Chapter 9:


As Qin Lu turned his head angrily, he saw Xiao Yichen.

'Damn, it's the stupid protagonist!'

'F*ck, can't he come later? Why did he have to come at this time?'

“Senior Brother Yichen, long time no see?”

Seeing Xiao Yichen approaching, Ye Qingcheng's face flushed slightly.

The heroine liked the protagonist, which was natural.
However, seeing them being affectionate in front of him, Qin Lu was unhappy.

“Junior Sister Qingcheng, I heard that you led many righteous cultivators to destroy a demon sect, so Yichen came here to congratulate you in person.”

“Senior Brother overpraises me; Qingcheng was just lucky.”

“Brother Xiao, since you're here to congratulate my cousin, how can you not prepare some small gifts?” Qin Lu rebuked.

When Qin Lu saw Xiao Yichen, he thought the protagonist had many good things.

His mission was ruined, and Xiao Yichen, the protagonist, would compensate for this loss, wouldn't he?

“Cousin?” Ye Qingcheng was confused.

'Since when did I become Qin Lu's cousin?'

“How come I didn't know I had such a cousin?”

'This person Qin Lu, what is he planning to do?'

Hearing Qin Lu’s words, Xiao Yichen was slightly embarrassed but didn't say anything.

He then immediately reached out his hand and took a dark blue bead from his storage ring.

“Junior Sister Qingcheng, this is a bead I found not long ago in a deep sea ruin in the North Sea.
It has the ability to cleanse demonic qi.”

“Wearing this bead on your body will not be eroded by demonic Qi, but can also calm your mind and control spiritual Qi flow.
This is a gift from this brother to congratulate you.”

“Brother Yichen, this is too valuable.
I can't accept it.” Ye Qingcheng was pleased but didn’t immediately accept the gift.

At the side, Qin Lu suddenly walked over and decisively took the beads from him.

“Senior Brother Xiao, I accept this bead on behalf of my cousin.
Thank you very much for the congratulatory gift.”

“As you two want to talk, I won't stand in the way.” Qin Lu said and turned around to leave.

Seriously, he wasn't an idiot to stay here and eat dog food, so he left immediately after grasping the benefit.

Seeing Qin Lu take the beads away, Ye Qingcheng's face instantly changed.

“Qin Lu, come back and return that bead.”

However, Qin Lu ignored Ye Qingcheng's words and immediately returned to the room, closing the door behind him.

Ye Qingcheng had tried to calm her anger earlier because of Xiao Yichen's presence, but now she has become truly furious.

On the other hand, Xiao Yichen was pleased to see Ye Qingcheng.

Since Qin Lu was Ye Qingcheng's cousin, if Qin Lu took his things, it would be the same as Ye Qingcheng taking them.

In the near future, they will have more opportunities to interact.
Moreover, he could get close to Ye Qingcheng through Qin Lu, which was an excellent opportunity.
Thus, he felt it was worth giving this bead to Qin Lu.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that Qin Lu wasn't Ye Qingcheng's cousin, making his optimistic thoughts a mistake.

Qin Lu took out the bead upon entering Ye Qingcheng's room.

When he first saw this bead, he felt it was extraordinary, so he decisively took it away.

In any case, he felt that Xiao Yichen, the protagonist, was so generous as not to care about this bead.

But Ye Qingcheng certainly cared.
Seeing him refuse to return this bead, Ye Qingcheng may become angry, wanting to kill him on the spot.

But again, he would keep provoking Ye Qingcheng until she finally lost control and murdered him.
He wanted to accomplish his mission, after all.

Soon, Qin Lu took out a bead and examined it closely.

The system's voice suddenly sounded.

[This is the tear of the sea god, which holds sea god power but also contains a sea god's divine technique of an endless storm]

[Does the host unseal the Tears of the Sea God to obtain the Sea God's power and the Endless Storm skill]

“Sea God's power and divine skill, good stuff! System, unseal them.”


The mechanical voice of the system sounded, and soon, the bead before him suddenly released a dazzling blue light.

That blue light directly purified the weak and pitiful demonic Qi from Qin Lu's body.
In addition, he also mastered the divine technique of endless wind skill.

That sea god's power also entered his body and was stored in one of his meridians.
The bead’s remaining power surged through his body.

He sensed a constant increase in the cultivation base at the later stages of the Core Formation Realm.

'What the hell? I'm about to breakthrough?'

Seeing that he was about to make a breakthrough, Qin Lu immediately stuffed the realm-breaking pills Xiao Yichen had given him into his mouth and breakthrough with all his might.

Meanwhile, as Xiao Yichen and Ye Qingcheng were talking outside, the spiritual Qi in the surrounding began to flow in one direction.

Upon sensing the sudden fluctuations of spiritual Qi in the vicinity, the duo quickly found that the enormous Spiritual Qi was flowing into the room that Qin Lu had just entered.

“Senior sister Qingcheng, is your cousin breaking the realm?”

“I guess so; this guy is messing around.”

“I'll go and look after him.” She was angry at Qin Lu's actions, however, she was thankful that he sacrificed his life to save her.

Now that Qin Lu was making a breakthrough in the realm, she naturally wouldn't let him be disturbed.

Xiao Yichen followed Ye Qingcheng to guard the room.

Qin Lu couldn't have imagined that he, a minor villain, had made the protagonist and heroine together to safeguard him.

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