Saga of the Saiyans

Monster A: The Monsters Combined

The Saiyans arrived at Yin and Yang Island and boy, were they enchanted. The trees had multiple different colors, with different tints and variations from sky blue to coral pink.The small shrubs were also capturing because of the beautiful patterns on the leaves and petals of the flowers. The clouds above also painted a pretty pictures.

”Whoa! ” They exclaimed like a bunch of impressed kids.

They hovered into the air with the help of their energy and spotted some kind of settlement made of simple, fine dark oak wood. The House also seemed to have been made on a long tree with twisted bark and beautiful orange, blue and red leaves. They also sensed only three energy signatures which were definitely human which relieved them.

”Come on! ” Kila said, getting their attention back as they flew towards the settlement at top speed.

While this was going on, the Monsters had already infiltrated the Island and also supressed their energy so the Saiyans couldn detect them. They were currently moving in the strata created by the trees.

”Should we act? ” Monster-X asked and Monster -J yawned.

”No. Let them lead us to the Crystal. ” Monster-Kila answered as they continued to hide and move through the trees.


The Five Saiyans arrived at the settlement and flew up cautiously to the house. Before they could knock on the door, a handsome guy not any older than them opened it for them. His hair was black, his skin fair and was about six foot tall. He wore a jump suit which was mostly orange with black stripes like claws of a beast. He looked like a fighter since he had black gauntlets and boots to match.

”What can I help you wi.. ” when he opened his eyes to get a good look at his visitors, he noticed the armor they were wearing and he recognized their faces. He had seen them before when he went on an errand before.

”Whoa! Saiyans! ” Khris, the man said recognizing them. He had heard them use the name a few times during their battle and put together that they weren regular humans.

”Im… ” Cyrus tried to introduce himself but he was interrupted by Khris.

”I know who you guys are, we saw you a few days ago fighting some sort of humanoid monster. Im Khris by the way… ”

Khris opened the door for them and when they entered, Kila noticed two other men the same age as them sparring with each other in some sort of dojo. The three of them were dressed kind of similiarly. Both were also black-haired, one of them had a black jumpsuit with green stripes while the other had a white jumpsuit and blue stripes of the same pattern.

”These are my mates. Niles.. ” Khris pointed to the one in black and green.

”And Daniel. ” He gestured to the one in white.

e Martial Artists! ” Khris told them.

The Saiyans wanted to ask Khris questions but they became engrossed in Niles and Daniels fight. The punches, kicks and jabs were pretty powerful for a human but the most impressive thing was their use of a special golden power. Yes, they were using energy and were pretty good at it.

After they finished sparring, the Saiyans wanted to ask them questions but Niles read their minds and said calmly.

”We have a mastery of energy. It was taught to us by our master. ” He said.

”So, what brings you guys here? ” Daniel asked, a bit excited by their presence.

Before Kila could answer, the whole house shook slightly as a force hit it.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

From outside, the Monsters created and threw out energy balls towards them consecutively and made the house to crack up.

e looking for some sort of contained power! Do you have anything sacred or something that looks like it holds power? ” Kila asked rapidly, scared for Khris and his friends that the house might collapse with them in it.

”We have that! ” Daniel pointed at a large, round, green crystal attached to the front wall of the dojo area they were in in a special black stone.

The Crystal gave off an illuminescent glow every so often and when it did, a black claw mark would be revealed at the centre of it.

”Our master gave it to us before he passed away! ” Khris quickly explained and another thunderous bang was heard.

”Keep it away from the Monsters and get it somewhere safe! ” Kila told them as she and her own team headed down to go against the Monsters.

”Don worry, the Beasts will take care of it. ” Khris said, referring to himself and his friends as they pulled out the large crystal from the black stone and carried it in their arms. Because of the energy they focused into their muscles, it wasn too hard to carry.

While they got it out of the house and somewhere safe, the Saiyans went up against the Monsters.

They instantly went SSJ 2, wanting to end the battle quickly. Energy balls and Energy Beams were thrown at each other, fists hit fists and kicks hit kicks.

Their battle was violent and the Saiyans took it to the skies.

The Beasts carried the Crystal across the Island and were attempting to keep it in a special cave when a large ball of energy came towards them.

”We have to protect it! ”

The three of them said prepared to counter it with an energy ball of their own. Their energy was almost nothing compared to that of the Saiyans and Monsters so the chances of it being countered were slim.

Instead of hitting them, the energy ball hit the Crystal but it didn break.

Instead, the Crystal gave off a multi-colored smoke around them with the main colors being orange, blue and green.

The smoke merged with the bodies of Khris, Niles and Daniel and the claw mark formed on their chests. After the smoke vanished, two things happened. For one, the Crystal shattered itself and the remains were dragged into the wind.


”What the hell happened to us? ” Khris asked them as they seemed to have transformed into what could only be described as humanoid beasts.

Khris nails grew long and sharp, becoming claws and he also started to have orange fur all over his body and grew a thin, flexible tail. His teeth also became sharper and he had some black whispers on his face but the rest of him was normal. He looked like an anthropomorphic tiger.

Niles and Daniel also went through a similiar transformation except they had the features of a black and green panther and silver wolf respectively.

They all felt a major boost in power and strength. They felt their energy became stronger and an extra power that felt familiar yet strange to them.

They looked up and saw with their increased sense of sight that the battle between the Saiyans and Monsters was still going on and they seemed to be at a standstill.

”Come on. Lets go help them. ” Khris acted like their leader and with their new bodies, they were also able to fly up into the sky which they weren able to do. They used to only be able to float for a few seconds in the air.

* * * * *

Kila and her Monster counterpart threw kicks at each other filled with energy and hit each other back. Kila was bleeding from her forearm slightly and the same went for Monster-Kila after exchanging powerful punches with each other.

Out of nowhere, a wheel covered in spikes made of fire, moving diagonally hit Monster-J and destroyed him completely after erupting him in flames.

”What the.. ” the Monsters were taken aback when they saw three figures with beastly features and the same could be said for the Saiyans. The Beasts didn have fur on their faces so the Saiyans recognized them after having a closer look.

”I didn think that would be so powerful! ” Khris said, thinking of the Spikey Flame Wheel he had created from his bare hands. That was a new power he had obtained from the Crystal called a Beast Move.

”Time to try mine. ” Niles pulled out his arms and clenched his fists which began to glow green.

”Thorn Dagger Strike! ” He said as he released multiple thorns at the same time from his knuckles. They hit their target and Monster-Z was pierced in multiple different parts of his body. The thorns sinked into his body, causing red blood to spill from his body.

He was about to retaliate when Daniel acted too.

”Frost Ball! ” He created a ball of ice from his hands and when they hit Monster-Z, he froze in mid air, his body covered in ice.

The Monsters tried to help their fellow Monster but the Saiyans now outnumbering them, prevented them from doing so.

Khris used his Beast Move again and blew up Monster-Z as well.

Now, there were only the three female Monsters left.

”Aahhhhh!!!!!!! ” Monster-X used her Monsted Scream and disoriented the Saiyans and Beasts for a bit.

”Lets go. ” Monster-Kila opened a portal and the three of them were gone.


”Nice job out there. ” Korra said when they had left the sky and were back inside the house which had suffered damage but was still usable.

The five of them were sitting down on hard couches in what could be called the living room.

The Beasts had tended to their wounds using some special remedies.

”Thanks. ” The Beasts said in unison, having already detransformed by just thinking about it.

The Beasts and Saiyans had learned about each other

Daniel was sipping tea when he got an idea and almost spat it out, thinking about how exciting and awesome it would be.

”Can we help you guys against the Monsters? ” He asked them.

The Saiyans all just turned to Kila, since she was their leader.

”I don know about it. I don wanna point out the obvious but we just met you. ”

”Cmon, Korra. You saw Khris take out two Monsters with one attack. ” Korra said.

”We have to get all the help we can get. ” Jette added.

”Isn it better if we have different kinds of power to combat new enemies. ” Cyrus supported.

”Please, big sis. ” Kardine pleaded too.

”Alright. Alright. They can join our team. ” Kila told them and their eyes sparkled like kids.

The seven of them stood up and grabbed Kila and lifted her into the air and with their combined strength, it was no stress at all.

”What are you guys doing? We
e all 18 for crying out loud. ” Kila smiled as they lifted her into the air and praised her for allowing the Beasts to join them.

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