Chapter 7: The Villain Pleads With the Heroine To Kill Him

During their first encounter, Qin Lu was going to kill Ye Qingcheng; however, he ended up sacrificing his life to save hers.

Later she saved his life, but he pleaded with her to kill him.

Even though she refused to kill him, he repeatedly tried to persuade her to do so.

But when she wanted to kill him, he declared he loved her.

What kind of logic was that?

Did this man lose his mind?

It seemed as though he was both good and terrible at the same time.

Ye Qingcheng stared dumbfounded at Qin Lu for a long time before speaking, “Qin Lu, can you tell me why you want me to kill you?”

“Hey, didn't I tell you I didn't want to live?”

“If you don’t wish to live, why do you not kill yourself instead of asking me to kill you?”

“Because I only want to die at your hands.”

“Ah, but why?”

“Well, you see…” Qin Lu was unsure how to respond.

‘If I told her I’m a transmigrator, will she believe me?’

‘But if I didn't answer, how can I make Ye Qingcheng kill me?’

‘Yes, that's it.’

“Miss Ye, I am a disciple of the Devil sect.
I have committed many inhuman acts and killed many people.
My sins are deep, so I wish to die to atone for them.”

“As long as you have the heart to atone for your sins through death, you have truly repented.
A young man such as yourself reflecting on your past deeds and turning to the right path is more precious than gold.
So, how can I kill you like this?”

“Huh…” Qin Lu was speechless.

‘Unlike the protagonist, this heroine was harder to fool.
What should I do?’

“It's getting late.
You should head back to rest.
Let's forget about what happened tonight.
Don't repeat it in the future.”

“Hey, Miss Ye, don't leave, come back, come back now!”

However, no matter how Qin Lu yelled, Ye Qingcheng wouldn't turn back.

Her final response was a clicking sound as her door closed.

Upon finding out that he failed to persuade her to kill him, Qin Lu was depressed to death.

At last, he returned to his room.

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