This evening, almost none of the people involved in the tsunami were able to close their eyes.

Boss Feng rushed to the southern parts to join Lu Entertainment’s Search and Rescue team overnight.
He decided that if the official authorities gave up on the rescue, he would persuade them to continue no matter what. 

Maritime rescue operations didn’t have an indefinite time frame.
Generally, once the allotted time for the rescue passes, and it is tacitly agreed that survivors are unable to be recovered and corpses cannot be retrieved, the search and rescue mission is stopped.

The boss thought of Luo Xi’s quirk of soaking in water, which she was wild about, and became very confident in her chances of survival.
He firmly believed that lass wasn’t likely to die in the water.  

Suddenly, a roar came from the sky, followed by a penetrating light shining from a distance. 

The boss squinted his eyes, his face filled with surprise, “A helicopter?”

Air traffic control in Hua Xia was very strict.
The take-off, landing, and transport of private helicopters required permission.
Nighttime control was even more stringent.
The sky was completely dark right now.
The person who could get the permission at this time, fly directly over here and have such capabilities…

He recalled one person, and his furrowed brows relaxed slightly. 

Right, the Deserted Island Survival program belongs to Lu Entertainment, so it makes sense for that person to show up after such a big incident.
If it was that person’s capabilities, then he was reassured a little.
As long as he makes his attitude clear, the search and rescue will definitely go faster. 

But that person probably won’t come here in person.
The situation should not be serious enough to require him to attend to the matter personally.
After all, he was in charge of the Lu family.
He always led a secluded life, kept a low profile, and was not fond of noisy places. 

Perhaps, he has dispatched someone here, but it’s unknown who will come.
Will it be the famous secretary-general of Lu Corporation or the head of Lu Entertainment? 

Boss Feng contemplated, but upon seeing the person coming off the helicopter, he immediately swallowed down his guesses. 

Yeah, the big BOSS came in person. 

The man who got off the helicopter was Lu Hao Zhi, the big BOSS of the Lu Group and the current head of the Lu family. 

The well-ironed black suit.
The cuffs that were adorned with precious black gem cufflinks.
Even though it was already late at night, his clothes remained immaculate.
The topmost button on his shirt was fastened, giving off a restrained, chilly vibe.

He was towering, with a figure that was in no way inferior to that of any male model – tall, straight, slender, strong, and elegant. 

In a low voice, Lu Hao Zhi spoke with the person in charge of the rescue.
As he lifted his head and looked over, his pitch-black pupils made boss Feng’s heart clench and he became involuntarily nervous. 

He was obviously a few years younger than boss Feng, how could his demeanor be so overbearing?!

“Boss Feng from Batian Entertainment?” 

Luo Hao Zhi’s voice was a bit low.
It resembled slightly a sound that was produced by a top-quality instrument – so beautiful it was intoxicating. 

“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, Mr.
Lu.” Boss Feng extended his hand to greet him and suppressed his earlier thoughts. 

Bah! Bah! Bah! He wasn’t a woman so why did he think that Lu Hao Zhi’s voice was so good it was intoxicating?!

After the two of them greeted each other, boss Feng learnt that Lu Hao Zhi had come not just to express his attitude, but also to join the search and rescue team.

“I’m going, too!” 

Boss Feng struggled to keep up with Lu Hao Zi.
It wasn’t like just anyone could join the search and rescue team.
If he doesn’t hold Lu Hao Zhi’s big thigh, he would have no other choice but to worry helplessly on the shore. 

The person in charge of the search and rescue team obviously didn’t like amateurs getting in their way.
One “precious” Lu Hao Zhi was enough to give them a headache.
Who the hell was this person who suddenly appeared? 

Boss Feng spoke very considerately, “My artist is only nineteen years old.
I’m extremely worried about her.
Let me accompany you.
I absolutely won’t cause any trouble.
I have taken the marine life rescue examination and I’m a very good swimmer.” 

The person in charge: “…..” 

They were there to save people, not animals! 

However, boss Feng’s worry was not pretended.
There were six guests, but only the boss of Ba Tian Entertainment had come in person.
His kindness made the person in charge’s complexion slightly better. 

“Let him get on the boat.” 

Once Lu Hao Zhi spoke, the matter was settled. 

The person in charge handed boss Feng a life vest and exhorted: “All of your actions must follow orders.” 

Boss Feng nodded quickly. 

Everyone got on the ship and headed out to sea without any delay.
The military’s search and rescue mission had started even sooner than them.
So far, no one had been found.
They had only managed to evacuate the production crew from the other island. 

Staring at the vast sea, boss Feng kept muttering to himself: “Nothing must happen to you.
After you come back alive, you can soak in the swimming pool however you want.
I will never force you to sleep on the bed again…..”

The person in charge next to him who suddenly heard his words, “…..”

Holy shit, no wonder the boss showed so much concern and came in person.
He takes care of his artist in such a way he took her to bed. 

As the person in charge thought about boss Feng’s age, the gaze he cast him turned chilly.  

Tsk, scum.
He could be that little girl’s uncle and yet he slept with her. 


The nurse shark cheerfully took Luo Xi southward.
Luo Xi communicated with ‘sob sob sob’ in her mind and used this communication to determine its direction and distance. 

Once Luo Xi reached the surface of the sea, she patted the nurse shark.
The big guy affectionately rubbed against her and began to descend. 

Fifty meters, one hundred meters, one hundred fifty meters, two hundred meters…..

Compared to the aftermath of the tsunami still felt on the surface of the sea, it was much quieter under the sea.
There were numerous creatures, such as coral reefs, and shellfish, and from time to time, one could see a shoal of fish quickly swimming away in a panic because of the nurse shark. 

It was a pity that most people didn’t have the opportunity to see such beautiful scenery.
The light could not penetrate into a such deep area, so they would only see pitch blackness. 

However, Luo Xi was not subject to this restriction.
A golden gleam flashed in her eyes and everything in the sea became clear to her.
The deeper she swam, the better she could see the fuzzy black shadow on the bottom of the sea.
It was not small in size.
Obviously, this shipwreck was a big one. 

The guy who was stuck in the shipwreck felt Luo Xi’s approach and became excited, sobbing: “I’m over here.
Over here.

Luo Xi: “…which way?” 

‘I’m at the back, at the rear of the shipwreck, stuck in a crack there! Sob, It’s dark and cramped here, I’m so scared….’ 

 Luo Xi: “…..” 

She thought that this fellow must have been in the water for too long and had damaged its brain.
It was such a difference from his previous sage-like behavior of a charlatan.

Luo Xi swam to the back of the sunken ship and searched carefully. 

If it were someone who understood military affairs, they would undoubtedly exclaim.

It was a battleship with a damaged body.
From its appearance and structure, it seemed to be a model from decades or even a century ago.
When one associated together its historical background, serial number, and name on the ship, it was undoubtedly a ship that had plundered Huaxia’s ships back in those days.
However, no one knew why it was sunk here.

The shipwreck was lying sideways on the bottom of the sea.
Its inside was obviously loaded with cargo.
When the vessel wrecked, due to the unbalanced weight, its body tilted to starboard and then sank. 

Corpses that had already turned into bones were scattered on the hull and its surrounding.
Tattered clothes hung on the skeletons, and one could vaguely discern that they were military uniforms belonging to a certain nation decades ago. 

The inside of the vessel crack was dark.
Luo Xi could see clearly that the cabin was packed with piled-up boxes.
The boxes should be loaded with the riches looted from Huaxia back then. 

Luo Xi swept them a glance but wasn’t interested in exploring the treasure inside.
She stroke the rear of the ship.
There were many cracks.
Who knew where that fellow was stuck?

When her hand came in contact with one of the cracks, she heard that fellow’s ecstatic sob. 

I’m underneath.
Quickly, pull me out.’ 

Luo Xi stretched her hand inside the crack and suddenly felt a pain on her fingertip as if something had bitten her and was trying to make its way into her body through the wound. 

Luo Xi close her spread palms and her two cold fingers quickly gripped that thing, making it unable to move.
She pulled out her hand but didn’t see what had bitten her.
She heard a stream of shrieks in her head. 

‘Ah, ah, ah! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Quickly let go.
Let go.
You’re going to squeeze me to death!’ 

Luo Xi: “…….”

Luo Xi smiled and squeezed it fiercely, “Since you have the guts to bite me, then don’t scream.” 

’Sob……I just wanted to eat a little bit…..’

The lissom thing raised its head.
It was as thin as the chopsticks and as long as a palm, with glittering golden color covering it from head to toe.
It had scales and claws that grew under its abdomen, a head resembling a camel, and antlers on its top that looked like those of a deer.
Beard adorned each side of its lips. 

Luo Xi tilted her head and pondered for a moment.
This appearance was somewhat familiar to her.
After she had come to this world, she would often see it in some places, and it was regarded as an iconic totem.

“…dragon?” She spoke with hesitation, as it did resemble one, but wasn’t it too different in size? 

The Little Golden Dragon twisted a little.
Realizing that it couldn’t escape, it immediately replied obediently: “My name is Zu Log.
I am the last remnant of human wisdom on the Asmana planet.”  

Luo Xi: “…..”

Zu Long seemed to be the ancestor of the dragon clan in Huaxia’s records, a creature from legends.
Even this kind of appearance did not exist on Asmana planet.
Yet, this fellow was born on the Asmana planet.
In that case, what was the relationship between its previous world and the Huxia world? 

The pronunciation of her name in Chinese was Luo Xi, a name with a deep Huaxia flavor.
After being picked up by Batian Entertainment, the boss checked her registered permanent residence.
In the system, her surname was Tang, which was pronounced exactly like Asmana in her world. 

As for why she had an identity on Earth, she didn’t know in the past.
But now, as she saw this dragon, what could not be understood? She reckoned that it was done by this dragon. 

The Little Golden Dragon blinked its black bean-like eyes and asked in an utterly pure and innocent voice: “Can you let me go first? I know you have a lot of questions, and I can slowly explain them to you.” 

He secretly glanced at Luo Xi’s fingertips.
Oh dear, it stopped bleeding.
He didn’t take a sip of it yet! It was indeed a siren’s blood.
He had just drank a few drops and it already made him feel much better. 

Luo Xi chucked with sarcasm and went to squeeze him back into the crack. 

The Little Golden Dragon was dumbfounded.
Why wasn’t she playing by the book?

After being squeezed back into the dark crack again, he became so anxious that even his voice turned high-pitched, “You, you, you cannot do this to me.
Without me, you’d have died a long time ago! It was me who brought you to Earth!” 

“Bring me to Earth so that I can be your food stock? On Asmana, you couldn’t enter the sea so you kept calling me.
It was to eat me, wasn’t it?” 

Luo Xi asked leisurely and then advised him with a buzz phrase from Huaxia: “Anyone who confesses gets treated with leniency, anyone who withholds the truth gets treated harshly.”

Little Golden Dragon: “…..sob.” 

This siren was so cold and heartless.
What’s more, she was unusually hard to deceive! 

The Little Golden Dragon cried pitifully.
Luo Xi let him cry with a poker face.
This culprit had swept her into this world.
She was almost crushed to ashes by the Law, and it was all thanks to this fellow. 

The Little Golden Dragon peeked at Luo Xi while crying.
The big head of the nurse shark suddenly moved over as if dissatisfied that this lissom and slippery thing in front of him attracted Luo Xi’s whole attention. This content belongs to, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

It opened its mouth against the small crack, revealing two rows of its sharp teeth, as if in a silent threat. 

If you dare to strive for affection with me, I’ll eat you.

The Little Golden Dragon was furious that he was threatened by a primitive life form.
Yet, that siren was heartlessly siding with that big-headed shark and even touched it approvingly. 

With no other way out and afraid that it would be left behind, the Little Golden Dragon sobbed and sniffled and started to talk. 

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