ittle titties and I will have to deal with that.

She is very dry, lets finish this game here and let her be. I just make sure she reaches her climax before I fake my orgasm and let her be.

”Thanks, Hun, ” she murmurs as she lays on the bed but not before retrieving her phone from the table and outlying under the table. I have always wanted to touch that phone but I know whats good for me. I don mind if I am sharing her. The wait is that even correct? I wonder if it was Vanessa, damn I won even love that girl to be touched by anything. Too bad she is not the first person I met, it was somebody else. Hell, I even hate when Josh is with her.

Dude, we have just gotten married, what are you doing? Are you still dreaming about Vanessa? She is nine years younger than you, grow up?

Okay, I have grown up, at least I made an effort to get married, we are married, hurrah, are you happy now? Fuck, I hate being married right now, it doesn even feel right for me. Is she the one or I just did this to get the boards approval for the meeting?

I don know, what are you talking about like that? I know you want to be at the top, its up to you. As long as you don ** this up. Your dad never ** your mum over, he was loyal to your mother, be like your dad.

Okay, I hate when our mind tends to think that they can lecture you like that. Yeah, my dad was good because he loved my mother and never married her because he was led to show people who he was, he married her because they loved each other, and now look at the baby that was a result of that marriage. We have me who now feels like I did the biggest mistake of my life and my sister Sofie who is very amazing. Damn, that girl never cares. He does things. She is about to graduate from uni but already has two online businesses and she doesn care who she **s, she says she is fluid but I think she loves girls more than men. Thats when every time I see her in the video with Vanessa, I don feel alright. I feel like she might ** her and leave her there.

Okay, that is what started yesterday when she dragged her in front of the reception and made her dance with me.

I watch as Kendra is sleeping peacefully on the bed and dash to the bathroom. Lets see which video we are going to use today. Where are you in private recognition?

Okay, here you are, lets search for a live deed right now. Okay, these are not good, where are those Russian ones, yeah, the Russians with cute girls and with the petite body?

Searching for something to make you hard is tiresome especially when what you want is not there.

Browsing for the best porn, I get a notification from my WhatsApp, its a status from Sofie. This is bad but let me put on my trousers before I look at my sisters pictures. Its not good to be staring at them while naked and my dick dancing around the area.

Okay, Sofie, what have you posted today? Okay, a picture of you kissing your so-called girlfriend. I wonder how she has maintained this one. Seems she is giving her so good service. Lets move to the next one. Is she seriously pecking Vanessa on the cheeks? Remind me to warn her. Not even remind me, I will do it right now.

Lifting my hands to go to the button, the next status is playing and my brother doesn need any green light to raise to the occasion. It just jumps up and like it wants to get her, it wants to break out of my pants. In the slow video of Vanessa dancing while in her small shorts and the button of the shorts are slightly opened, her tender breast is peaking from the see_through shirt. This is Sofies t_shirt but it fits her perfectly. Making her nipples ripple through. She is swaying her neck, around as she syncs to the song playing in the background. She turns around and swings her ass at the camera before turning back and blowing kisses to the camera. Yeah, baby, just like that, slowly like that Vanessa, slowly like that, shake that ass again baby, again. Uhh, yeah, baby for me, yeah, I am cummming…..


Fuck! I quickly put on my shorts and dash out of the room without finishing what I wanted. I quickly download the status and rush to Kendra.

”You okay? ” I ask gently as if I wasn just stroking myself after seeing her step_sisters video.

”Its the nightmare, they are back again. ”

Bitch, seriously?

”Its okay hun. ”

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