Saga of the Saiyans

Saiyan Power Explodes: The Cross-Starred Move

”Im the Monster version of you. ” Monster Kila answered, then threw an energy ball but Kila raised her hand and threw it towards the sky, deflecting it and causing it to explode in the sky.

”Well take this. ” Kila raised out her other hand and a large yellow star made of energy appeared and out of it, a large beam filled with energy stars were shot out.

”I can do that too. ” Monster Kila created her own Monster Star Beam and a red version of the Star Beam was released.

”Huh? ” Kila felt Monster Kilas attacking pushing hers back.

” Ha! ” A dark red aura appeared around Kila and so did her hair, she had transformed into SSJ 1 and gained more power. The Star Beam became bigger and began to push M. Kilas (Monster Kilas) own away.

* * * *

Meanwhile, a group of Saiyans were having trouble locating Kila.

”Are we lost? ” Jette and Cyrus asked as they had been looking around for Kila for about three minutes and growing impatient.

”No, we
e not. I just have to.. find out where City Square is. ” Kardine answered and Korra sighed.

”Yep, definitely lost. ” Korra said and began to worry.

”What if we don reach there in.. ”

”Guys, is that you? ” The four of them heard a feminine voice in their head that sounded familiar.

”Zidda? ” They all asked.

”Yeah. The tracking devices can also act as communication devices but Kila can seem to hear me. Are you guys lost? ” She asked as she was observing them from what she called her Holo-map room and they weren anywhere near City Square.

”Yeah? We
e lost. Could you give us directions? ” Kardine asked.

”Of course. Just keep going left until you see some sort of tower building then head right, you should see her were no people are. ” Zidda gave them directions.

”Thanks, we can see the tower already. Come on guys, lets go help Kila. ” Korra said as they rapidly flew towards the location.

* * * *

e not the only one who can do that, you know. ” M.Kilas hair became dark red and so did her aura. She had transformed into SSJ 1 and gotten the edge again, pushing Kilas attack away.

”Ha!! ” Kilas energy increased even more as her hair became light green and flew up in the wind and so did her aura. This boosted her strength much more and she pushed back M. Kilas Star Beam away

”Whatever you can do, I can do two better. ” M. Kilas hair also became light green and she transformed into SSJ 2. Her attack became bigger and she started to push Kilas attack away with her increased strength.

Kilas attack began to deteriorate as she began to tire from holding back an energy attack for so long.

”Hey, get away from my best friend. ” Korra said which got the attention of the two Kilas. Korra pressed her hands together which began to glow. When she pulled her hands away from each other, creating a blade made of energy. Korra threw it at M. Kila and succeeded, hitting her in the chest and weakening her.

This gave Kila the opportunity to take control, she released her attack and completely overpowered M. Kilas and blasting her to the ground.

Monster Kila quickly got up and she looked angry. She noticed the Energy Blade still in her chest and she removed it, causing blood to spill but did no damage to herself.

She wanted to teach the person who threw the attack at her a lesson. When she looked up, she saw the five of them with energy concentrated on their fists.

* * * * *

Meanwhile in space, Taurus was watching the battle between M. Kila and Kila and noticed the appearance of the Saiyans.

Seeing this he got slightly angry.

How did they find her? Monster Kila can release a field that makes energy undetectable. Taurus thought and slammed his fist on the side of the ship.

”Aquarius, Gemini, release the others! ” Taurus ordered as he entered the lab room on the ship.

”Right away, sir? ” They answered.

”Finally, some fun. ” Monster-Z smiled.

* * * * *

As the Saiyans circled Monster Kila, a portal opened above Cyrus and out from it, an energy ball was shot out along with four figures coming from the other side.

Cyrus dodged the attack by leaping to the side when Jette had warned him.

When the figures landed, the Saiyans could see Monster-X and the three new Genetic Monsters.

”Haa, MORE Monsters! ” Cyrus shouted in a mix of confusion and anger.

”Its not a problem, Cyrus. ” Kardine smiled, ”That just means its five vs five. ”

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