Emma always knew she was Unique. She wasn interested in the typical girl related topics like shopping and makeup, nope that wasn Emma. What she was, she didn know exactly.

Emma loved trees, well nature itself. She loved being outside, it was less constricting that being at home locked in a box, sorry locked in her room.

However this feeling was different from what she felt before, it could be described as the feeling that you get after being bullied for years and finally deciding to stand up for yourself. This was courage Emma thought, maybe it was confidences or maybe, no it was, it definately was self acceptance, nope self realization.

So while girls were interested in boys and applying for university she was more interested in her moms bee farm. She had a rare love for bees and the way they made honey all of which was chiggered after her mom died.

Something about working to achieve what you want without anyone handing it to you was very appealing and this was the definition of the bees world.

”Emma its time for school ” her dad Jason called from the car honking his horn. He had been waiting for about 5 mins for Emma to come out of the house.

Again she was caught up in her bee farm. Something didn sit right with her and she was admiring the Queen bee with distain again. To believe she never working and was just a supervisor and a breeder.

”Im coming dad ” Emma looked at her watch, she didn know when the time had passed. She actually went to the kitchen to take the fruit bowls from the fridge but forgot when she heard a distinctive buzzing come from the farm.

”Emma ” her dad called rather annoyed.

Emma ran from the back yard taking up her bag from the kitchen counter and taking the two fruit plate from the fridge. She always prep the night before. Emma ran through the dining hall closing the door behind her and locking it with her key.

”Emma you are gonna be late. ” Her dad hunk the horn while looking at his daughter on the porch. Truth be told Emma would be early if they left now. He was the one that would be late.

”I know, I know. ” Emma stated knowing the actually truth behind her dad word.

Emma opened the door and got in, she was out of breath even though she wasn running for long. Her dad looked at her, shook his head and started the car. It was a 20mins drive to school and they were running 5mins late. It was safe to say if her dad drove fast enough she would be early.

Emma handed her dad the fruit bowl. He took it and removed a slice of melon before starting the car.

”Why do you do this every morning Emma? ” The tiredness could be heard in Jasons voice.

He missed his wife just as much and hadn dated since the incident 3 years ago. Jason was never interested in the bee farm and even thought about giving the bees away when Emma begged to keep them.

Emma kept quiet. Ever since her mom died of some mysterious cause she was drawn to the bee farm her mom once tended to, it was like some days she couldn spend a minute away from the bees.

Honestly she didn know why, before her mom died she had no interested in the farm. She was an 18 year old just surviving, she wasn living. Now it seemed like something shifted inside her.

”So Ems…how…what have you been up to other than tending to the farm? ” Her dad asked trying to break the ice. Emma had been closed off from her mom (who was literally her best friend) died.

”Nothing much ” Emma hand went towards the stereo, she wasn a fan of small talk and she didn feel like talking this morning.

It was Monday, literally the worst day of school. Emma wished she could skip every Monday but….she became reminisant upon listening the music.

The sweet melody filled the car and surprisingly it was a song that reminded Emma of her mom.

Anytime you need a friend by Mariah Carrie started to play.

Anytime you need a friend

I will be here

Youll never be alone again

So don you fear

Even if you
e miles away

Im by your side

So don you ever be lonely

Love will make it alright

A silent tear slid down Emma faces. Her mom died over 3 year ago but Emma got no closure as her dad wouldn speak about her.

Her dad eyed her sideways as she bought up her hand to wipe the tears. He remembered all the singalong Emma and his wife did in the car while he drove to work. It broke his heart listening to the music and glancing at Emma.

”Emma… ” her dad started not knowing exactly what to say.

”It okay dad ”. Emma rarely got emotional, she hated showing her vulnerability to anyone, she didn even cry at her moms burial so her dad knew that this really affected her.

Jason changes the musical to something more upbeat and Pull up by Koffee started to play.

Jason didn understand the words but Emma started buzzing to the song and Jason hummed accordingly.

By the time they got to school it could be said that Emma was in a much better mood.

”Thanks dad, I love you ” She said and got out before her dad could respond.

There was no point shouting it so Jason would say it in the evening when Emma got home.

Emma was early for school and she sat at the back not trying to draw attention to herself. Sure she felt better but she just wasn in the mood this morning. She took out her phone and shot her boyfriend a quick message.

Emma: Come over later. Am feeling down

Chad: sure thing Ems, see you later. Ill pick you up after school. BTW what time will your dad be home?

Emma: I believe he is working late today. He always works late on a Monday.

Emma closed the chat. A few more student walked in then the bell rang.

Ashley walked in after the bell and the only available seat was in the middle. Since Emma knocked her down from her high horse more student fell confident to sit in the front seat where Ashley usually sat.

Ashley walked towards the middle seat and sat down.

The boy behind her quickly place a pencil standing point up on the seat before she sat.

”For fart sake! ” She jumped up feeling an unusual sensation in her rear.

”We are seniors! Who the f*ck did that?! ” She asked but everyone was holding they stomach laughing.

Who says for fart sake?! And with the abuse that Ashley caused over the year everyone thought she deserved it. They silently praised Emma for standing up to Ashley.

Ashley looked carefully before sitting down again, she would get no where if she told a teacher so all she could do was suck it u

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