The boat rented by the production crew sailed to the South Sea.
However, the atmosphere abroad was strange.
As a fresh trainee in the entertainment industry, after all the guests boarded the ship, Luo Xi was led by the boss to greet the seniors.
Each guest who saw Luo Xi involuntarily swept a glance at Li Mo’s place. 

They sighed inwardly that Li Mo was probably going to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it1.

They were all from the same circle hence they were clear about Li Mo’s past association with Ba Tian Entertainment.
Back then when it was revealed that Ba Tian Entertainment was treating its artists harshly and Li Mo took the opportunity to change the company, it seemed to be reasonable. 

However, this excuse could only deceive those fans and people not familiar with the industry.
The veterans knew well that Ba Tian Entertainment has offended someone a few years ago and was given a hard time by them. 

Flying separately in the face of disaster was nothing surprising.
It was enough that others used this chance to change employers.
Li Mo, however, was Ba Tian Entertainment’s backbone at that time.
All the company’s resources were used to support her.
Even Li Na who was in the same group as she was willing to become her stepping stone. 

From an unknown ordinary person to become famous.
Her “Porcelain doll” title, her public persona, her diehard fans – these were all built by Ba Tian Entertainment.
At that time, morally speaking, anyone could dump Ba Tian Entertainment, just not Li Mo. 

Of course, morality couldn’t feed you. 

Just, even if she had to leave, she should have parted ways as friends.
She should not have made false allegations and have her photo of running out of Ba Tian Entertainment with red eyes as if being mistreated by them taken.
Also, she should not have let Ba Tian Entertainment being condemned by the media outlets and fans.
This matter became the final straw that crushed the company. 

This time as Li Mo brought her former employer the Ba Tian Entertainment’s newcomer to participate in the filming, everyone in the industry was watching the fun as well as gossiping about the reasons why Li Mo started feuds with Ba Tian Entertainment back then.
It has been for several years.
Why did she insist on destroying them? 

But from the look of the current situation, it was hard to say who would destroy who. 

The boss led Luo Xi to greet everyone.
When it was Li Mo’s turn, he laughed and said to Luo Xi: “This is Li Mo.
Back then, she’s debuted from our company.
You need to properly thank her as she had selflessly given you the opportunity to join the filming.
She was also willing to act as a green leaf2 that would provide a backdrop to you.
You have to take your best shot.” 

The boss and Li Mo’s relationship has turned very sour at the time.
Since they were both from the same industry he didn’t bother to maintain the charade and threw out the meaningful words.  

Do you want to destroy them the Ba Tian Entertainment? 

Thank you for being so generous! 

The other guests who were watching the fun thought that no matter what Luo Xi would smooth the boss’s words.
Even if she didn’t, she wouldn’t offend Li Mo for Ba Tian Entertainment’s sake. 

Yet, no one expected that the fresh newcomer would nod her head and say with the somewhat absent mind: “Thank you.
I’ll work hard.” 

Those old foxes from the entertainment industry blinked their eyes in astonishment.
How long has it been since they saw such a frank newbie? Isn’t she afraid that Li Mo would make life difficult for her? Compared with connections and influence, Li Mo who has established her foothold as an A-lister was much more powerful than the current Ba Tian Entertainment. 

If Li Mo wanted to fix a newcomer, Ba Tian Entertainment absolutely won’t be able to protect the person.
Isn’t this newbie foolish, to not think of her own future and instead offend Li Mo like this for sake of her company? 

Could it be the so-called “They who fear nothing”? 

How could there be such a silly sweet white3? This must be definitely an “open thank but secret mockery”.
She was blatantly taunting Li Mo in order to butter up her company. 

Li Mo was furious.
She pushed Luo Xi aside and entered the lounge.
While brushing past her, she snorted and uttered: “Then work hard and let me see.
Don’t think that your road will be clear just because of that face of yours.
The entertainment industry is not as simple as you think.” 

Once her words fell, she went to the lounge with her chin raised. 

The pushing made Luo Xi recover from her daze.
She turned her head to look at the boss: “Why is she angry?” 

Luo Xi didn’t know anything about Li Mo and Ba Tian Entertainment’s grudges and past.
Not to mention the confrontation just now was mixed with complex games within interpersonal interaction. 

The most important thing was that she seemed to hear a familiar call just now.
That faint ethereal voice that brimmed with an air of a charlatan made her unable to pay attention to the boss and Li Mo’s confrontation.
Her mind was filled with questions about whether that thing has also escaped to the Earth.

The last time she heard this voice was on the planet of Asmana. 

All refreshed, the boss patted her and encouraged: “It’s nothing.
She was just very touched when she saw your exceptional natural endowments.
You have to show your gratitude for her patronage by doing your best.
Don’t forget that the swimming pool is waiting for you.” 

The onlookers: “…….”

Shameless, too shameless. 

The person was already driven away by you.
Why are you two still singing a duet4.

As it turns out, this was Ba Tian Entertainment’s way of doing things.
No wonder that they were given such a hard time a few years ago.
They were too cheap. 

Additionally, what sort of gag was the swimming pool? A new punchline? 

There was still some distance to the deserted island which was set to be the place of the filming by the production crew.
The wind was strong on the sea.
After having enough of watching the fun, the group of people entered the cabin. 

Luo Xi tilted her head and looked at the south direction afar.
There was only endless seawater.
Occasionally, a few seabirds would sweep past at low above the sea.
The bluish-green waves covered a large area.
There was no anomaly whatsoever.

She pondered over it and then push the voice to the back of her mind. 

Back in the planet of Asmana, she was already used to ignore that fellow.
Nowadays, she simply pretended to not have heard him.  

As if sensing her thoughts, the faint ethereal voice was laced with an ounce of anxiety.
To the end, it even carried a sob and began to cry tearfully.
The voice went on and off and it was filled with grievance and resentment, as well as a trace of anger. 

Damn, this fish is still so heartless! 

On the coast of the South Sea, there was an uninhabited island near the open sea.
This was the southernmost part of Huaxia’s5 territory.
Further south from the place was Southeast Asia. 

The production crew of 《Deserted Island Survival》originally intended to record the show in Southeast Asia.
The area covered many islands which provided more options to choose from.
Unfortunately, these days it was not very peaceful over there.
Due to security considerations, they had ultimately chosen this island in the South Sea. 

Though this island was called a deserted island, it wasn’t a wasteland.
It just didn’t undergo land development.
This place belonged to a tropical climate region with dense vegetation.
There was no shortage of wild tropical fruits.
Additionally, the island also had a small lake that was formed by the rainwater that has been accumulated for years. 

This was enough to show the production crew’s diligence in investigating and selecting a suitable site.
There was fresh water as well as wild fruits.
No matter how stupid were the guests, it should be not a problem for them to hold on for three days and two nights. 

There were also some creatures on the island, such as bugs, lizards, snakes, seabirds, and so on.
The production crew has carried out an inspection.
There were not many snakes and they were basically non-venomous.
Even if they were, they were only mildly venomous, not lethal. 

Furthermore, the snakes occupied only a small rainforest area on the island with the most luxuriant vegetation.
They don’t come out easily.
As long as the guests were right in their mind didn’t go to look for the snake’s trouble, they basically won’t encounter them. 

《Deserted Island Survival》was in essence a program that possessed certain risks.
Those who watched the show were clear about the potential dangers.
Also, these dangers were one of the selling points of the show.
The audience enjoyed watching exactly this sort of excitement.  

The boat of the production crew transported the guests to the deserted island and distributed water, lighter and military knife to each of them. 

A golden ball, which had a size of a palm, was flying by the side of each guest.
They were the latest R&D product of the MAX company.
These remote-sensing flying cameras weren’t yet released on the market.
They did not require any manual manipulations and will follow and film the guests throughout these three days and two nights.

The technicians sent by MAX company explained the manipulation of these remote-sensing flying cameras to the guests.
During these three days and two nights, there will be moments when the guests will need some privacy.
At such time, the guests will have to turn off the cameras by themselves. 

When it came to their privacy, no one wanted to be filmed while doing their businesses, hence the guests listened carefully.

Only Luo Xi….she didn’t understand what was being said at all!

Technologies that once existed on Asmana planet were more advanced than those on Earth.
Unfortunately, the humans who controlled such technologies have long been extinct.
As a siren who was born in the sea and has never stepped on the shore, all of her knowledge about modern technologies came from that particular Ba Tian Entertainment’s building. 

In the short period of one week, she has only learnt how to use basic life appliances.
However, when it came to this kind of professional camera, moreover a brand new technology, she could not make sense of it. 

Luo Xi glanced quietly at others.
She adjusted the expression on her face and then assumed the same serious attitude as other guests.
With a composed smile, she listened to the chatter of the professional technical staff. 

It didn’t matter that she was unable to make sense of what’s been said.
She just needed to pretend to understand.
Boss has said, she had to maintain her image.
She mustn’t lose their face. 

Luo Xi stood among the guests, her gaze fully focused.
Her attitude would have received a full mark. 

She maintained her tiny smile and listened to the gobbledygook while thinking that she just needed to hold on and it will be over soon.  

In the end, the technical staff from MAX company seemed to be Li Mo’s fans.
Since it was their first time coming in close proximity with their idol, they couldn’t hold back their excitement and kept on babbling, wishing they could speak about their professional knowledge all over again.
They were brimming with the desire to express themselves. 

Once that stream of professional terminology burst out, Luo Xi’s “fully focused gaze” began to drift more and more.
Deep bewilderment was buried in those eyes of hers. 

The other guests had a keen interest in these autonomous flying cameras that though were not yet released on the market were already appreciated by many veteran tech bosses.
Putting all the other things aside, just this design equipped with a high-tech feeling alone made people feel it was particularly awesome. 

It was said that MAX company’s technology was ten years ahead of the industry.
Now it seems that these words were not a brag. 

To be able to access this new technology earlier than those clamoring group of people outside, even if the rest of the people present didn’t understand well this hi-tech, they still zealously exchanged words with technical staff.
If it was not for being prohibited to bring a mobile phone while filming the program, they would have already taken out their phones to take a photo and posted it on their WeChat moments6 to show off. 

As a siren who has always been a lone wolf, Luo Xi absolutely couldn’t understand their mentality. 

To avoid appearing out of place, when the technical staff asked her whether she learnt to manipulate it, she nodded her head while her face showed a particularly reassuring cleverness.

When the man who was the only guest that didn’t join others in the front saw the scene, his lips twitched.  

The man was one of the guests of this program, a genius songwriter and music producer, Gong Xu from Gong Household.
He was talented, handsome, and rich.
He carried much more authority in the entertainment industry than Li Mo.
The production crew felt that they have hit big luck since they were able to invite him to the show. 

He already saw this thing from MAX company hence he didn’t bother to join others and patiently waited.
However, as soon as he turned his head, he saw that newbie. 

Gong Xu’s eyes were always sharp.
He was naturally able to see that this newbie was unable to make sense of what has been told to her. 

Girls were rarely interested in things related to science and technology.
It was not a big deal that they didn’t understand.
Like Li Mo, asking a few more questions and figuring out the simplest way of its manipulation would do. 

Now, look at her.
She obviously didn’t understand at all, yet her pretense was particularly convincing.
Was she not afraid that something would go genuinely wrong during the filming? 

If this happened to other newbies, even if they weren’t interested in the machine, they would still make a few more inquiries.
At least, they would get more screen time.
After all, this flying item started to film them as soon as they got off the boat. 

She had quite a steady personality.
She didn’t have a newbie’s fickleness and eagerness to climb up the ladder.
Ba Tian Entertainment’s induction training was quite well done.
Coupled with a good-looking face… was not impossible for her to get popular. 

Gong Xu contemplated indifferently.
Unfortunately, he was unable to tell how beautiful was that face.
As a person who suffered from severe face-blindness, he distinguished people by their voices. 

He arrived late, so he took another boat to join them on the island.
He didn’t hear this newbie talk much.
Only that once just now when she expressed that she has learnt it.
Her voice was quite pleasant. 

The clean and pure voice of hers accentuated a bit the last syllables.
She softly “uhm-ed”.
It was like a tiny whisper of soft words seeping into one’s heart.
Yet, it also resembled a small hook.
It had a sort of natural quality to unconsciously tease people.  

Her voice sounded very comfortable.
He wondered how it would sound if she sang. 

Gong Xu zoned out a bit. 

Translation notes:

[1] Try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it is a Chinese idiom that means try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off

[2] Green leaf can also refer to an actor/actress playing a supporting role 

[3] Silly sweet white is a term Chinese netizens created for a woman who has characteristics of a  silly naive girl.
White refers to “naive and simple” quality of a girl while “sweet” is her essential impression on other people

[4] Singing a duet is a Chinese phrase that means to collaborate with each other to put up a two-man comic show

[5] Huaxia is referred to an old name for China 

[6] This part refers to Moments section of WeChat which has similar function as facebook where friends can view your posts

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