The Extra’s Return

Hikikomori Noble

matter. I just need a good reason to throw him out of this house. Whether he comes or not doesn make any difference. Besides, Im tired of hearing other nobles raving about me. They keep saying that Im not good at educating children. So, because of him disrespecting me in front of other nobles, that would be a valid reason to expel him from my family. ”

Baron Warwick clicked his tongue in annoyance. This was the true nature of Baron Warwick.

Even though from the outside he looks like a clumsy and stupid old man, his brain is still capable of thinking things through.

Willa could only shudder in fear when she saw her fathers terrifying expression. Willa was just the hand Baron Warwick used to carry out his plans. Willa became that hand for the reason she was simply forced to do so.

This morning, when her father sent a servant to deliver poison to Mesties, she accidentally overheard it. So, her father immediately ordered her to be the one to give the poison to Mesties.

Of course, she couldn refuse.

”Are you surprised by what I did, Willa? ”

”Hahaha, I dare not, father. ”

”Good. Although you initially refused, now it seems you understand. This is all for the good of our family. ”

After speaking, Baron Warwick ordered Willa out of the room. Willa looked pensive as she walked along the corridor of the mansion.

To be honest, she regretted giving the poison to Mesties. She thought so deeply about her actions that she forgot about her destiny.

She couldn imagine what would happen to her now since she had also drunk the poison. Moreover, from mouth to mouth. She put her finger to her lips. Then she shook her head vigorously.

As Willas thoughts flew to the sky, her stomach suddenly started churning. She grabs her stomach and looks around.


The fart sounded loud. Fortunately, no one saw it. She immediately ran to the toilet with bright red cheeks.


I think I just heard something important.

”I had no idea that Baron Warwick was the one who planned it all. ”

I looked up at my ceiling. Directly above my room is Baron Warwicks office room. My room is on the second floor, while Baron Warwicks office room is on the third floor of the mansion.

Previously, I used mana to amplify my hearing. But I didn expect to hear something so important.

Not that I did anything really great. This is just one of the basic mana manipulation techniques.

Even though I said basic, this isn something anyone can do. However, for me, who has managed to survive for 11 years in this world, it is not something difficult.

[Successfully created a simple mana circuit.]

[Simple mana manipulation works.]

[Would you like to give a name to the mana manipulation skill you did just now?]

I tilted my head slightly at the message window that appeared before my eyes.

As far as I know, messages like that never appear in my previous life. I knew that there was a system that was always monitoring me, but that system had almost never appeared in my previous life.

By the way, I call it World System.

Well, its useless if I continue to grapple with that problem.

”Five Senses Technique – Sense of Hear. ”

I mention the name that I think is appropriate.

[That skill has been given the name The Five Senses – Sense of Hear.]

And just like that?

I kept waiting for what the name meant, but nothing happened. Even though I was expecting a cheat ability, I can only feel disappointed.

Clearing my mind of unimportant matters, I got out of bed.

Apparently, in my room, there was already a standing servant. Did the servant just barge into my room without knocking on the door or something?

In fact, the servant immediately said what he needed to say.

”Young Master, I have been ordered to convey a message from Master that you are ordered to join us for breakfast at the dinner table. ”

Although the words he spoke were polite words, the tone, intonation, and style he spoke made it clear that he was belittling me.

Wrinkles form on my forehead. Im aware that I am the trash of this family, but even a servant dares to act like this?

”Already? ” I asked annoyed.

”Oh, I know you don want to go, so Ill tell Master that you
e not feeling well. ”

When he said goodbye and was about to leave, I immediately walked over to him and held his shoulders tightly.

”Who said you could go out? ”

”What do you mean? ”

He looks at me from his back. I saw his face got shocked.

”I mean… Eat this! ”

When I say that, I hit his face hard.

And then, he fell to the floor with his face hitting the floor first.

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