“This dragon has long left.” Lou Muge said, “Fifty years ago, the citizens of Shan’an made swords to capture and kill this dragon that was lying underwater.
Unexpectedly, they angered him.
The dragon called the wind and rain and caused floods, then the people of Shan’an City turned to the Water Goddess.
It’s not clear whether the dragon was no match for the Water Goddess, or he had had enough trouble, but he left anyway.”

        “The Shan’an citizens are really proficient at finding themselves a doorway to death.” Wen Changchu shook his head and sighed.

        “The strange disease in the city has another cause.
I don’t know what’s the curse they are talking about.” Lou Muge sat down paralyzed and grabbed the grass on the ground, “This is too troublesome.
What a headache.”

        “I remember.” Wen Changchu smiled and said, “I overheard something when I was following them.”

        Lou Muge gave him an approving look: “Speak quickly.”

        “Everyone in the city who has suffered from that kind of blind disease is over 50 years old…”

        Before he could finish, Lou Muge interrupted, “Then what about that brother of the Tao family?”

        Wen Changchu choked, “It’s true.
80% of them are bullshit, then!”

        Lou Muge waved his hand: “Forget it.
Let them work blindly.
Let’s go back first.
We have one more thing to do.”

        In just a few words, the water stains on his body were completely dried, and his whole body was warm.
After wearing cotton padded clothes, the three went back together.

        Lou Muge was worried about Uncle Zhao next door whose eyes had begun to blur, as Chang Anning said yesterday.

        It was really a coincidence.
When they went back, they heard that another person was afflicted by the strange disease and was making trouble in the street.
Lou Muge and others hurried to squeeze away the people on the inner and outer floors.
They saw a man bound tightly, rolling on the ground and screaming hoarsely. 

        Clamorous comments erupted from the expectators, and every word that came out of their mouths was tinged with fear.

        Next to the man stood Zhang Rong, Ze Wan, and Ze Qian.
There was also a granny and a woman, hugging each other and crying, next to two young men.

        One of them knelt down to Zhang Rong, Ze Wan, and Ze Qian and begged, “Dear Immortals, save my father! My father has never done anything bad in his life! How can it be his turn?”

        “Indeed, this Elder Zhao is simple and honest, and I have never seen him think badly in his life.”

        “What a poor guy, ah…”

        “Could it be that the more kind-hearted people suffer more?!” The crowd kept talking, staring at Zhang Rong and his company, as if wanting to see how they would handle it.

        Zhang Rong frowned, but Ze Qian said what was on his mind, “There is no demonic energy.
Where exactly does the strange disease come from?”

        “God King, let’s save this man first.” Ze Wan looked at the man who kept rolling on the ground unsympathetically.

        The elder let out an ear-piercing roar, his face overflowing with angry grimace.
His eyes were completely devoid of the pupils, and the white piece became more and more horrible to look at.

        Light condensed on Zhang Rong’s palm, and it shrouded the man.
The light circulated around him, and finally entered the man’s brows.
The man immediately stopped struggling, closed his eyes and fainted.

        The man covered with sludge was carried back to the house by his two sons.
Most of the remaining people scattered.
A few people around Zhang Rong and his company kept chattering endlessly, so Lou Muge took the opportunity to leave.

        “It’s really strange.
Who exactly is doing the trick without revealing a single flaw?” Lou Muge squatted on the roadside, unable to understand how.

        This Shan’an City was too clean.
There was no trace of evil.
It was because it was too clean that it had become the biggest problem for several people.

        Ning Shaosi walked to his side and squatted down, looking at him sideways.

        When Wen Changchu saw him as mute as a fish, he tried to squeeze him away.
However, instead of elbowing Ning Shaosi aside, Wen Changchu planted himself into a snow pit.
He angrily straightened up and grunted, “Why are you always with us?”

        Ning Shaosi blinked his big eyes at him like he didn’t see his hostility, as if following them was a matter of course.

        Wen Changchu was dissatisfied: “I don’t buy this silence.
Tell me! Are you harboring any bad intentions?”

        Lou Muge glared at him: “Why are you being so hostile to him, brat? You’re both demons.
You should love each other.”

        This statement was immediately opposed by two people.
Even the always meek Ning Shaosi frowned while Wen Changchu curled his lip in disgust.

        Lou Muge felt disliked, so he no longer involved himself in mediating the relationship between the two children.
He said, “Let’s split up.
Wen Changchu, go and follow those three immortals in the next few days to see if they have spied on anything else.
Xiao Twelve, find out what the connection is between those who have the strange disease, or what they have in common.”

        “Why are you following them?” Wen Changchu was totally reluctant.
“The moment I see them, my knife can’t resist…”

        Lou Muge patted his shoulder and said seriously, “Your task is very important.
The hope of solving the riddle is all on you.”

        Wen Changchu felt like he’d been entrusted with a heavy responsibility.
He suddenly lost all complaints and vowed solemnly, “Boss, rest assured! I will definitely get the job done!”

        Lou Muge nodded in response, thinking that these things were too fishy and should not be rushed.
It would be better for them to stay in Shan’an for a while.

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