Just when the sword was about to stab Ye Qingcheng, a figure instantly flashed before her.


The sword pierced directly through the person's body.

Moreover, this person was none other than Qin Lu.

His purpose was to make Ye Qingcheng kill him and complete the mission.
Only then, he could receive rewards and finally marry his crush on the earth.

Thus, when the master sword of the Demon sect was about to attack the heroine at that moment, he instinctively rushed over to block the attack.

Ye Qingcheng was the heroine.

If Ye Qingcheng had died, Qin Lu wouldn't be able to complete his mission.

However, the sword already arrived when he rushed to Ye Qingcheng.

Ye Qingcheng was saved, but the sword hit him instead.

Qin Lu’s blood directly stained Ye Qingcheng's snow-white dress.

“F*ck, it's over!”

Qin Lu’s breath was getting weaker and weaker, and he finally collapsed.

When the Demon sect master saw that Qin Lu, a disciple of his own sect, blocked his sword, he was furious.

This anger went to the heart, and he died on the spot.

Nevertheless, who would have thought that the Demon Sect's disciple, who had just threatened to kill Ye Qingcheng, would block the fatal slash to save her?

This situation utterly stunned everyone present, including Ye Qingcheng.





A light beam fell in the valley of the Pill Empress.

The panicked Ye Qingcheng held Qin Lu in her arms as she rushed toward the residence of the Pill Empress.

In the Pill Empress Valley, hundreds of disciples stared in shock at Ye Qingcheng's blood-stained body.





The Pill Empress's room door was directly kicked open by her.

The Pill Empress, who wasn't awake, was directly woken up by the sound.

“Uh, nephew Qingcheng, what happened?!”

“Elder, hurry up and save him.”

“Who is this guy, how come he's so badly injured?”

“Elder, no matter what you do, you must save him.
Even if you have to trade my life for his.” anxiety flashed over Ye Qingcheng's pretty face.


Three days later.

Qin Lu slowly opened his eyes.
However, the thought that he had failed his mission devastated him.

Two years of hard work ended up in vain.

'Damn it, Demon Sect Master, I hate you to death!'

‘If I were to transmigrate to that world again, I would dig out the eighteen generations of your ancestors and kick their asses.’

In the midst of his tears, Qin Lu heard a voice.

“You're finally awake.”

Upon hearing someone speak, Qin Lu turned his head to find a lady standing by his bed in white robes.

“Where is this? Which world did the old man transmigrate me again?”

Powerlessly dropping his head, Qin Lu fiercely opened his eyes again and stood up hastily.

“You are Ye Qingcheng?”

“It's me.”

“I'm not dead?”

“You really want to die, don't you?” Ye Qingcheng looked at Qin Lu before her with a trace of confusion flashing in her eyes.

This demon sect's disciple was strange.
His cultivation base was weak, yet he still rushed out to kill her.

If he truly intended to kill her, why would he sacrifice his life for the sake of saving her at this critical time?

She feared that if he had not blocked that sword, the person lying there would have been her.

Moreover, the fact that he disguised himself as ugly despite having an extremely handsome face puzzled her.

If she hadn't wiped those disguises off his face, she wouldn't have known that this guy looked so handsome.

“Ye, Miss Ye, did you save me?”

“Yes, I asked one of my sect elders to treat you.”

“What made you save me?”

“It's just that I didn't want to owe you a favor.”

“Miss Ye, for the sake of saving your life, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Kill me!”

“What?” Ye Qingcheng was stunned.

In order to save Qin Lu, she doesn't know how much effort it took.

She didn't even hesitate to use all the spirit medicines and elixirs that she could use to advance to the next realm.

However, he ended up asking her to kill him instead.

Ye Qingcheng suddenly felt angry at being treated like a donkey with good intentions.

However, Ye Qingcheng endured her anger thinking that he had saved her life.

“Why are you so determined to die, is it not good to live?”

“I don't want to live alone in the world, Miss Ye.
Will you kill me? Please!” Qin Lu asked with a pleading face.

Initially, Qin Lu thought he had failed his mission.
Now he found that there was still room for negotiation, and he was delighted.

“Don't talk nonsense.
Rest well, and wait until you recover from your injury.”

Worried that Ye Qingcheng would be unable to control her emotions and slap Qin Lu to death, she turned around and flew away.

“Hey, Miss Ye, don't go, come back.
Come back and kill me!”

Qin Lu hurriedly chased out begging her to kill him.

However, after leaving the door, he found that Ye Qingcheng already had the sword flying out a long way.

This world's cultivation realm was divided into the Qi Refining, the Qi Foundation, the Golden Core, the Nascent Soul, the Soul Formation, the Void Return, the Dao Fusion, the Transcends Tribulation…

While Ye Qingcheng was in the Golden Core Realm, how could he, a minor cannon fodder of the Qi Refining cultivation base, catch up with her?

[Ding, the host, the villain mission is not completed, but the rescue of the heroine is successful so that the plot does not collapse]

[Mission duration temporarily suspended for one year]

[Reward: a hundred years of cultivation]

[Reward: the Nine Swords of the Vault of Heaven]

[The Ten spirit-gathering pills, do you accept?]

“Huh, there are even these good things.
System, I love you too much.
I accept it.”

Soon, the system transferred a hundred years of cultivation directly into Qin Lu's body.

Qin Li directly made a breakthrough from the Qi refining 6-layer realm into the foundation of the late Golden Core Realm.

At the same time, the sword secrets of the Nine Swords of the Vault of Heaven also fused into his mind, and the ten spirit-refining pills also transferred into his storage ring.

Now he was no longer a minor cannon fodder.
In fact, he could be already considered a genius in the younger generation.

In this world where strength was the most important thing, he was nothing but cannon fodder if one didn't have strength.

Now he doesn't have to hide like before.

However, he found himself thinking of ways he could make Ye Qingcheng get to kill him.

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