Saga of the Saiyans

Arrival on Planet Earth

On a distant planet lived the Saiyans, both Black-haired and Brown-haired. The Saiyans were a human like race of aliens, capable of mastering their energy, lifeforce and weaponize it.

The Saiyans were a highly developed race; they had created Spaceships, Superior armor, Barrier Boxes e.t.c.

The 8th King of the Saiyan Race, King Henri declared that they could protect other, much weaker planets so they did so up until the era of the 29th King, King Zarrus. He along with the help of his officials had just graduated the next set of Saiyans which were put into teams of five. And he sent one of the teams to Planet Earth. He had already previously communicated with one of the brightest minds on Earth, Zidda Foxx.

On this said day, Zidda awaited the arrival of the team of Saiyans.

”Any time now. ” She said looking at her wrist watch. She was currently in a building known as the Base.

It was a tall building with a slanted roof and multiple floors. It was silver in color mostly with the windows tinted a dark blue.

Around the base, there was a large field of grass that went on for miles and walls that almost covered the entire building.

Zidda waited at what looked like a large hanger for planes and jets with a huge window to allow the Spaceship the saiyans would take to enter.

Zidda was an eighteen year old and yet was the owner of Foxx Industries because of her intelligence. She had natural purple long hair tied up in a ponytail and wore small blue glasses. She wore a regular black dress with a big lab coat over it. She was a scientist after all.

After waiting for two minutes, she felt a gust of wind pass through the large window and heard a sound beneath her causing her to shake a bit and fell on the ground.

Just then, she could see a Space Ship becoming visible in front of her eyes.

Still on the ground, Zidda couldn help but admire it.

”Whoa. ”

The Space Ship resembled a plane except twice as large and three times as wide. The main color of the ship was a black metal while the edges of the wings were white in color.

The most iconic part of it was at the middle of both wings, there was a symbol. It looked like a V inside a circle, the top half of the V was black while the bottom half was red. This was the symbol of the Saiyans.

Finally, what she had been waiting for had appeared after the ramp of the ship came down.

Zidda got up to get a better look at them.

”Wow! ” She exclaimed.

Like the King had informed her, there were five of them. Three boys and two girls and they were all the same age as her having just graduated, 18.

The five of them walked down together with the light from the inside of the Spaceship blocking their faces. Their armor were all mostly similiar in design except for one of them who was walking on the extreme left e

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