The Extra’s Return

The Second Dead

Time flows like the Nile river.

Lets replay some of the memories I have.

The last memory when I was on Earth was when I was beaten by the thugs until I lost consciousness. What happened to me after I was beaten unconscious was… I found myself in another world.

My soul entered the body of a young noble. The family into which I was reborn was not harmonious. The family is full of plots and vested interests. Just a few days later, I was expelled from a noble family for some reason.

After I was expelled, I lived as a tramp and living in the slums area. I move from one city to another. With that, year after year passed.

With the passage of time, I began to realize that this world is similar to the world of the novel entitled Demon Lord and Hero of Light.

Even so, there was nothing I could do since I was weak. I can influence the story or the future at all. I can only be one of the many extra characters.

Again, the years just pass by.

To survive in this different world, I realized that I must have strength. Fortunately, at some point in time, I was able to meet Cornelia, the person I considered a teacher. Cornelia helped me a lot. She also coached and taught me many things.

But, one day, she suddenly disappeared like thin air. So, even though Cornelia disappeared, I kept training hard until I finally had enough strength. Minimum, enough to survive.

Even so, there is a limit to what I can achieve. My strength has already reached the limit of what I can have. Its been a blessing that I was able to survive until now. All because the body I have now can have a Mana Core.

Even though Ive gained strength, Im still suffering. I was forced to participate in various life and death battles. A war between kingdoms, against unknown monsters, exploring unknown places.

Sometimes, I can only rely on luck to survive. With that, Ive been in this other world, which is similar to the novel Demon Lord and Hero of Light, for about 11 years.

Lets go back to the present. Try to focus on what Im doing and where I am.

First, I looked up, looking at the night sky. There, there was evidence that the world I was living in was no longer on earth.

In the middle of this night, usually, there is only one moon that illuminates the night, but in this world, there are two moons that shine.

Illuminated by the moonlight, I am now standing in the center of the city, holding a sword at my waist. I gripped the sword tightly while looking at the situation around me.

Where I am standing now is in the middle of the city. Just a moment ago, this city was still standing strong. However, look at the state of this city now.

Building debris was scattered. The houses were destroyed and razed to the ground. The flying dust carried the smell of destruction throughout the city. Not only that but groans and voices of despair also escaped from everyones mouths. Everyones sad cries resounded.

There are corpses everywhere.

My nose can still hold the blood that comes from various parts of the human body that are scattered. On average, they had been squashed by the ruins of the building to a pulp.

If this is earth, I can still hope for help. Please call 119?! Maybe people will scream like that. But since this is another world, then its impossible.

Being in the middle of a situation like this, I kept my feet steady, which told me to kneel. The cause of this incident was…

In the night sky, demons are flying freely. Some demons are on land. Demons are everywhere. They lined up neatly as they were illuminated by the moonlight.

The reddish-black skin, the longhorns on their heads, and the wings that stretched across the sky, all showed that they were truly demons. Yes, the culprits who destroyed this city were them, the demons.

”Attack!! Launch your strongest magic!! Kill those demons!! ”

Meanwhile, in contrast to the demons flying in the sky, there were also ranks of humans struggling on the ground.

Even during this kind of chaos, their screams shook the earth. After that scream, various kinds of magic were fired by the humans, trying to fight the demons flying in the sky.

”Forward! Attack! The heroes are with us! ”

The human screams once again resounded.


On this battlefield, the reason why the human spirit didn dissipate was that—Among the human ranks, there was one person who stood out the most among the other humans.

Especially the golden-colored light magic that radiated from his sword. With a single swing of the sword, a golden light swept across the demons, causing them to be annihilated instantly.

His golden yellow hair added a touch of handsomeness to his face, and his fluttering whitish-yellow robes added to his aura of dominance. That person was Jullian Arkie, the Hero of Light.

Around him, were several women who continued to support him. They were the women who belonged to the Heros Harem Party.

How can I get to know them? Of course, thats because I know that this world is very similar to the world of the Demon Lord and Hero of Light novels. Where Jullian Arkie becomes one of the protagonists of the story.

You must be familiar with the terms protagonist, antagonist, tritagonist, deuteragonist, or figurative (a character who still gets some scenes in a story).

But, you must have never heard the term extra character, right?! If you ask me who I am now, I will answer, ”I am an Extra Character. ”

Yeah, Im just an extra who watches the protagonist from a distance, without being able to stand behind or beside him. Though I don want to stand beside him or even help him, anyway.

In the game of chess, now, I can be likened to a pawn that can be sacrificed at any time. Even though Im a chess paw

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