Chapter 6 – The Fool of the Chen Family

To put it nicely, Chen Li was an autistic person, and to put it worse, Chen Li was a fool, at least even the Chen family thought so.

Chen Li’s existence, for Chen Yunsheng, was a testimony to his cheating and a stain on his perfect marriage.
For Mrs.
Chen, he was a thorn in her heart that she couldn’t wait to pull out.
Not throwing Chen Li out of the Chen family’s door was already Mrs.
Chen’s mercy, so how could she be kind to Chen Li?

It was obvious what the status of Chen Li in the Chen family was and how he was treated.

For unrelated outsiders, the Chen family was kind-hearted to raise such a fool to adulthood.

However, it was only to raise to adulthood.
Now, Chen Li just turned 20 years old, and they thought about marrying Chen Li out, but there was nothing wrong with this.
The only value of a useless wealthy fool was a commercial marriage, which was also under the premise that someone was willing to ask for this fool.

Nobody knows what agreement the Chen family has reached with the Wei family.
The Wei family actually agreed to Chen Li marrying Wei Chen, the most outstanding of the younger generation of the Wei family.

No one knows what Old Man Wei was thinking, and there were different opinions from the outside world.
The biggest possibility was that Wei Chen had offended Old Man Wei in some places, which deprived Wei Chen of his inheritance rights in disguise.

Not to mention the outside world, even the Wei family’s own people thought so.
For this reason, except for the people in Wei Chen’s family, the other families all had the mentality of watching the play, gloating, and waiting for Wei Chen to refuse the marriage, and fight with Old Man Wei.

“To be honest, I feel sorry for Wei Chen,” a lady said this, but she covered her mouth and smiled, “He will marry a fool when the time comes.
I heard that the fool in the Chen family can’t even speak now, and I don’t know if he is mute.”

“I’ve also heard that it seems that he shuts himself in the house all day long, doesn’t know how to listen to people, and doesn’t know how to do anything.
The last time he was asked to put hot water by himself to take a bath, it almost flooded the Chen family.
If it wasn’t for the servants of the Chen family looking after this fool, he might have drowned himself.”

“Is there such a thing? Tsk Tsk, then Wei Chen is not marrying a wife this time, but an ancestor.
He has to stay by his side and watch him every day, or he might tear down the house if he doesn’t pay attention.”

“Then we have to stay away from that fool in the future, otherwise, when that fool acts stupid again, we, the relatives, will suffer.”

“What are you saying, hahaha!”


When these people talked about Chen Li, they all called him ‘fool’, and seemed to have forgotten Chen Li’s name.
A look of contempt leaped out from under the exquisite makeup of these ladies.
The delicate and beautiful face was actually indescribably ugly at this moment.

The conversation here fell into Wei Chen’s ears without missing a word.
Because of facial paralysis, Wei Chen’s expression on his face did not change much, but his eyes became colder and colder.
He pinched off the cigarette in his hand and turned around into the living room of Wei’s house.

When the people talking about this topic saw Wei Chen come in, they didn’t know if it was because they felt that Wei Chen was now an abandoned son of the Wei family and became fearless, or maybe it was because talking about the fool who was about to marry Wei Chen was a great weakening of Wei Chen’s face, they talked louder and louder, and even the words they said became more and more unpleasant.

Wei Chen didn’t say anything, he just stared at these people coldly, then he directly picked up the stool beside him, and threw it heavily at these long-tongued women.

F*ck gentlemanly demeanor, f*ck not caring about women, if anyone dared to say that Chen Li was a fool, he, Wei Chen, would fight them no matter what!

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