“Then that means…”

Lin Lan swallowed nervously.
“Then if you get off at Second Secondary School and the bomb goes off after that.
Doesn’t that mean it wouldn’t have gotten you at all?”


—Then doesn’t this just mean Xie ge did this?!

Lin Lan’s mind was in shambles.
“Is… Is it really a crime of passion?”

Overcome with jealousy, they waited for Chu Feng to get off at Second Secondary School and made sure that the rest of the Xie Shiyus would die!

Chu Feng shook his head.

“If it really was from jealousy, he would’ve put the bomb at the school instead.
He’d kill more people that way.”

“That… That makes sense.” Lin Lan said.

“Besides—” Chu Feng looked out of the window and deduced calmly, “If he really wanted to kill people, he would kill the entire city, not just a small bus.
That’s not his style.”

Lin Lan hiccuped.
His ge looked way too calm talking about massacring an entire city!

“Aha… Ha… Xie ge isn’t that bad… right?”

Chu Feng just smiled at him, not saying a thing.

From his understanding of Xie Shiyu’s personality, the second he started getting thoughts of murder, he would do it to the end.
Following that train of thought, wasn’t it natural that all the other Xie Shiyus would have the same thought process as him? They would make sure to finish the job perfectly and leave the city in a state of chaos.

—But his Dream City was very peaceful.

While his Xiao Xies didn’t really see eye to eye, they would never get into huge fights, much less start murdering each other.

—When you live in a city where everyone is you, your strengths would all be relatively on the same level.
If they really did start fighting, then it’d be a bloody massacre.
The only way to live well was to live peacefully.

With how smart Xie Shiyu was, Chu Feng was sure that he wouldn’t do something as stupid as killing himself with bombs.

—That begs the question, who was the perpetrator?

Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed as he looked out the bus window and stared at the remains of the bus, getting smaller and smaller.

The golden rays of summer spilled onto the cement road, illuminating the broken shards of glass scattered around the mangled bus.

Through the cracks in the ground, a small mosquito wiggled its way out.

There were black and white patterns winding up to its legs and a small dot of red on its abdomen.
It flapped its translucent wings and flew out from under the grass…

It was the kind of mosquito that most people wouldn’t be able to see from such a distance.

But the system’s camera caught it.

[Discovered: Red Bellied Mosquito

Incredibly rare mutation Carries more than 13000 kinds of bacteria and 34000 kinds of virus Once bitten: Disease unidentified Unable to find possible cures Endagers characters within Dream City Threat Level: Fatal]


The small mosquito flapped its wings against the wind, buzzing as it flew towards the kindergarten in the West District…

At the same time, Chu Feng was sitting on the brand new bus on its way to the East District.

[As authority over Characters belongs to the player, we are not responsible for protecting them.
Thus, we do not need to alert the player of danger]


All the information gathered on the Red Bellied Mosquito was instantly erased from the system’s database.

The white system fairy coyly laid on Chu Feng’s phone screen, making its big eyes even wider.



The new bus slowly arrived at Second Secondary School.

On the two sides of the road, warm sun rays spilled from between the gaps of vibrant green leaves.
Spots of shadows cast by the trees were cast against the bus windows constantly changing shape, like children running around, unable to be caught.


The last bits of ice flashed blue and melted into water as it fell onto the ground.
The 26-year-old driver Xie Shiyu was the first person to get unfrozen.
Lin Lan immediately got off the driver’s seat and plopped himself next to Chu Feng.

“Phew, I can finally catch a break.
I’m exhausted.”

The familiar sound of the intercom rang.

“Next stop, Second Secondary School.
Exiting passengers, please exit at the back door.”

Chu Feng patted Lin Lan on the shoulder.

“Let’s go.
I’ll send you off.”

“Huh? What about the rest of the Xie ges?”

18 and 19-year-old Xie Shiyu were still frozen with the last bits of ice.
It wouldn’t take long before they could get out.

“They’ll go to class by themselves after they unfreeze… I think.”

—It’ll have to depend on… them.

Lin Lan sat on the bus seat and watched as they neared the bus stop.
He got on from Second Secondary School.
It’s about 200 meters from Chu Feng’s City Gate.
Once he walks out of there, he’ll be able to go back.


The back door opened.

Lin Lan and Chu Feng got up and walked toward it.

They hadn’t even taken two steps before a voice sounded from behind them.

“Wait a second.
Did you tap your card?”

It was Driver Xie.

“I used cash just now!” Lin Lan said, puffing his chest out.

“I’m not asking you.” Xie Shiyu rolled his eyes, turning to face Chu Feng.

Chu Feng stood rooted to the spot, sighing softly.
Lin Lan felt like… his ge seemed to be accepting his fate, or something.

Chu Feng turned back and walked towards the card reader.
He took out his card and—


[Insufficient funds]

“Wow…” Xie Shiyu stared at him.
“You didn’t even bother topping it up?”

“I’ll use… coins.”

“If I hadn’t stopped you, were you just going to not pay?” Xie Shiyu tapped the warning next to the card reader, his voice was stern.

[Ticket evaders will be fined 100 dollars.]

Lin Lan rushed over to help Chu Feng.
He didn’t understand why Xie ge would intentionally trouble his ge like this.

“It’s just 100 dollars.
Just give it to him, ge, let’s go.”

Chu Feng, who had spent more than 5 million on this game, said, “I don’t have money.”

He reached his hand out and caressed the metal part of the card reader nonchalantly, his long fingers unintentionally bumping into Xie Shiyu’s fingers.

“Sir.” He said in a gentle voice, “Can I repay you some other way?”

Xie Shiyu’s eyes were locked on Chu Feng’s narrow waist, his eyes looking especially predatory under the sunlight.

He smiled and said, “Then how would you like to repay me?”

—Lin Lan stood behind them, eyes wide in shock.

Is this the roleplaying of a married couple?! 

Xie ge’s cold gaze swept towards him, the words, What are you still doing here? written on his face.

Lin Lan rushed to the back door.

“I’ll go first, ge, bye!!”

Chu Feng: Bye~



The other Xie Shiyus were unfrozen.

18-year-old tyrant and 19-year-old repeat student Xie Shiyu opened their eyes to see Chu Feng being pressed into the card reader.

His white button-up had been undone and shoved into his mouth.


Tyrant Xie Shiyu tore the clown mask off his face and rushed to press Chu Feng’s ankles, his voice rumbling, “You moved pretty fast, old man.”

27-year-old Xie Shiyu was currently punching Chu Feng’s chin, planting kisses on his face.
He was too lazy to argue with the little bastards.

Chu Feng reached his hand out and pushed the tyrant away.
“Go… to class.”

“What’s the point of going to class now?” 18-year-old Xie Shiyu pressed his legs down even harder.
“I thought you said you didn’t want to roleplay student and teacher anymore.”

“Yeah, what kind of kidnapper would let their hostage go and attend class all of a sudden?” 19-year-old Xie Shiyu threw his mask to the side and squeezed over to hold his shoulders.

26-year-old Xie Shiyu wound his arms tightly around his waist.

All three Xiao Xies looked at him with impure intentions.

Chu Feng lowered his head, not daring to look at any of the Xie Shiyus.
Right now, he was a poor hostage, taken by evil kidnappers with no money to set him free.

“Tell us.
What should we do with you? Hmm?”

The evil kidnappers asked him.

Warm summer air rushed in through the bus windows.
Chu Feng’s face was tinted pink.

“Take… Take turns.”

The road was filled with cars.

The Wutong trees on either side of the road rustled against the wind.
There was a brand new bus that stopped a little further from them, making no move to drive away.

The cars that drove past quickly rolled their windows down, curious to see what was going on within them.

They must have seen something good because all of them stopped not far from it and took out their phones to record.

The cars quickly piled up, and the road clogged up with them.

Inside the bus…

The pitiful hostage begged the kidnappers, “Can we… Can we at least change the place? A hotel, or… home, we’re in the—public!”

The bus window was wide open, and even the curtains had been rolled up.
Xie Shiyu pressed Chu Feng against the window.

“Is there a difference? Who in this city hasn’t seen you looking like this already?”

Chu Feng was so embarrassed he couldn’t say anything, only holding onto 26-year-old Driver Xie and burying his entire body into Xie Shiyu’s embrace, hiding his own face.

His bare back shone under the sunlight.



The Xiao Xies outside the car quickly took a picture of this.

—Tomorrow, this video will be spread far and wide, letting every Xie Shiyu see.

The wrinkled button-up was being pressed under tyrant Xie Shiyu’s feet.
Chu Feng shrunk into himself, ashamed.
Though below that absolute feeling of shame, there was an intimacy in it, It doesn’t matter.
There was only one Xie Shiyu in this city.
They’ve been married for 7 years, known each other for 20.
There was nothing about Chu Feng that Xie Shiyu hadn’t already seen.




Someone knocked on the bus window three times.

20-year-old Xie Shiyu was driving a car from the driving school.
He rolled his window down, whipping out a hanger from god knows where, and rested it against the window.
His smile was predatory.

“Mind if I join?”

“Screw off.”

19-year-old Xie Shiyu slammed the window shut.
He hated 20-year-old Xie Shiyu the most.
He put in his entire life to repeat the year, not seeing Chu Feng for an entire year until he managed to get into the prestigious University Chu Feng was in.

All the while, 20-year-old Xie Shiyu just happily got married to Chu Feng!

“G-Go somewhere with no people.” Chu Feng took the chance to pull 19-year-old Xie Shiyu’s sleeve, begging him.

The three Xie Shiyus communicated with their eyes, quickly reaching an agreement.

They didn’t want to share their Chu Feng with an unwelcome Xie.

Driver Xie got up and went to drive the bus.

The bus was quickly driven to an area without people.

On the side of the road, the shadow cast by trees painted the windows.
The buildings around them gradually shortened, and the sound of cars driving and honking became softer and softer.
All the white noise of the city quieted, leaving just the sound of cicadas in the background.


Chu Feng suddenly heard a familiar sound.
The sound of tires against the cement ground made people’s adrenaline pump.
Anyone who understood cars could instantly tell that this was a luxury car.

—A Lamborghini!

President Xie, who had been hooked over the fishing hook, somehow managed to get another Lamborghini, chasing him all the way here!

Driver Xie cursed under his breath, speeding up.

—But no matter how fast he sped up, it was just a normal bus in the end.

The other person was driving a Lamborghini.


The front of the Lamborghini crashed violently against the back of the bus.
The windows at the back shattered instantly, causing the bus to slow to a stop.

President Xie was wearing a suit, and his eyes were so dark that it was scary as he got out of the car.
He didn’t spare a single glance at the expensive Lamborghini, kicking the bus door, and—

The first thing he saw was Chu Feng not wearing any clothes.
Then it was the multiple Xie Shiyus around him.

[Happiness: -10]

[Xiao Xie Manual is here to remind you that President Xiao Xie’s happiness is now only 5.
He requires immediate appeasing!]

Chu Feng: …

President Xie, whose happiness was a measly 5, didn’t even bother speaking as he strode towards Chu Feng.
His 1.92 meter oppressive aura hit him head-on, trapping Chu Feng like a shadow.

Xie Shiyu took off his tie with one hand, trapping Chu Feng’s delicate wrists with it and tying them up to the bus’ handle.

Chu Feng lowered his head, not daring to protest.
He couldn’t see President Xie’s expression when his eyes were lowered, but he did see his other hand going for his belt.

“Who’s doing you first?”

Tyrant Xie Shiyu pushed President Xie back, arrogance leaking as he declared, “The elderly, but learn to be patient.
I’m the smallest, I should be the first.”

President Xie glanced at his 18-year-old self and laughed.
“Yeah, you’re the smallest.”


26-year-old Xie Shiyu didn’t want to get involved in boring fights like who was the bigger or smaller one.
His face was full of maturity as he lifted Chu Feng’s face.

“Let him choose.
Who’s going first?”

The four Xie Shiyus turned to look at Chu Feng.

One’s happiness was at 5, while the other three’s happiness was at 55.

Chu Feng turned away.
His wrists were trapped, so he could only try his best to lift his body up, leaning forward and into President Xie’s embrace.

“…You first.”

The other three Xie Shiyus happiness instantly dropped another 10 points!

The midsummer cicadas chirped and chirped, echoing from the forest outside of the city.
When one stopped, another would cry out.
Again and again, singing against the summer sun without pausing.

Chu Feng was wrapped in a familiar warmth, being touched by familiar hands.
As long as he breathed, he’d be able to smell the scent that belonged to Xie Shiyu.
It was much more appealing than the cold button-up without life from reality.

Kisses started from his lips and slowly made their way down.
He was being embraced from the front and back.
Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes, sinking into his dreams.

A city of only one person.

His city was filled with the love of his life.


Under the setting sun, the sky outside the bus window was split in half, and the city was blanketed in watercolors of orange and red.


[[Xiao Xie Manual] has been updated.]

[18-year-old tyrant Xie Shiyu]

[19-year-old repeat student Xie Shiyu]

[26-year-old driver Xie Shiyu]

[President Xie Shiyu whose Lamborghini crashed

Happiness: 100

Status: Refreshed]

As night fell, the busy day had finally come to an end.

The system fairy secretly updated his notes on Chu Feng.

[Owner: Chu Feng

Happiness: 100

Status: Marked in white]

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