The Seven Deadly Me

Never Give Up PATIENCE

I was led in the big throne room of the Royal House by a fire knight. It was not the biggest throne room I had seen, but it was still the throne of the third fire king, king Grandon. There were three other chairs next to the king. One for his wife queen Mary and the other two of the two princes.

The knight closed the big door behind me. There I stood on my own on the red carpet. I bowed on my knees for the king.

”Azrael, ” Grandon greeted.

”King Grandon, ” I greeted the king back.

”Please stand up, ” the king told me to stand up and so I did. ”Is this about the murder case with Brocks sword? ”

”Yes my lord. ”

”Tell me what you found out, ” the king had a blank face since the beginning. I heard he never smiled and I believe that now. He looked very strict and serious, had red long hair and a long red beard under it. I did not felt anxious even though I thought he was strict, because I was sure there was no way that he was as strict as my father.

”Yes my lord, ” I grabbed two things out of my pocket, a watch and a letter.

”Thats… Brocks watch? ” Grandons face actually changed a bit, he was not smiling but in shock. ”Please step forward, I want to see the watch at close. ”

I walked to the king and handed him the golden watch of Brock.

”He loved this watch. He bought this watch in West-Vloricus from an archer. The watch was not the reason he bought it, it is a fine watch, but the archer was the reason he bought it. The archer was good with the bow, but he was completely magicless. Brock never learned his name, but he bought the watch to remember the archer. Brock was magicless himself and wanted to become a good swordsman. So every time he felt like giving up, he looked at his watch which gave him hope. And he became the best swordsman in Vloricus, even though he was uncapable of using magic. ” The king must have had a deep bond with Brock. I saw his interest, but yet sadness in his face.

”He sounds like a great man, ” I said.

”He was the greatest. He was not only my best and most loyal knight. He was also my best friend. Please Azrael tell me, how did you find this? ”

”I found it in the victims room under a plank. I figured the victim must have be Brock. ”

”Impossible, the victim was a total different person named Robert Miller. That thief… ” The king had anger in his face.

I knew he would not believe it at first, so I explained my theory very carefully.

”Impossible Brock would never do that, ” Grandon still did not believe me or he did not want to.

”If it was a thief, he would have sold it already. According to this note he lived there for quite a long time. He was a father of a boy. The boy wrote this. I scanned the finger prints on it and it did not match with the victim. However the watch did match with him. ”

King Grandon seemed very confused and asked, ”scanned the finger prints…? ”

”Ever heard of a photo? ” I asked Grandon.

The king shook his head, so I explained. ”This technique is not that old. It was my father himself he found it out. A photo is a short moment that I can establish with light magic. With a flash I copy a drawing in my mind. With this ability, I am be able to make a photo of you and can see your exact position, face, background as long as it is in the photo I made. ” It was the ideal detective ability, I could remember every scene that I want to and can even erase it, if I want it out of my mind.

”That sounds impressive, but how does the fingerprint part work? ” Grandon continued asking.

”Every person has a unique fingerprint and with my photo ability I could draw the fingerprint on items

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