Saga of the Saiyans

Ancient Power Returns: Beasts of Mythic Power

When the Cross-Star attack hit the Genetic Monsters, it broke off Monster J and Zs left arms off. But before they could be completely finished off, M. Kila pulled out the Portal Opener and the five of them were teleported.

* * *

The Monsters reappeared back in the Space Ship were Aquarius and Gemini helped them into the Healing Chambers.

”We underestimated the Saiyans, they get stronger quicker than most. The Monsters need an increase in strength. Unfortunately, we don have Noveinium on us so theres no clear way to do this. ” Gemini said to Aquarius which made the latter to stroke his chin or what looked like his chin. It was hard to tell since his face was a bit too round.

”Why don we train them? ” Aquarius reply made his fellow scientist to laugh.

”Are you forgetting that they
e not made of the same matter as us? Their bodies aren capable of evolving past their current strength. We need some outer source of power. ” Gemini reminded him.

Just then, someone walked through from a dark part of the lab. The two Scientists were shocked by his appearance but still bowed to him.

”Master Taurus, we didn see you there. ” They said in unison.

”Don worry about it. You said you need an outside power source, right? Don worry about that, Ill help you to find one. Earth should be full of it. ” Taurus said as he walked towards the door which slid to the left on its own as he walked closer.

”Thank you, Master Taurus. We promise we will not fail you. ” The two scientists said even though Taurus had already left.

~ ~ ~

Three days later, Scorpio marched into the Lab room where he saw Aquarius and Gemini tinkering with the Chambers.

After the two scientists bowed, he walked over to two of the Chambers and grinned.

”Great, they
e fully healed. ” Scorpio said as he looked through Monsters J and Zs chambers whose arms had been regenerated.

”I need them to go to Yin and Yang Island. Taurus detected a powerful energy signature through the Ship and it could be used to increase your powers. ”

Suddenly, a sharp hissing sound was heard as smoke left the Chambers and the Genetic Monsters walked out. They could hear through the Chambers so Scorpio didn need to repeat what he said.

”Yes, Master. ” The Monsters said in unison.

”Here. ” Gemini threw a Portal Opener to them which M. Kila caught.

She then faced it outwards and opened a portal. The coordinates for where the portal would appear was already pre set so she didn have to change anything and the five Monsters went through.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, early in the morning, Zidda rushes to the floor where the Saiyans stayed at.

After opening the door, she saw the boys sleeping.

”Guys, wake up! ” Her voice startled Cyrus and Jette so much that they fell out of their bed.

”Now that you
e awake.. ” Before she could finish her sentence, Cyrus and Jette sluggishly walk back to the bunk bed and start to sleep again.

”Guys! ” She shouted again and then she heard a groan of displeasure from Jette.

”Come on, Zidda. ”

”Don you ever go to bed. ” Cyrus supported Jette.

”Im sorry but theres an emergency. ” Zidda told them and she heard two groans this time.

Kardine got up from bed and wiped his eyes a bit with his arms.

”Well get ready, just give us a while. ” Kardine told her and Zidda nodded in agreement and went over to wake up the girls.

Korra acted the same way as Jette and Cyrus but Kila gave the same answer her brother gave.

After taking a shower, eating breakfast and putting on their spare armor since their last ones were mostly destroyed. They then headed towards the Holo-Map Room where they saw Zidda already staring at one of the computers with a holographic screen.

”Theres a mysterious energy on the outskirts of the city and also a dark energy too. ” Zidda explained without turning around when she felt they had entered the room.

”Its the Monsters, isn it? ” Korra said, not surprised.

”Here are the coordinates. Its on an Island not so far from Silver City with your speed. ”

”Great, got it. Lets go team. ” Kila said and they flew out through the back door.

As they flew out of the Base, they already started to sense the Monsters energy despite the large distance.

After two minutes of flying at maximum speed and heading towards the nearest coast, they were away from the main island and heading towards Yin and Yang Island.

They hovered just above the water and Jette became tempted to try something.

”Ha! ” He used an energy ball to hit the water, causing it to splash all over their faces.

They looked like they were about to hit him which scared him a bit but they just broke into laughter.

”Ha! ” Cyrus blasted Jette with water in the face until the two of them broke into a water fight.

”Kids. ” Korra commented but Kila knew her better.

”You wanna join them too, don you? ” Kila asked her.

”No, I don . ” Korra lied badly.

”Cyrus, Jette, cmon. We have a mission, when we get back we can continue this. ” Kilas words stopped their playing and they continued to fly towards the island.

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