Jincheng, Ninth High School, Classes 3–7

Even though the college admission exams were over and all of the students had already received the results, they were still looking expectantly at their homeroom teacher, Yu Zeping, at this moment.
They even felt a little uneasy.


That was because what Yu Zeping was going to announce next would greatly affect their future.

The sunlight beaming through the window highlighted the students’ nervous, youthful faces.
However, it also cast a dark shadow.


“A joint announcement from the Blue Star Alliance Huaya Greater Area Genetic Committee, Huaxia Genetic Committee, and the Huaxia Ministry of Education…”


Yu Zeping had only announced the names of the three official organizations, yet all 46 students of class 3–7 could not help but sit up straight and listen intently.

Several students interlaced their fingers.
Some even held their breaths.


The content that was going to be announced next was deemed more important than the college admission exams, which had been said to be the exam that determined a person’s life a hundred years ago.

This exam determined a person’s future.

“The Genetic Double Excellence Score for the year 2137 is 597, the Genetic Single Excellence Score is 483, and the Genetic Admission Score is 395,” Yu Zeping recited the three admission scores as he always did, quickly and clearly.

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However, it felt as though those were three bolts of lightning.
The words made the faces of several students turn pale and instantly devoid of color.

The words also made some students heave a sigh of relief.
Their expressions became more relaxed.

Seven to eight students looked as though they were struck by lightning as they sat numbly in their seats.

“This… 395 points?”

“Why did the Genetic Admission Score’s cutoff point suddenly increase by 22 points from the previous year?”

“I…I…I was just one point off!”


A male student tried his best to purse his lips together but ultimately could not control his emotions.
He slumped onto the table and started to bawl.


This caused the other students who failed to meet the Genetic Admission Score to start weeping.

This Genetic Admission Score had determined their future.

Xu Tui felt extremely bad when he heard the woes of his classmates.
He wanted to console the student who was weeping behind him, but he did not know where to start.


He also felt a little scared when he recounted the exam.

An admission score was only made up of three digits, yet, at this moment, it had determined the future of nine of his classmates.


According to Yu Zeping, if an individual failed to meet the Genetic Admission Score, they could only remain in the bottom rungs of society for the rest of their lives.
There was no more hope for them.

However, in this brief moment, Xu Tui suddenly felt that what their homeroom teacher told them before was far less cruel than what was happening now.

On the platform, Yu Zeping looked silently at the students who were bawling because they failed to meet the Genetic Admission Score.
His lips were tightly pursed.
His throat was dry.

This was not the first time he had taken a graduating class of third years.
He had gone through this six times.


However, he could never find the words to express the heaviness in his heart.

The consequences of failing to meet the Genetic Admission Score were too much to bear for these children who had just turned 18.

Instinctively, Yu Zeping looked out the window.
His gaze pierced through the empty space.
Those darned Invaders!

If not for the Galactic Invaders, the Genetic Admission Score would not be as cruel as it was now.


Time could heal all wounds.


The crying and weeping in the classroom gradually stopped after some time.

Yu Zeping took a deep breath, then said, “Those who failed to meet the Genetic Admission Score, don’t be too dejected.”

“All roads lead to Rome.
If you work hard in the future, it is still possible that you can get your hands on a Level E or Level D Genetic Liberation Elixir.”


“Everything is possible on the path of genetic evolution.
There are precedents to all of this, but I won’t go into details.”


These were the only things he could say to console the students.

“Alright, after this, those who failed to meet the Genetic Admission Score are to report to the Office of Academic Affairs and determine a direction of study as soon as possible.”

“The rest of the students are to gather at Court Number Four in 15 minutes.”

Yu Zeping’s gaze suddenly turned incredibly sharp, “Your genetic exams are just about to start.”

At Court Number Four…

After their temporary goodbyes, the rest of the 37 students of class 3–7 had gathered at the court, including Xu Tui.


They huddled together and discussed their grades.
They had grand plans for the future but were also slightly worried.

“I got 471 points.
I didn’t even reach the Single Excellence Score.”

“I got 534, just past the Single Excellence Score.
I wonder how many Genetic Base Points I would be able to activate.”

“I scored 603.
How about you, Little Tui?” Cheng Mo suddenly asked.

“Old Cheng, you should call me Big Tui,” Xu Tui corrected.


“Because I scored one point higher than you.”

“Just one point?”

“I should be Big Tui even if it’s just one point higher.”


A sudden loud slap hit the back of Xu Tui’s head.
Xu Tui glared and was about to erupt with fury.

“Oh, f*ck! Who… Oh, it’s HT!” A mischievous smile instantly formed on Xu Tui’s lips.


Yu Zeping completely disregarded Xu Tui’s mischievous smile.
He walked past the crowd and immediately got up to the stage.

“Some of you scored high marks and feel proud of your achievement.
I can understand that.
But what I want to tell you is that scoring well in the college admission exams is merely receiving an entrance ticket to the genetic exams.” Yu Zeping paused, scanning the students’ reactions.
He then continued, “Whether or not you can enter a good genetic college.
Whether or not you can strengthen and evolve your genes to become a Genetic Warrior or a powerful fighter in this universe would still depend on how hard you work.”

Yu Zeping had aimed these words toward Xu Tui.

Xu Tui revealed his row of white teeth as he smiled, embarrassed.

On the stage, Yu Zeping started to roar at the students of class 3–7 as his gaze moved away from Xu Tui’s body.

“Now, training will continue—three times the normal amount of training!”

The students started to murmur upon hearing this, but Yu Zeping went on, “According to the agreement, the lim

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