Saga of the Saiyans

To Yin and Yang Island

”Cyrus…. you
e right? ” Korra finally got up after Kila had been protecting her and at the same time fighting both M. Kila and Monster-Z.

”Kila! ” Korra looked over at her friend and saw she was bleeding all over and a little blood on her mouth but she detected that she still had energy to fight.

”Don worry about me, Ive always had more energy than you guys so Im fine. ”

”We can keep fighting like this, though. We
e losing, badly.

And Korra was right about that.

* *

Jette was getting beaten by Monster-X, every three seconds a shrieking sound was heard as she used her Monster Scream to attack Jette. His ears were bleeding and dripping down to his shoulder, his armor was ruined and he had a major leg injury.

”I can win. Im not strong enough yet. But Im not dying. ” Jette said in between heavy gasps for breath.

”What the hell are you saying? ” Monster-X asked, hearing his whispers as she ran forward with her fist clenched.

”Energy Blizzard! ” With the force of his Special Attack, he moved himself away from her and got to where Korra and Kila were.

”You guys are here too. ” Jette also noticed Kardine and Cyrus who were also equally injured.

He then looked around and saw the Monsters circling them in the air.

”Jette, you
e here now. Its perfect, we have a plan but we need you. ” Korra said.

”Okay. Whatever it takes to take out these guys. ” Jette replied.

”Alright, just follow me. ” Korra, Kardine, Cyrus and Jette dashed forward and started to hover in the air and circle Kila who was working on something.

So far, weve only been able to hurt them with our special attack but its never been strong enough to take them out. Kila thought as she raised her right hand up and began to manifest energy.

They could either dodge, deflect or block it. Their Monster Moves are perfect counters for our Special Attacks.

”Energy Shadow, Three Fold. ” Three energy shadows appeared out of Cyrus and charged out towards Monster-Z.

”Monster Hole! ” A dark red hole in space was created and sucked in all of Cyrus attacks.

”Cyrus, remember to leave some energy. ” Cyrus replied to Kila with a thumbs up.

Also their Monster Moves unlike ours can be used almost infinitely and they barely take breaks between them.

Kila formed what looked like an incomplete Star Beam with only the large energy star in her hand which she dropped down and faced in front of her.

Kardine arrived by Kilas side and did something.

”Energy Fist! ” Kardines Special Attack spoke for itself as he created a large fist made of yellow energy.

The Fist merged with the star, making the star stand above it and constantly spinning.

But if we merge them… Interrupting Kilas thoughts by her presence, Korra arrived by her side and created her Energy Blade.

The Energy Blade mixed with the combined attack, making the knuckles of the fist sharper with spikes and the overall thing became bigger.

Almost immediately after, Cyrus and Jette arrived by Kilas side.

”Energy Shadow! ”

”Energy Blizzard! ”

They threw out their Special Attacks and combined with the combined attack, instead of transforming it, it gained more energy and became powerful.

We can overpower them with it.

”Ha!! ” Kila thrusted her hand forward with the help of the others, recreating what looked like a Star Beam and at the very front, the attack was three times larger than it was before. This was because the Saiyans were still fueling it with every bit of left over energy left. They stopped at one point because if they continued, it would tap into their life energy and kill them.

The attack even though all the Monsters were trying to counter it with their Monster Moves, it still wasn budging.

”Ahh!!!!! ” The attack eventually overpowered them after two full minutes of trying to hold it back and they were blasted into the sky.

After finishing the move, all five Saiyans collapsed on the ground.

”We.. won! ” Kila said and then she gulped after realizing something.

e still alive. ” Kila said and began to feel anger and frustration.

”I bet they
e on their last legs, I don think they
e fighting us any time soon. ” Kardine said which cheered Kila up a bit.

”Cmon guys, lets head back. ” Jette tried standing up but he instantly fell down again.

”Our bodies aren gonna listen to us after pulling a move like that. Just wait a bit, Im sure Zidda will teleport us back. ”

As Korra said those words, Zidda had did just that and using her advanced satellite, the PAML-76, she had teleported them into the Base and helped them into the Healing Room.

”Your bodies are really damaged, but you should heal in about three hours. ” Zidda said as she closed all the Healing Chambers.

From the inside, the Chambers gave off a green smoke that helped to speed up their bodys natural healing capability.

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