Trisha Quenne, the adopted daughter of a self-creditor, died after giving birth to a child shortly after she entered the family while already heavily pregnant. 

It was said that she met Ricardo by the lake at the hunting grounds.

After Ricardo Winchester brought her into the family, no one doubted that the child in her womb was Ricardo’s.

‘I am only faithful to Quenne’s mission.’

Even though Jin was a child who didn’t reveal his true colors, Othello was quite grumpy and mean to her, but at some point, he started to follow her.

Trisha allowed him to meet his mother in his dreams.

The woman, who had adapted well, as if she had been a family from the 

beginning, left so easily.
Oddly enough, Ricardo left behind a young girl who looked just like him.

Before arriving at the castle, she delivered a letter through the deputy.

[Thank you for keeping the covenant of protection that your ancestors swore to the ancient dragon Mechius.

The hopes of you and the other three masters have been put into my womb.

I will leave and hand over the key to the duke, the master of darkness who will face the forefront of fate.

The duke is the most suitable, chosen one.

The child of Mechius will stand in front of the black pond on a certain day.

The pond is too deep and black to see inside, like the Duke’s deep black heart.
Of course, it’s not easy to overcome fate on your own.

The child must have gone back countless nights and days, failing to wake up from the egg.

But the day your child overcomes it, it will do things no one could have imagined.

Please take good care of the child until then.

The guardian of dreams, Trisha Quenne.]

Ricardo walked around the greenhouse that Trisha had been using for prenatal education as an excuse.

White flowers without a name formed a beautiful colony.

As he reached out, black energy emanated from his fingertips and wrapped around the petals.
The thin petals dried up, quickly became ash, and began to fall off.

‘She had never taught me how to keep it and take care of it.
I don’t know how to not break it.
It is something that is not easily touched.’

At his wandering thoughts, a cold and lonely twist lingered on Ricardo’s lips like a lie for a moment and then disappeared.


“Whoa, whoa.”

On a quiet afternoon, I was sucking on a “rabbit” with a soft material and fragrant scent.

I had one tooth, but my gums were itchy as if another tooth would come out.

“Lady, I’ll change your bib.”

Maya removed my damp bib and changed it with a new one.

Chomp, chomp, chomp – all my nerves were focused on the rabbit.

There was a fruit called chai berry inside the rabbit, and if you sucked hard, sweet juice came out.

Of course, it’s a little burdensome to stare at me like this…..

“It must be delicious.”

Of course. Chomp, chomp.

Uh…..but just now?

I think Maya’s voice got too deep. 

When I turned my head, I was frightened by the face I saw.


Jin, why are you here?

Jin, dressed neatly, stood next to me with his arms crossed.

Unlike Othello, who was hot-blooded and revealed his inner heart, Jin had eyes where you didn’t know what he was thinking.

“I guess the master came to see you, Lady,” Maya said with a smile.

Jin made eye contact with me, who was frozen.

“Sasha, the weather is nice, so let’s go for a walk together.”

At those words, I was surprised and Maya was also surprised.

“Well….young master,” Maya shrugged her shoulders with a troubled expression.
“Her cold has just gotten better….it could be dangerous….”

“We can take a walk in the greenhouse.
And if it’s dangerous, then you think I’ll do harm to Sasha?”

Maya’s eyes shook at Jin’s direct question.

“Ah….no, it can’t be.
Master is still young…..”

“Can’t I even pull a baby car? If you’re really nervous, Maya can follow from behind.”

He was not like an average eight-year old.

“I’m bored because Othello is on probation.
Maya is not going to play with me,” Jin said to Maya, twisting his lips.

Maya, who was caught off guard with Jin, was stumbling and gave Jin a strong look of protest.

I knew what to do, but Jin smirked and accelerated my anxiety.

At times like these, there was only one way.


I took a deep breath and started controlling my breathing.

I’ve done it a few times, and flow and rhythm were important when I did this.

I could see Jin wiggling his eyebrows.

This is the time.


I let out a violent cry.

Once a cry burst out, a roar of cries came out of my throat like a wave.


It was the moment Maya approached me and tried to save me.

“Hurry up and bring something to ride,” Jin interjected.
“She must be crying like this because she wants to leave quickly.”

Hold on….that’s a misunderstanding!

Maya was startled at Jin’s words and ran out. 

I was left with Jin and the roaring weeping subsided.
That’s because Jin was staring at me without comforting me.

After a while, he sighed and lowered his head slightly, making eye contact with me and licking his lips.

“That doesn’t work on me Sasha.”

A chill ran down my spine.

What is wrong with this child?!


In the end, I had to take a walk in the greenhouse with Jin in a baby car.

From a distance, I could see Maya following us with a sad look.

Jin had a happy expression on his face as if he didn’t care about the sad eyes of Maya and me.

“Uuang, uaah!” I squeezed out a cry to let him know that walking with him was uncomfortable.

Then Jin stopped the baby car for a moment.

“You cry because you want to see the flowers up closer.”

He reached for the flower.
And then something amazing happened before my eyes.

A dark grey energy, similar to the color of the shadows, flowed out of Jin’s hand and slowly corroded the flower.

It took only about 10 seconds for the petals, which were slowly drying out, to fall, as if to imitate the process of dying flowers.

Jin whispered in a low voice to me, who was stiff at the sight of the flowers.

“Is it fun? I can show you more if you want.”

And then he started moving the baby car again.

I didn’t cry any more.

No, it would be correct to say that I couldn’t cry.

It’s because the buds he withered may as well have been me.
He was threatening a baby.

He is also the eldest son of the dark Winchester family.

By the way, was what I just saw the power of black flame…..?

I guess it’s true that Duke Ricardo can kill people with just his eyes.

Ha, to be born as a daughter with a sickly future in a family like this……my life!

“I already understand what you’re saying, and as expected, there’s something interesting.
I’m looking forward to the future,” Jin walked, talking to himself as if he was having fun.
“Othello is always selfish, so I can’t let him have all the fun.
The downside is that if you get addicted to one thing, you’ll be obsessed like a madman, but other than that it’s just a little distracting.”


“Of course, I’ve never had my toys stolen by Othello.
Even if he gave me something to get tired of.”

Jin’s soft voice raised a chill.

Both Jin and Othello in the book were great villains.
Somehow I felt as if I was caught firmly in the wrong way.


“Is it cold, Sasha?”

When I hiccupped in the aftermath of my cry earlier, Jin stopped the baby car again.

Then he took the scarf he wore on his neck.

Scared of the way he held the scarf and reached out to me, I crouched down and closed my eyes.

I lifted my eyelids slightly when there was no movement for a long time.
Jin’s eyes were still cold, but a twisted smile appeared around his mouth.

Are sadistic tendencies revealed from such an early age?

He looked at me for a long time, as if he were enjoying my close observation.

Soon, Jin’s gaze turned to my chubby little finger, which was twitching.

“It’s fun.
This is difficult…”

The boy’s voice came softly to my ears.

It sounded like he was telling himself off.

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