich which was delicious by the way as I continued stuffing my face someone came to sit beside me.

I turned to see a boy close to me actually four boys and I noticed the boy from the plane and two beautiful girls. Why are they sitting down with me? I question myself.

”Hiiiiii ” I said with a stuffed face.

”Awwwn you are so cute ” the one by my right side said while pinching my cheeks. Ouch!

”Well my name is Christopher but you can call me Chris ” the one by my left said extending his hand for a hand shake but my hand was covered with dipping sauce. He got the hint and dropped his hand.

” And mine is Jay the one that pinched my cheeks introduced himself next and didn even waste time in hugging me the nerve of this boy.

”Jay stop embarassing yourself, please don mind him you can call me Carson ” I think he is the most reasonable one among them, I just nodded my head at him.

”I didn think I need an introduction but you can call me Dean ” the boy from the plane introduced himself and oh wow what a sight.

”I am Valeria and she is Allison ” the girl with strawberry blonde hair said while introducing the girl with blonde hair.

” ot meat yall ” I tried greeting back but its hard when there is food in your mouth, so it just came out sounding like gibberish.

”Sorry but we don speak stuffed mouth and have table manners ” Dean said and I glared at him, so I just ate till there was nothing left in my mouth and I drank the chocolate shake.

”Sorry for my disrespectful attitude and for making you wait, I was saying nice to meet yall ” I said trying again this time in a language they understand.

The all nodded their head like it all makes sense now.

” ot meat you too ” Jay said and I laughed. And he pinched my cheeks again, stop touching my cheeks boy.

”So whats your name freshman ” Carson spoke this time.

”Snow,my name is snow I said.

”Nice name for a pretty girl ” Christopher said and winked at me.

”Don wink it makes you look ugly ” I told him and the rest of his friends laughed thinking it was a joke except Dean.

”It gets the ladies ” he shot back and all his friends started howling.

” I am not surprised,I am sure they came because they didn want to see you wink at them again I pity their souls ” they all looked at me with disbelief.

”I mean what can I say dogs are referred to as man best friend ” where is all this coming from, i asked myself.

”Did you just call us dogs ” Carson said.

”What? Me call you dogs no, I mean to say that only dogs howl not humans ” remember *howl* being the key word.

”I think I like this one ” they all said at the same time except Allison and Dean.

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