PSP Chapter 16: Argument

It was the middle of the night, who could possibly be waiting for Liu Wangyu on the roof?


Chen Ge was closest to the iron door.
Lu Qi raised his chin and motioned at him to open the door.


Chen Ge shook his head like a rattle, hiding behind Shen Qingcheng and grabbing his arm.
Shen Qingcheng thought about it, then dragged the oil bottle¹ to hide behind Lu Qi.
The two of them looked up at Lu Qi with identical expressions.


Lu Qi: “…”


He took a few steps forward, first looking out through the gap in the door, and then gently pushing the door open.


The roof of the building was shrouded in a dark night, and even the moonlight couldn’t shine in.
The quiet voices never disappeared, lingering in the small space, lingering under the inextricable darkness.


The residents of the building made good use of the space on the roof.
On the left, a square vegetable field was surrounded by bricks.
In the front, there were lush roses planted alongside a tangle of vines.
On the right, a dozen chickens were penned into the corner by iron wire.


Liu Wangyu was standing in front of the chicken coop.
He was tugging at his clothes and fidgeting with his back to them, muttering vaguely.
A dozen or so hens were sleeping in their nests in front of him, but even as Liu Wangyu kept making noise, not one of them awakened.


Shen Qingcheng’s expression immediately became indescribable.
Chen Ge wanted to look at him, but didn't dare to.
Lu Qi frowned in disgust.


Suddenly, a faint female voice floated past.
“Are you comfortable?”


Liu Wangyu's muffled voice became louder, and the female voice giggled.
“Li Guofu said it was very comfortable.”


A figure in a white dress appeared.
She was seated on the waist-high wall, the ends of her hair wound around her fingertips, and her bluish-white face was facing in Liu Wangyu's direction.


She asked, “Do you know how he died?”


Liu Wangyu's body stiffened for a moment.
As if in a trance, the woman said to herself, “Like you, I only needed to walk up to him and beckon before he left with me.
By the way, his wife was visiting him at the time, but he left his wife and went with me.”


Her lips hooked into a smile, her laughter echoing inexplicably in the night.


“Just look at you men.
Why do you want to approach other women when you already have a wife? Is it because a woman can't satisfy you?”


Liu Wangyu struggled even more, making a “uh”, “uh” sounds like he was being strangled.


“Don't worry.
I'm here to help you, aren’t I? Are you feeling comfortable, hm?” The woman floated in front of Liu Wangyu as she asked.
Her clean face darkened, her right cheek rotting, and small maggots began squirming through her flesh.


“Ahhhhhh!” Liu Wangyu cried out, the woman's terrifying face close to his own.
He retreated backwards frantically, and even as he tripped and fell, he kept kicking his feet.


The woman looked down at his embarrassing situation and laughed.
Opening her bloody mouth, she said, “Unfortunately, Li Guofu's luck was not as good as yours.
Do you know how he died? His thing² was eaten by chickens.
Do you want to try it?”


Liu Wangyu unconsciously glanced at the chickens sleeping in a huddle in the chicken coop, endured his pain, and pleaded, “Qi Mei, what do you want before you are willing to let me go? I wouldn’t have been there that night, if I had known what they would do to you.”


The woman, Qi Mei, interrupted him, “I want to kill you, so you must die.” She repeated it again, “You have better luck than him, but you only get a few extra days to live.”


After speaking, Qi Mei glanced in the direction of the iron door, her figure gradually fading and disappearing.


The moonlight began to shine again, making everything clearer.
From the entrance of the stairwell, Chen Ge hesitated and asked, “Did she find us?”


No one answered him.
Shen Qingcheng and Lu Qi had already begun heading towards Liu Wangyu.


After Qi Mei left, Liu Wangyu had slumped to the ground.
The dull pain from his body had covered his face and body in cold sweat.
At first, he hadn’t understood what Qi Mei had meant when she said, “You have better luck than him”.
His brain had been so tortured by the pain he had had no time to think.


Two people suddenly appeared in his field of vision.


Shen Qingcheng and Lu Qi realized Liu Wangyu's tragic condition as soon as they got closer.
Below Liu Wangyu's waist, where that thing was, he was dripping blood.
That thing was no longer visible, and there was a round hole in the wire fence where he had been standing just then.
The sharp iron wires there were marred with blood and mangled bits of flesh, and they glowed coldly in the moonlight.


Shen Qingcheng and Lu Qi, who were both men, couldn't help but feel a chill down there, as if they also felt the soul-deep pain.


Tsk tsk, Qi Mei was quite ruthless.
Still, Liu Wangyu wasn’t innocent either.
Shen Qingcheng squatted beside Liu Wangyu's head and looked at him.
His sincere eyes seemed to ask, “Does Liu-fuban have time to open the door for us now?”


Only then did Liu Wangyu understand the meaning of Qi Mei's words.
He really didn't want to help them, because he had immediately realized why he had made such an easy target that night.
Those people had done something to his jade!


Chen Ge, who had just come over, immediately received hatred from Liu Wangyu.


Chen Ge: ? I thought I was holding the ‘hero’ script tonight?³


Shen Qingcheng didn't rush Liu Wangyu, just quietly waiting for him to answer.
He shifted his weight a few times when his squatting position became uncomfortable.


Liu Wangyu looked at Lu Qi and “Wu Hai” again.
Neither of them seemed to intend to speak.
Apparently, they were content to follow Shen Meiren's lead.
He gritted his teeth and said, “I.


【 The location of this mosaic⁴ is too spiritual 】


【 Thank you, mosaic, I don't want to see the dirty things of stinky men at all! 】


【 Are there any male compatriots in the live broadcast room? I want to know what you guys think hahaha 】


【 Male, expressing that he and his wife and are very affectionate, thank you 】


【 Male +1, indicating that he is about to marry his girlfriend and have met her family.
After a long time, both parents were very satisfied, thank you 】


【 Male +2, conveying that he has been single for many years and lives with the five-finger girl⁵.
We are living a very good and (sexually) happy life, thank you for your concern 】


【Hahahaha look at this desire for survival! 】


【 xiaosi⁶, xiaojiejie⁷ is too stupid, you have to do this to a man who cheats! 】


【? Qi Mei is not much better.
Even if she didn’t know that Liu Wangyu had a wife in advance, does that mean that it’s okay for her to sell her body to accept the unspoken rules⁸? 】


【 Everyone has their own free will, as long as they don't break the law or destroy other people's families, you shouldn’t care what others do.


【 However, the fact is that her behavior is interfering in other people's families, and she is still entangled with several men.
I think Zhou Xiaohui is right, she is a cheap slut and a bitch, she deserves to die.
The only innocent person is Qi Anle.
It's so pitiful to have such a mother, no wonder he had to be isolated and bullied 🙂 】


【 Don’t argue, there are many clues that have not been explained yet, maybe there will be a reversal in the future 】


【Reverse what? Qi Mei admitted it herself.
After all, she just had to crook her finger at Li Guofu and he left with her, it’s amazing 】


【? Aren’t you being too harsh on women, why don't you scold the men for cheating? 】


【Why are you suddenly quarreling? I’m more curious about the identity of Beauty.
Do normal civil servants know how to deactivate the jade Buddha? 】


【 Have you forgotten that Beauty is the rookie king? Don’t take Beauty for a real newbie just because he pretends to be new in front of God 7! 】


【 There is also the female ghost in the mirror.
Beauty only had to mention Zhou Xiaohui's fate and Qi Mei retreated, I bet he is definitely not a simple character.


On August 20th, the morning of the eighth day after the opening of the Xingxing Kindergarten game copy, the players gathered in the apartment lobby again.
The only difference from the situation eight days ago was that this party had lost the players Shi Juan, Bai Yi, and Tong Yixue, and added the NPC Liu Wangyu.


Zhou An'an looked at the man in the wheelchair, unaware of what had happened to him the day before.
Liu Wangyu's previous self-assurance had disappeared, his whole person full of panic.
His face was very pale, like someone who had only just recovered from a serious illness.


She looked at Shen Mei and Lu Qi thoughtfully.
She lived above them and had heard some movement last night, but she had only secretly raised her vigilance to guard against possible ghosts.
After the sound had disappeared, she just went to sleep and didn't look outside.
Was it them?


Shen Qingcheng: “Liu-fuban, everyone has already eaten breakfast.
Are you taking us to Room 607 or giving us the keys? Or do you want to tell us the story of you and Miss Qi Mei first?”


“There's nothing to talk about,” Liu Wangyu said blankly.
After last night's incident, he had completely lost his face with this group of people.
“It’s just like you guessed, Qi Mei and I did have an improper relationship, the type between men and women.
But don't think that Qi Mei is innocent.”


Shen Qingcheng: “We don't care who is innocent, we just want to know how Qi Mei died.”


Liu Wangyu sneered and did not speak, his eyes full of contempt.


Shen Qingcheng: “Then how did Qi Anle die?”


Liu Wangyu's expression changed, “Don't you want to go to Room 607? Hurry up, I don't have time for you to waste.” Pushing his wheelchair, he left the apartment.
During the process, his wound was jostled, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead.


Everyone knew that he might not know much about Qi Mei's death, but Qi Anle's death must have had something to do with him.


The group followed Liu Wangyu to the sixth floor of the residential building.


Liu Wangyu's face was ugly.
His current position was only one floor away from where the incident had happened last night.
Despite his expression he didn’t propose leaving early.


Room 607’s white anti-theft door was still locked, and the keyhole was clean.
Liu Wangyu didn't ask Zhou An’an why it differed from her description, silently taking out the key and handing it to them.


Xue Tong took the key and opened the door.
The door seemed to be a few years old, and he had to twist the knob a few times before opening the door.
Suddenly, a figure that had been clinging to the door rushed towards Xue Tong after the door opened!


Xue Tong was an old hand who had cleared several copies.
He responded quickly, immediately stepping back.
The figure fell to the ground with a bang, and a rancid smell permeated the stairwell.





¹ Dragging an oil bottle (拖油瓶) refers to how children of widows are brought along with their mothers when they remarry.
It comes from “dragging someone sick” (拖有病), which sounds similar (layouping vs layoubing).
拖有病 in turns comes from the custom of asking the widow’s family to write a letter declaring the child is sick (有病) so that, should they die, no blame can come upon the new husband.
This is because men who married widows tended to be poor and living in bad conditions, which obviously had a detrimental effect on the longevity of children.

² Literally “thing” (东西) but my bet is that she meant his genitals.

³ As in he thought he was going to be playing the hero.

⁴ Mosaic censor.
Makes the affected area look pixelated.

⁵ Referencing masturbation.

⁶ xiaosi (笑死) literally means laugh to death.
The Chinese equivalent of lol.

⁷ I think they mean Li Guofu’s wife?

⁸ Big in entertainment circles I think? Exactly what it sounds like.
In this case, talking about how everyone knows you can sleep your way up but doesn’t talk about it.


This chapter sucked.
People seriously feel free to spew the most disgusting shit from behind their computer screens…

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