“Why?” Wei Luo asked, “Since you married me, you have been dignified and courteous, and you have persuaded me to take a concubine, why not now?” 

Yin Hui bit her lips tightly.

She was dignified and courteous in order to win his heart and not to embarrass her natal family. 

But her nature was not like that, she liked to go out shopping, liked to do whatever she wanted, and the most annoying thing for her was to be well-behaved. 

Moreover, she had a heart.
The last time she persuaded him to take a concubine was when she was just pregnant ten years ago.
She didn’t have deep feelings for him.
If Wei Luo had accepted it, she would have accepted it more easily.
So, when she thought that there would be no one else between them, he suddenly stabbed her in the heart.
How could she not be hurt? 

“Anyway, I don’t agree,” she said every word, almost gnashing her teeth. 

After a long silence, Wei Luo just said, “Sleep, we’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.” 

Wei Luo’s tone was so calm that Yin Hui thought they were just talking about what to eat at breakfast. 

How could he? 

Because he had been busy all day and was tired and wanted to sleep, he asked her not to cry or make trouble on such a big matter as taking a concubine, and to wait until the morning sensibly? 

How could Yin Hui be able to sleep? 

At that moment, Yin Hui thought of the scene she saw on the side of the road when she went out with her grandfather when she was a child.
There was a woman holding a stick in her hand, chasing her man to beat him. 

Yin Hui thought, if Wei Hao was not a prince, she was not a princess, and if he dared to take a concubine, she would have beaten him with a stick. 

It was a pity that he was a prince, a nobleman she couldn’t offend. 

The difference in status made Yin Hui lie motionless.
Let alone making a fuss, she didn’t even say a word of anger, letting the anger and pain intertwine and roll in her chest. 

After a long time, Yin Hui couldn’t stay awake the long night, so she turned over and fell asleep. 

Sleeping drowsily, Yin Hui woke up suddenly when someone kissed her neck. 

The placer was still pitch black, and Wei Luo’s scorching breath came from the side of her neck.

He never kissed her lips, always from the neck. 

Yin Hui was stupid. 

He wanted to take a concubine and made her so angry, how could he still be in the mood to do it? 

Yin Hui raised her hand to push him. 

Maybe because she didn’t eat two meals in a row, and didn’t sleep well in the first half of the night, that she didn’t have enough strength.    

Yin Hui struggled twice, and he suddenly xoxo. 

Yin Hui gritted her teeth and scolded, “You b-stard!” 

A business family’s woman dared to call a prince a b-stard.
Yin Hui lived for twenty-five years, and never thought that the day would come. 

The man on her body stopped, Yin Hui burst into tears, and cursed again, “B-stard.” 

Maybe she was wronged, maybe she was afraid, but that time her voice was much lower, and her delicate and weak voice was more like acting like a baby . 

If Wei Luo stopped, Yin Hui would definitely shrink back, but after a short pause, he became more of an as-hole.
Yin Hui endured it for a while, then burst into anger again, and greeted him a few times as if to vent. 

After more than ten years of marriage, it turned into a fight for the first time.
One was not convinced, and the other wanted to restrain the other party’s temperament.
In the end, Yin Hui still suffered from frailty, and was pressed in the quilt by him, whining, crying and calling him an as-hole. 

After an unknown amount of time, Yin Hui huddled under the blanket, listening to him put on his coat, and ring the bell to remind the maids to prepare water. 

It took time to prepare water.
Wei Luo leaned against the bed, looked at her long hair that was exposed outside, and said, “I will go to Beijing this time, and I may return in September.
Take good care of Xiao Heng, and don’t miss me.” 

Yin Hui was so angry and wronged that she didn’t think about it. 

The maids outside brought water in, and soon, Jinzhan came to report that the water was ready. 

Wei Luo went to wash first, and lit two lamps with a torch before going out. 

Yin Hui didn’t want to move, but her body was sticky and she couldn’t do without washing.

She sat up with her lips pursed, glanced around, and found that the belly band was thrown inside, and the red pajama pants were half pressed under the quilt, and half were protruding. 

Yin Hui frowned when some thoughts crossed her mind, feeling something was wrong, but she couldn’t explain clearly. 

She silently grabbed some clothes and put them on.
When she was putting on her shoes, Wei Luo came back.
His slender and tall figure gradually approached the screen with a hazy face. 

Yin Hui stared at the screen. 

It was a four-panel rosewood Suzhou embroidery screen, which was one of her dowries.
The exquisite Suzhou embroidery was embroidered on the precious silk with patterns symbolizing happiness, such as peonies, peach blossoms, magpies, and mandarin ducks. 

But that screen was only used for three years, and after three years, it was put into the warehouse and replaced with a new one. 

Yin Hui was deeply impressed by that screen.
Before she moved from the Yan Palace to the capital, she had seen that screen in the warehouse.
When she arrived at the Shu Palace, she also saw that screen when the warehouse was packed. 

How come it was used again? 

When Yin Hui was fascinated by the screen, Wei Hao finally came around. 

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