The Extra’s Return

Hikikomori Noble

Darkness is scary. My sense of time has faded. But, slowly, I can feel the light in my eyelids.

Light? Am I not dead already?

I wondered to myself. Then I opened my eyes wide. All the senses that I have are now starting to function. I realized that I was still alive. I raised my body like a person in a trance.

”Haah… Huff…. ”

I breathe heavily. My hands groped all over my body. I can still feel the pain of the sword-slashing all over my body.

After calming my breath for a while, my head started spinning from left to right like an electric fan. My eyes started to look around.

The curtains fluttered in the wind outside the window. The open windows let the morning sun into the room.

Seeing that there were no electronics or modern stuff, I assumed that this place was still in another world—not Earth.

As if my head had been struck by lightning, I immediately remembered where this was. This is the bedroom where I woke up for the first time in another world. If Im not mistaken, I was in the mansion of Baron Warwicks Household.

I immediately stood up and left the bed holding my head. Hurriedly, I looked for a mirror. I stood in front of the mirror and saw my reflection reflected in it.

Looking at my reflection reflected in the mirror, even though the mirror is blurry, I can still see my appearance well.

Messy black hair hangs over my head. Sunken cheeks and lazy eyes fixed on my face. The crumpled shirt clings to my body. All of that illustrates that my body is very unkempt. My head was spinning, and a pink tint on my cheeks signaled that I was drunk on alcohol.

My face remains the same, just looks a lot younger.

Apart from having the same appearance, the name of the body I entered was also the same as mine, namely Mesties. The only difference is the addition of the surname, namely Warwick.

Simply put, my soul entered the body of someone who had the same appearance and name as me.

”So, I went back to when I first entered this world? ”

I muttered to myself while ruffling my hair. Or, was everything I experienced during my 11 years in this world just a dream?

”Hahaha, really, thats impossible! ”

I denied what I was thinking. I believe that all the suffering I have experienced over the past 11 years is real. I would never doubt it all. Every pain that appears in my body is still imprinted in my brain. And also…

”Jullian Arkie, I must take revenge on you for slashing at me. ”

Even though I spoke confidently like the main character in a novel, I realized that I was still an extra.

The main problem Im having is that I don have enough strength to retaliate. In this world, where the strong prey on the weak, strength is everything. Without power, ones speech will produce nothing.

Fortunately, I have knowledge and experience, something I can use as capital.

However, I don believe in absolute luck. There is a cause, there must be an effect. Since I have had the chance to live once again, there must be consequences that I must bear.

I looked out. Outside the window, there was a stunning view.

Currently, the world is still at peace.

Currently, Jullian Arkie is not yet a Hero of Light.

And right now, I can still see Cornelia!

Subconsciously, I started to smile.

Unknowingly, my hands were already tightly clenched.

Whatever happens, I will keep moving forward.

I held my chin with one hand. At that moment, a system message came in front of me.

[Soul process assimilation successful!]

[The body you occupy is 100 percent matched with your soul. There are no abnormalities or side effects due to the soul assimilation process.]

[Rewards for completing the Demon Lord and Hero of Light novels will be awarded after thorough calculations. Please wait ….]

I saw a system message plastered in front of my face. I don know what gift will be given to me. I can only wait.

More importantly, what is my plans from now on? Thats the main question on my mind.

Save humanity?

Im not a hero.

Annihilating humans?

Im not a devil.

Enjoying a second (third) life?

That seems like a great idea!

But I know I can . To be able to enjoy life for a long time, I need to have strength.

After all, Im sure this world won allow me, as an extra character, to be able to live a peaceful life for long.

I have several goals in mind. The first is to find Cornelia, but I don know where she is now. The second is revenge against Jullian and the demons? I don think it matters.

Looks like I need to hurry up and get stronger.

Tap, tap.

”Brother! Are you still sleeping? ”

A knock on the door brought me back to reality. Then after a knock on the door, the voice of a girl on the other side of the door was heard. As soon as I turned towards the door, it began to slowly open.

First, the long, flowing hair that was visible, then followed by a pair of round eyes that peeked into this room. After blinking for a while, she widened her round eyes until they became perfectly round like balls.

”Eh, you
e awake? ”

”…Yes. ”

She was surprised that I was awake.

After realizing the little surprise earlier, she entered the room.

Seeing her come in with a tray of food and drink in front of her small breasts, you might think shes a maid. But if you saw the fine clothes she was wearing, you would probably know that she was a pure noble kid.

She has a small build, but since she will be 15 years old soon, she still has the potential to grow, especially in her chest. She is the half-sister of the owner of this body, her name is Willa. Same father and a different mother.

”Brother? Why are you looking at me like that? ”

Willa, who I kept looking at with curious eyes, asked while tilting her head to the side and smiling brightly.

”Nothing. Why are you here? ”

When I asked dryly, her previously bright expression immediately changed to one of shock. But quickly, her expression brightened again.

”Brother, can you stop drinking alcohol? Its not good for your body. Please drink this to get rid of your hangover. ”

Willa placed a tray of food and drinks on the table. Right under the table, there were several bottles of alcohol that the owner of this body had previously drunk.

After she put his ass on the chair, I also followed and sat on the chair in front of her. Now I feel weird. I tried to remember the first time I moved to this world. Since that was already 11 years ago, it was quite difficult.

While thinking, I took the drink she offered me. Then I put the drink in my mouth. I had only drunk half of it when I suddenly stopped and was petrified.

Before I swallowed all the drinks Willa offered me, I could see the sad expression on her face.

Why does she look so sad?

I wondered to myself.

It was at that moment that memory from my previous life suddenly appeared in my brain. I had experienced a scene like this in my previous life.

The reason why Willa looks sad is related to the drink she offered and Im drinking now.

In essence, I realized that the drink she offered me contained a poison that could make a person have severe diarrhea day by day.

In my previous life, I had to suffer from diarrhea for days. It was only for this small reason that I began to experience various misfortunes.

At the party that will be held in a few days in this house, I will embarrass this family because of the diarrhea I am suffering from.

Just imagine, when there are many guests gathered for a party, then suddenly I defecate loudly. All the party guests immediately looked at me with disgusted expressions on their faces.

Thats embarrassing. Unfortunately, its not just the shame that I have to endure. The Warwicks Family were also affected, so they started blaming me.

Then I was kicked out by this family and forced to live in a slum area. In the end, I had to scavenge for food scraps to continue living.

As a result of those dark memories, I became angry.

So, before I gulp down all this drink, I immediately do what suddenly occurred to me.

I leaned closer to Willa after pushing the table away.

After the obstacle from the table disappeared, I immediately caught both of her cheeks. Then I immediately put my mouth into her mouth.

Willa, who was still dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, could only follow the flow of my game without being able to fight back.

After our lips met, I put a liquid containing poison into her mouth. Either way, out of shock or something, she immediately swallowed the liquid.


I heard Willa swallow the liquid I gave by mouth to mouth. After I confirmed that she had swallowed the liquid, I intended to let her go.

But, before I could let her go, maybe, because she just realized what was happening, she immediately pushed me away.

Since I had confirmed that she swallowed the liquid, I didn fight back and untied us. Our saliva is still connected when our lips part. Then the saliva fell to the floor.

I can describe the expression on her face. Surprised? Angry? Frustration? After all, her expression now was completely different from the sad expression before.

With a frown on her face, she immediately slammed the door and left.

I watched her leave while placing my finger on my lips. My lips can still feel the sweet aroma from her lips. The softness and fragrance of her lips overpowered the poison smell she gave off earlier.

But, if she poisoned me like that, why was she looked so sad earlier? Shouldn she look happy?

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