Chapter 23: My childhood’s boyfriend calls me a ****.

Now …….

 I wonder what’s going on.

Isami Shirasagi was not a boy, but a girl.

 Does the piggy, her “lover,” really know this fact?

 From the looks of it, probably “doesn’t know”.

 That is why she chose Isami as her boyfriend.
The reason was not because she was in love with her, but simply because “she was a beautiful boy”, “she was a special student of theater and stood out from the crowd, and because she was a good-looking boy. Sha-sha-sha!” That’s what she was thinking.
It’s a shallow idea, just like a bovine mammal.

 Well, let’s leave the pig out of it.

I was asked to be a counselor for them, so what should I do?

 I was thinking.

“Hey, Kazu!”

Waving her right hand in the air, the piggy walked up to me.
My eyes were rotting.

“I couldn’t believe I was meeting you here! I’m so happy to see you! You’re following me because you want to see me, right?”

“No, you’re the one who came after me”

 She even twists the law of cause and effect to suit her own convenience.
That is the way of the pig.

“But I’m so sorry~! I already have a boyfriend! A boyfriend who is much better looking than someone else! What a pity.
Look look [nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so annoying nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!] You can roll around, if you want.”

I feel so annoyed.
Like this?”

 I did as I was told, but the pig was not happy.

“Oh well! I’m going to show you how close I am with Isami today! I’m going to keep going until Kazu cries and apologizes.”


Just by crying and apologizing, will this piggy face disappear from view? For a moment, I almost seriously thought about it.

The piggy put her hand on the doorknob.

“Hey, wait, are you going to go into that room?”

“Yes, I am.
This is the waiting room for the drama club.”

“Well, calm down.
Wait until for the shredded cabbage.”

“Why, it’s not like pork cutlets!”

 She opened the door and went in.

“Ah, Rua!”

Isami-kun, firmly dressed in her uniform, was sitting in a pipe chair.
Her hair was moist.
It looks like she has finished showering.

I’m glad.
Just in time.

 Piggy, who had no idea about that, ruffled her blonde hair with a huff.

“I came to see you practice! I, a very popular voice actress, will critique your performance! You should be thankful!”

“…… haha.
Thank you.”

A troubled smile crossed her face.

Then her eyes widened as she noticed me behind the pig.

“H-Huh?! Kazu…… Kazu-sensei! W-w-what are you doing?!”

“No, well, just a little.”

I don’t want to talk about the details because of the annoying sideways comments from the pig.

“We often see each other in the classroom, but we’ve never really talked.
I thought it might be a good idea to have a long talk with each other.”

 If I said something like this out of the blue, she might look at me suspiciously.

 My fears were unfounded.

Her face lit up and she nodded her head vigorously.

“Y-yes! I-I’ve been wanting to talk to you too! I’d love to!”

 It was an unexpected response.

 Why is she so happy?

What’s up, Kazu? [Don’t touch my girl!] is that what you want to say? Are you going to say that? Yaa mou, how much do you love me♪?”

Piggy is soaring nice and crispy and fried.
I really want to serve it with shredded cabbage.

” All right! Then I’ll leave you two alone! You can duel or do whatever you want over me! Let me know the result tomorrow!”

 Oh, it looks like she’s leaving.
Lucky me.

“You are not allowed to use weapons of any kind!” With these words, Piggy left the place in high spirits.
Where is the basement.

 We were now alone.

Isami’s eyes were shining as she looked at me.
It was as if she was expecting something.

 The scent of shampoo tickles my nose.

 It’s not a man’s scent.
It was the sweet scent of a girl.

“The head of the drama club has asked me to do something for you.
She asked me to listen to what you have to say.”

From Kagawa-senpai?”

Her eyes widened.
She looked at me with wide eyes, a little exaggerated.

“I was worried that you wouldn’t fit in well with the club.”

“I’m sorry.
Everyone in the theater club is nice.
I’m just…… shy.”

When she looks melancholy in that way, she is so beautiful that it makes my heart pound.
The slender neckline peeking out from her short hair is glamorous.
Maybe it was because I already knew the truth, but I could already see her as a pretty girl.

 With a secret like this, it’s no wonder she avoids people.

“I’ve been wondering since we first met, have we met somewhere before?”

 She looked flabbergasted.

“Well, do you remember me ……?”

“No, I don’t.
But you seem to know me.”

 She slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

“O-of course you don’t …..? How could you possibly remember me?”

“As I thought, we’ve met before, right?”

She nodded.

Do you remember the Komiya Dojo?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

 That was the name of the dojo I attended in elementary school.
It was a place that taught kobujutsu, which is a branch of aikijujutsu, and it was a rather special dojo attended by SPs, police officers, self-defense officers, and others who were in the business of “bodyguarding”.
There were even people who were mercenaries in foreign countries, making it a truly international dojo.

 I was sent there by order of that old pig.
I guess he wanted to protect his granddaughter in case of an emergency.
At the time, I innocently thought “kobudo is so cool, it’s like a comic book.”

“There were no other children in the dojo but me, though.”

I heard at the time that Senpai was the only child who lasted more than one year.
I quit after about two months.”

 If she knows that much, it seems to be true.

“When I was a child, I was fat and weak-willed …….
My grandfather, who was good friends with Master Furumiya, had the idea of taking me into the dojo.”

“That’s quite a rough treatment.”

 A dojo full of ruffians like that is not a place for a child to come.
It was very spartan.
It’s like a yacht school.

“I was disciplined a lot by the adults.
I cried every day.
But it was ” Kazunii” who protected me.
Even though I was just a kid, Kazunii was so strong and so cool.
I adored you.”

……Aaaah, aah!”

Gradually, my memory began to come back to me.

 That was when I was in the third or fourth grade.
I remember a little boy came into the dojo and I was so happy to have a friend.

 I don’t remember his name anymore, but I’m pretty sure I remember him as —-

“Ii-chan? Are you perhaps Ii-chan!”


Ii-chan, a.k.a.
Isami, burst into a smile.

“Finally, finally you remembered! Kazunii!”

 Ii-chan leaned forward and squeezed my hand.

“I see.
No, I didn’t recognize you at all.”

I was really fat back then.”

“You should have told me earlier.”

“I didn’t notice for a while after I moved in.
I didn’t think that Kazunii was at Teikai.
Besides, Kazunii, you intentionally kept a low profile, didn’t you?”

“I guess so.”

 That pig and her grandfather had told me very strictly not to stand out.
“Don’t stand out”.
“As a child, you should be in the shadows and be close to Rua,” he told me, which in retrospect is absurd and unreasonable.
As a young child, I believed without a doubt that it was a man’s duty to protect girls.
That thing is a pig, not a girl.

 I’m so glad I insulated myself from it.

“In the meantime, for some reason, Rua-san took a shine to me.IWhen I heard that Rua was Kazunii’s childhood friend, I was surprised.
It’s kind of a strange fate, isn’t it?”

“That connection has already been severed.”

 Ii-chan made a strange face, but did not ask me deeply.

“u-uhm…..I’ve been keeping a secret from Kazunii ever since then.”

Her face turns bright red and she mopes around with her inner thighs.
Come to think of it, this habit has been around for a long time.

“I, you know? I…….I……am girl”


Yes, I knew that.

“I’m a girl who loves Kazunii.”


That is the part I didn’t know.

“Will you marry me?”

Now hold on.

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