Saga of the Saiyans

Break out: One on One Smackdown

As they arrived, they noticed the unnatural dark skinned humanoid and Monster X also noticed them as she turned around to face them.

They stood there in silence for a moment until Kardine spoke up.

”Who are you? ” He questioned her.

”The names Monster X and Im going to be the one to take you down. ” She replied with a distorted voice. She threw out her fist which began to glow until she released a massive ball of yellow energy and targeted Kardine.

Kardine reacted by focusing energy through his fists, causing his veins to glow a bright yellow and his arms becoming stronger.


Kardine had punched right through and dispersed the attack.

”Don count on it. Energy Blizzard! ” Jette said as he activated his Special Attack. As a Saiyan, Jette possessed a special technique that was more flexible than the energy ball or the energy beam. So he activated his and a wave of energy left his hands and came towards Monster X.

But his attack was deflected into the sky and when he looked he saw Monster Xs hand pulsing with energy.

”Wow! Thats strong! ” Korra remarked.

This quickly became an aerial battle as they all began to fly in the air. Monster X quickly flew towards Jette and punched him in the stomach and then kicked him to the ground.

”Hiyaa! ” Cyrus exclaimed as he released multiple energy balls towards Monster X but it was stopped by what Monster X called her Monster Move.

She opened her mouth and a sonic scream left ir and distorted the stability of Cyrus energy balls, causing them to disperse. She powered up as high as she could causing a yellow aura to appear around her. She released a huge energy ball which blasted Cyrus to the ground, knocking him unconscious.

” No! Cyrus! Ugh, thats it. Everyone go SSJ 1 and fire! ” Kila ordered. She had been observing Monster X to see what she was capable of and now she knew enough.

”Hm. ” They answered in agreement.

The SSJ 1 transformation was one of their two transformations. It increased their strength and it turned their hair dark red and their aura the same color. They all shot energy beams from their palms but not before scattering into three different positions in the air. But Monster X still had a plan against them.

She activated her Monster Move and when their energy balls came from all around, she screamed while spinning her body disrupting their energy beams. She did more than that, she distorted them and created a large energy beam in her hand and was about to release it but Kila punched it out of her hand when she got close.

Kila attacked her with Star Beam, her Special Attack which was a purple beam of energy filled with multiple tiny energy stars in them which managed to actually do something. It pushed Monster X to the side of a building then Korra performed her own attack.

”Energy Blade! ” Korra created a blade made of energy and threw it towards Monster X but the latter caught it and broke it with her bare hands.

”Huh? ” Korra said in surprise then Monster X sent out three of her Monster Screams which severely damaged Kardine and Jette who were coming in for attack.

”No! ” Korra shouted after witnessing what happened but before she could do anything, Monster X came behind her and hit her with her Scream.

A loud shrieking noise was heard and Korra fell to the ground.


”Oh, no. ” Zidda said. She was still in the base and had been witnessing the fight from her very own satellite. She saw everyone severely injured except for Cyrus who was only unconscious and less hurt than the others.

Seeing this, Zidda used PAML-76, her advanced satellite to teleport the Saiyans out of the place.

”Its up to you, Cyrus. ” Zidda said to herself.


At the great fountain, a large blue beam came from the sky and teleported the Saiyans away, leaving only Cyrus.

”What happened? ” Cyrus woke up from his concussion, he looked around but couldn find Kila, Jette, he couldn see any of his team mates.

”What did you do to my friends?! ” Cyrus exclaimed but Monster X kept silent and just laughed, trying to mess with him which was annoying him as he became even more angry, his veins bulging in rage.

”Answer me! ” He shouted as he walked closer to her since she was no longer flying and now on the ground.

”I took care of them, you don need to worry. Youll be joining them soon. ” She answered with alie and then she released her Monster Scream.

But Cyrus aura began to glow and changed to dark red and then to a lighter green color and saw was his hair.

As the attack came towards him, he lifted his hand and blocked it, then deflected it into the sky.

Cyrus then screamed out in anger and he transformed into SSJ 2.

e ignorant, Ill show you real pain. ” He said.

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