p, he throws him into the wall so hard that the entire room shakes. Everyone in the building is sweating and some have passed out, Suzy and Sakura are not affected since he didn use it on them.

He deactivates his power and 5 guild master and the association president came from upstairs. They asked the people what was going on and who released that aura. After a few minutes, they walk towards Davy who is waiting to get his level measured even though he finds it pointless since he can see his level and the level of others thanks to system.

”Young man, are you the one who cause this scene? ” asks one of the guild masters.

Davy ignores them and they start to get annoyed.

”Boy, do you know who we are? ” asks another guild master.

Davy looks at them and determines their levels, their names are not of importance since they are all below level 17. Davy gets called and walks away, the guild masters get so annoyed they try to attack him but Suzy and Sakura block their attacks with ease, Davy looks at them sharply with partial intimidation aimed at them, shivers go down their spines and they back off.

They enter the level measuring room, the scientist tells them to put their hands on the crystal ball but Davy refused. He walks towards the scientist and tells him to give him their licenses with ??? levels. The scientist wanted to refuse but he heard about what Davy did, he tells Davy to wait while goes and asks the president if he can allow it.

The president allows it without any questions because he knows being on Davys bad side is not a wise idea. They get their cards and their levels are not shown.

”Good, now we can start hunting again. ” He says while looking at Suzy and Sakura with a smile.

The girls both blush and Davy looks at them in an annoyed way. They walk out of the association and no one dared to even whisper about them. A young girl runs up to them and pulls Davy by his pants.

”hello, you are Davy, right? I am Ari, john told me to come find you so you can protect me. ”

”John said that? Where is he and why do I have to look after a brat. ” He says with a displeased look on his face.

”John is in the tower, he helped me and many people leave but he chose to go up the tower instead of leaving, so he told me to come look for you. ”

”So the 40% of people can leave or climb the tower if they complete the tower, interesting, but I still don want to look after a brat. ”

”Please mister, don leave Ari behind, I tried looking for my parents and found out that they died searching for me, I have nowhere else to go. ” She holds on tight to Davys leg while crying.

”Dammit, fine. ”

Davy has a very big weakness when it comes to kids, saying no is an impossibility for him, he picks Ari up and wipes her tears. Suzy already knew this side of him but Sakura was shocked and felt weird seeing Davy being so kind.

”ahem, enough standing around, lets go, you guys need to level up quickly and now we have another member we need to help grow. Sigh, what a pain. ”

They head back inside and registered Ari the same way as them. After that, they immediately head to the closest dungeon, a C-rank necromancer dungeon.

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