When that voice started again to bawl at the top of its lungs, Luo Xi finally replied in her mind. 

【Shut up.】

The soft voice was startled as if not expecting a response from her.
The sobbing abruptly halted, followed by a hiccup from stifling the bawl.

Luo Xi: “……”

You’re mean to me.
You’re actually mean to me.
You’re actually being mean to me.
I’m so pitiful.
Hick-sob, sob, sob.’ When that voice recovered, it seemed to have flown into a rage out of humiliation and subsequently used its weeping to conceal this fact. 

Its IQ was indeed not high.
Is it time to be talking about this? What was its main point? It has disturbed her with its cries for so long, yearning wholeheartedly for her to seek it out.
At this time, shouldn’t it be getting down to business?   

【Where are you?】Luo Xi interrupted its self-pity. 


【Southward where?】

‘At sea bottom…..ship….come to look for me….sob….’

The soft and delicate voice became weaker and weaker.
After its words fell, the whole world quietened following a sizzling sound that resembled a poor reception. 

Southward, sea bottom, the ship? 

A shipwreck? 

Luo Xi thought about the approximate location.
Further to the south, those areas seemed to be nearby other countries.
What’s more, it was in sea bottom…..

So troublesome. 

She turned her head to glance at the golden ball that was filming her.
She put that fellow’s matter on the back burner. 

Anyway, it has already waited for so long.
Waiting for a bit longer was nothing. 

At 3 or 4 PM, the six people on the deserted island strolled out of the inner island. 

Each person carried quite a few vines.
Those slightly dry ones could be used as firewood to set up a fire.
Those soft and fresh ones, after going through some grinding, may be woven into a hammock.
They can thus resolve the sleeping issue.  

It was currently a scorching summer.
It could be considered an enjoyment sleeping on the hammock by the sea.
It was way better than lying on the beach. 

The party sat in a circle.
While the sky was still bright, they were learning from Li Wei how to weave hammocks. 

This job could be regarded as craftmanship.
There was no way the current youngsters would be familiar with this.
Fortunately, Li Wei was a southerner who grew up by the sea.
At least, he had a general idea of how to weave the hammock.
After several tries, he became decent at it. 

Gong Xu grabbed the vines but did not set about the task as Mo Nan took up his share. 

Xie Ze wove slowly.
It had only the rudiments of the hammock. 

The fastest learner was Li Mo.
She was skillful with her hands.
After a few attempts, she has grasped the gist of it.
Her weaving actually looked a lot better than Li Wei’s. 

Li Mo cast a sidelong glance at Luo Xi, “Do you want me to teach you? I’ll teach you how to weave in exchange for fish you catch.” 

Luo Xi tugged at the wine that was almost crumbled into a ball by her and lifted her head, “Ah? I’m good.
I’ll sleep on the ground at night.”

After a short sleep, she can go to soak in the sea.
How wonderful. 

Li Mo: “…….” 

Li Mo gritted her teeth.
She turned around and snorted.
“Do you think that I care about your fish?” 

As soon as her words fell, her stomach made a gurgling sound. 

The whole place quietened.
Mo Nan slowly turned his face toward Gong Xu, for fear that he would burst into laughter. 

He could tell that it wasn’t that Li Mo didn’t want to eat fish at noon.
Simply because it was being caught by Luo Xi, she didn’t want to owe her due to this.
At the moment, she has finally come up with a method of how to be even, yet……

“Are you hungry?” Luo Xi’s eyes lit up.
She threw away the vines and stood up.
“You don’t need to put yourself to such troubles.
I will catch a fish for you to eat.” 

As she spoke, she turned to walk toward the sea. 

As others watched her back, they felt that her back was emanating a tinge of cheerfulness and delight. 

After experiencing the nurse shark sending a fish at the noon, Li Wei and the party learnt that Luo Xi was not only a good swimmer but also had an inexplicable animal affinity.
They worried a bit less about her wanting to go to sea again. 

Li Wei raised his voice and admonished Luo XI to pay attention to her safety.
When he turned his head, he saw Li Mo’s face being flushed up to her ears.
He could not help but comfort her with few words. 

“Xiao Tang1 this girl has a quite straightforward and good-natured personality.
She’s still a child.
If you don’t make yourself clear, she probably won’t understand you.
I think she is truly not interested in the hammock.
The wines were almost crumbled to mush by her.
She didn’t have any other meaning.
You see.
When she saw you being hungry, didn’t she happily go to the sea to catch fish for you? She still cares about you.
There are only a few of us on the island.
Everyone is helping each other.
There is no need to be even on everything.”  

Li Wei was her senior.
He was skilled at comforting others.
Li Mo gradually calmed down.
His words seemed to have sunk in. 

After only a short while, Luo Xi came back while carrying a greenish-brown colored and oval-shaped flat-looking fish. 

This fish was obviously not the tuna they saw at the noon.
It wasn’t as big as tuna but it looked like the ordinary-sized fish they usually ate.
Approximately two pounds.
It had stripes and spots on the surface of its body. 

Luo Xi handed the fish to Li Mo.
She tilted her head and asked: “Is it enough? If not I will go catch another one.” 

Li Mo’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions.
Perhaps, she has truly thought too much.
Her past grudges with Ba Tian Entertainment should not implicate this newbie. 

Li Mo felt a bit depressed.
This newcomer’s appearance was too threatening.
On top of that, when they were on the ship, she was dissed by the boss of Ba Tian Entertainment.
She was restraining her anger as she wanted to what this newbie was capable of. 

In the end, the other person couldn’t care less about the things she was concerned about.
When Li Mo faced such a beauty that defied the natural order, and the other party was showing her goodwill with sparkling eyes, she recalled that Tang Luo Xi was only nineteen years old.
No matter how big was her anger, it has already dissipated. 

That was enough! What was there to bicker with a child? 

Li Mo took the fish and smiled at Luo Xi for the first time.
She said gently: “It’s enough.

When Luo Xi heard it, her sparkling eyes were filled with disappointment, “Will such a small fish do?”

At the noon, she has dived for a bit longer in the sea and made others’ faces pale with fright.
This time, she controlled her time and scoped it so that human beings won’t be startled.
For this reason, she specifically caught a fish that was much smaller than before. 

She thought that if it wasn’t enough for them to eat, she could go to sea several more times.
Together, the time she spent soaking would be longer than at the noon. 


Luo Xi couldn’t refrain herself and added: “Don’t be polite.
I can catch much more of them.” 

Li Mo crouched and started to clean up the fish.
When she looked at Luo Xi, her gaze became even more gentle: “I’m not polite with you.
It’s truly enough for me to eat.” 

Upon seeing Luo Xi’s downcast expression, Li Mo was somewhat puzzled.
Why was this child so sincere? Could it be that she was particularly fond of helping others? 

She looked at fish and then at Luo Xi.
She suggested tentatively: “How about you ask others whether they’d like to eat fish?”  

When Luo Xi heard those words, her eyes lighted up again.
She swept a glance at Mo Nan and the party and asked eagerly, “Do you want to eat fish? This fish is very delicious.” 

Everyone: “…….”

Gong Xu seemed to have understood something.
He chuckled: “It’s indeed quite delicious.
Grouper is very enjoyable when steamed.
Although we don’t have such conditions, it’s not a bad idea to grill it.” 

Every time he said something, Luo Xi nodded her head.
She waited expectantly for him to say those most important words. 

Gong Xu teased her enough.
He drew his words and said: “In that case, how about we eat for dinner this….”

Before he could finish his words, suddenly, the earth started to quake. 

Everyone was alarmed. 


“Does an island also experience an earthquake?”  

“It’s an underwater earthquake!”

The whole island shook violently.
The coconuts dropped down from the coconut trees with rattles.
Fortunately, it was located quite far away from their place so people were not hit by it. 

In order to make hammocks everyone moved to the spacious and empty beach.
The sand on the soft beach jumped from the movements.
After a few minutes, the violent earthquake gradually subsided. 

Xie Ze was anxious, “Why is there an earthquake? Didn’t the production crew conduct an on-the-spot investigation in advance?” 

Mo Nan was amused by his words: “Even if they did investigation they could not have possible found about the underwater earthquake.
If they truly could find it beforehand, the production crew would have changed their occupation to Earthquake Administration.” 

Gong Xu: “………” He wondered whether this person was happy-go-lucky or level-headed. 

Everyone looked at the direction of the sea.
Because of the underwater earthquake, the calm sea surface was displaced by large tides.

Luo Xi said very slowly: “After the underwater earthquake, there will be a tsunami.”  


Everyone’s heart sank.
Judging from the degree of violent quake just now, the epicenter was not far from their place.
If it truly triggered the tsunami, it won’t be a small-scale one.
This deserted island will be certainly affected. 

The worst part was that this island was not big.
Could they truly avoid the tsunami on this deserted island? 

“After this incident, the production crew will surely dispatch a boat to pack us up.
The filming will be likely temporarily halted.” 

Li Mo was a bit worried.
She was afraid that the tsunami will come too soon and the production crew will be also in danger, unable to tend to them. 

Li Wei sought everyone’s opinion on whether to wait for the production crew on the beach or to retreat to the inner island for safety first. 

Li Wei suggested to wait and see.
Not every earthquake will trigger a tsunami.
Maybe there will be none this time. 

Gong Xu raised his eyebrow.
He directly asked Luo Xi: “What do you think?” 

Luo Xi pointed at the already rising sea, “Tsunami.
It’ll arrive very soon.” 

Gong Xu nodded, “Let’s retreat to the inner island.” 

Li Wei couldn’t swim.
Xie Ze was so so.
He wasn’t sure about Li Mo.
But as a girl, her stamina was certainly not high. 

Gong Xu bent down and pulled apart the vines for the hammock.
He told everyone to wrap it around their waist, preferably if they could attach it to each other.
It was to avoid everyone being flushed away when the tsunami hits them. 

He only hoped that the tsunami won’t be too large-scaled and hiding in the inland will be enough to avoid it. 

The six people attached themselves with vines like a stream of calabashes and quickly headed into the inner island. 

Translation notes:

[1] Xiao(“小” – small, little) is a suffix often used for people who are your juniors

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