The Hot Nerd

Chapter 3

The next day…

Kathy POV

I had every information on the jerk that tried to mess with me yesterday . He was just a nerd, a transfer student. For a nerd he really did make a name for himself … A popular nerd with an oversized hoodie! No one has actually seen his face cos of the hoodie that made it impossible, even if it was terribly cold or scorching hot he never took it off. Not even his voice has been heard since he got into school.

All these perked my curiosity… What was he hiding under that hoodie? Was he wanted? Was he dumb with an ugly face? The possibility brought a smile to my lips… If so, then it would be so fun to be the one to reveal it to the school, lets see how youll walk out of this. But why was it the only thing found about him??

I took out a piece of paper with his name written on it Lyon Skylar and the word
eveal written beside it and pasted it on the wall. Ill deal with you till you beg on your knees to be left alone .

At the principles office…

”You mean you want him transferred to the sports department? ”

”Yeah ” I said getting bored with the way he kept repeating the same question.

”But he has no record in sports miss Kathrine, he could end up getting servierly injured on the pitch! ”

”I never said he won play, yesterday I saw him playing and he was quite good but when I asked him he said he was to shy to ask you about it. He was scared of disturbing you ”.

From the look on his face he was surprised but he bought it!

Adjusting his glasses,

”Well, if thats the case then, Ill sign him up but he won play immediately hell be in charge of other stuff ”.

Right now, I was almost rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes as I watched Skylar trip over so many times with his face on the grass…..

I met with the guys before now to make his life a living hell in the pitch and they were doing just that. I bet he has absolutely no idea why hes here

Skylar POV

This was the 7th time I was falling with my face in the mud. Who the hell plays basketball in the mud and why the hell was I the one put in charge of keeping the balls and what business has keeping the ball with running around the pitch with different balls aimed at you???

Gosh!! I was so frustrated! Today was just not my day as I already had a few scratches on my palms and few cuts on my face… What exactly was going on?

Just then I heard someone laughing, I looked up to see the girl that splashed a whole bottle of water on me yesterday…

Why do I feel like shes the one behind this? Its like she had some type of power in this school but why was she tryna pick on me? I don remember doing anything to offend her …

Boom!! A ball kissed my face and it hurt like crazy as I fell to the floor. I felt dizzy as I tried to stand with one knee on the ground.

Drip! Drip!

It was blood dripping from my nose.. as I tried to get up another one fiercely hit my stomach bringing back down on my knees as I coughed out blood.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

It all came out in blood as I felt anger wash over me.

”Ill make them all pay… ” I said in a voice I couldn believe was mine but at the same time felt familiar with.

I threw my head backwards to let the nose bleeding stop.

Kathy POV

”Why do I suddenly feel cold? Too cold like someone is planning some kinda evil for me? ”

I looked towards the pitch and saw him looking in my direction, although I couldn see his face, I still felt a shiver run down my spine as I shuddered unknowingly. I suddenly felt… scared?

Nina POV

I walked down the hall and saw my best friend with two ladies as always standing beside him, although he changes them like he breaths air.

Star Hills High Schools popular player. He was known as a COLD BLOODED CASSONOVA! He changed girls like shoes but this doesn stop the girls from coming… No! Rather they kept coming in there numbers… Not that I blamed them, he was stupidly rich! Hes family business was one of the top ten business foundation in the country , he was the type of guy that one would call a flower boy with a soft blonde hair that was almost blinding under the sun, eyes as green as the sea and cherry like lips . He had a feminine facial outlook that made him look cute and sexy at the same time . Hes body build was a tall lean masculine look with voice as sweet as honey according to the females . Ive never heard anything so silly in my life!

Yes my bestie was fine but I just don get how these ladies get obsessed, I literally see this face everyday and I still don get it.

”Hey baby! ”

”I thought I warned you to stop calling me that! ” I yelled at him as he stepped away a little from the ladies to talk to me.

”Then would you prefer my love? ” He said with a smirk.

”Don you dare… ” I said in between clenched teeth, fire clearly blazing from my eyes. Other guys would have trembled but he just stood there with that stupid smirk I so badly wanted to wipe off his face…

”Gosh! You
e so cute… ” He said as he held me close and ruffled my hair while I tried to break free swearing to kill him if I come out of this.

Finally he let go and just then I raised my hand to give him the slap of his life but it was caught midway in the air.

”Bestie remember you
e too short… ” I rolled my eyes at him.

”But I love it! ” He said with a smirk as he leaned closer and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

”Ewww!! Chen! ”

”You never seize to surprise me… Other girls will beg to be kissed but you reject and push me away… And thats why you
e my baby ”.

I heard people scoff behind me and I looked behind Chen to see who it was only to see the two girls glaring at me with hatred and jealousy. Now it was my turn to scoff as I rolled my eyes. What the hell was wrong with these girls?? Hes just a friend! My best friend nothing more!!

”You better get going or else I might just release some stress on those two and trust me you won like me again ”. I said.

”Ok kitty, chill out ” he said with a smile before turning around with open arms and they shyly walked into his arms as he gave each if them a kiss on the cheek and the tip of there nose making them giggle. It will turn to tears by tomorrow ten hours counting… I trust Chen.

Kathy POV

Its been a week now and am sure hes now broken and ready to apologise. He was just beaten up by a group of guys I sent in a hidden corner and they just reported to me that he was on his way to class and he was coming through the hall way. Everyone was gathered around and some students were hanging around there lockers as they took out there books for the next class. But I know they were secretly waiting for a show cos I hardly pass through this hall way cos I attended private classes with my friends Soo…

I saw him walking out with his face to the floor bringing a smile to my face as I stood in the middle of hall way waiting for him to crawl on his knees before me.

”So have you decided to do what you
e supposed to do? ”

No response.

”Am talking to you ”

No response.

”Are you dumb? ”

No response.

”Don you know how to apologise? ”

No response. Gosh! I was getting so frustrated and angry . He was making me look like a fool before people! The nerve!!

I walked a bit closer to him.

”I demand an apology right this instant! ” I screamed at the top of my voice due to the anger, stress and frustration I was feeling all at once. But instead, he just rubbed the side of his temple getting me angrier!!

Heck! Ive never been so angry as I felt my trembling hands turn to fists.. I screamed as I raised my hand to give him the slap of his life!

”You little piece of… ” I was cut off as I felt strong hands grab my hand mid air. Then I was pulled by a force,I blinked once and I found myself in his arms, I blinked again and I felt something cold fiercely on my lips… And I heard shocked gasps from people and that was when it dawned on me….

Did… Did he just kiss… Me???


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