”Damn this protagonist! You got all these girls, and yet you continue to act like that!? ”

Yo, my name is Jason North, and as you can tell, Im currently angry at this harem protagonist here. Ive been reading this novel series since my freshman year of high school. I continued reading even when I have finally graduated college. Sadly, this beloved series of mine is coming to an end.

Surviving my Rebirth in this Hellish New World. From the start, this is a series that had very few readers. It seemed like a generic isekai web novel that weve already seen a bunch of times. And that was true in the beginning. This made the entire fanbase of the small series disappear like magic, except for me. Yes, yes, I know this plot sounds similar to a certain Korean web novel, but trust, its totally different! I was lying on my bed getting ready to read Rebirth as I usually do, I noticed the chapter was titled END.

”This is the final chapter, huh? ”

”Hopefully that asshole of a protagonist actually answers to one of the girls feelings. ”

I clicked on it and began reading. It left off where the last chapter left off, the protagonist, Aaron Leonheart had finally fulfilled his revenge and killed every last relative of the king who betrayed him. This arc was particularly intriguing, it was a part where the hero didn feel like a hero at all. I got to see the pure rage in this guy as he slaughtered numerous guards and nobles alike.

”No remorse whatsoever, eh Aaron? ”

I had grown attached to this character from day one. I had often hated his choices on many matters but one could not help but feel sorry for him. The years of abuse from being from a fallen noble family, being looked down upon by all of Knightford Academy when he enrolled, the betrayals from trusted individuals. Through the course of nearly 1200 chapters, hes experienced some awful things, but t

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