When Jiang Jinjin came to school, it was exactly time for class ending.
She knew from Assistant Liu that this meeting was on the fourth floor of the teaching building.

Assistant Liu is reliable.
He has notified the school yesterday that Mrs.
Zhou will attend the parent meeting.
The school also sent someone to wait in front of the teaching building early in the morning.
After getting out of the car, Jiang Jinjin saw a woman in formal wear with a slight smile.
A shy female teacher.

Although the female teacher is shy, her professional ability is absolutely passable.
She introduced herself smoothly: “Hello Mrs.
Zhou, you may not have met me yet.
I am Zhou Yan’s math teacher this semester.
My surname is Sun.
Teacher Chen asked me to take you to the conference room.
Please here.”

Jiang Jin was surprised: “Do you teach math?”

This is also her stereotype.
In her memory, it seems that the teacher who taught her math has always been a male teacher.
The first time I saw a female teacher who taught math.

Teacher Sun smiled and stroked her hair behind her ears: “Everyone thought I was teaching Chinese at first.”

She seemed to know that the school leaders value Zhou's family.
Teacher Sun thought that Jiang Jinjin was suspicious of her, and quickly introduced her professional experience.

After listening, Jiang Jinjin only wanted to give a thumbs up.

Sun graduated from a top 1 university in China and received a master's degree the year before.
Now she is studying for a Ph.D while working.
She is also majoring in mathematics and has won awards in the International Mathematical Olympiad.
In fact, Mrs.
Sun is not a person who is very good at dealing with strangers.
Just when he was about to arrive in the meeting room, Mrs.
Sun suddenly came back to his senses—wait, why did she talk to Zhou Yan’s parents about college time? ? This is not right!

Unlike Teacher Sun, Jiang Jinjin has been very popular since childhood and is good at socializing.
As long as she is willing, she will never let the atmosphere be cold.

Under her guidance, it is normal for Teacher Sun to quickly open the chatterbox.

Arriving at the door of the conference room, Teacher Sun stopped, Jiang Jinjin said in a sincere tone: “Teacher Sun, you are so amazing, so let's add each other on WeChat.
If I don't understand anything in the future, can I ask you?”

Although Teacher Sun was still in shock, she took out his mobile phone and added Jiang Jinjin's WeChat account.

What Jiang Jinjin thinks is: When she does other business in the future, maybe this teacher Sun will also become her potential customer~

Today, she will add the WeChat of all the teachers in Zhou Yan’s class.
In addition, she will also join the parent group of the class.
These are the connections and customers that she couldn’t even think of before she entered the book.
If she misses it, then she will be at a loss.

On the other side, after the class bell rang, Zhou Yan received a WeChat link from his best friend Yan Zhengfei.

Yan Zhengfei: [Link.
Surprised! I'm not mistaken, is this ZY's stepmother?]

Zhou Yan paused, lowered his head, and clicked the link under the desk.
As soon as the page turned, he entered the school's forum website.

[I was late today.
After entering the school, I saw a car entering the school.
At first, I was wondering that I had never seen any leader driving a Maybach.
Later, after sending the license plate number to a friend, the friend said it was a ZY car.
I heard that there was a parent-teacher meeting in the second year of high school.
I thought I was going to see the legendary ZY father.
I was so excited that I rushed to catch up.
I didn’t know that it was a young woman who got off the car.
I suddenly thought that someone said before that ZY’s father remarried.
Yes, then this should be ZY's stepmother? I risked my death and took two high-definition photos, but I thought that ZY stepmother’s looks and body are really amazing.
I dare say that most of the female stars in the entertainment industry, yes, most of them, compared to ZY stepmother all need to be hanged and beaten.]

The post was posted four minutes ago, the reply below has almost broken 50.
It can be seen that there are quite a few people who fish in the classroom.


-Is it really Zhou Yan’s stepmother? This photo is too vague, but I heard that his stepmother is indeed beautiful.

-Isn't she pretty enough to marry his father? Do you really understand his father's financial resources?

-Blindly guess how old his stepmother is.
I am five years old.

Zhou Yan has lost interest in other comments.

Yan Zhengfei: [It's really your stepmother, she's here to attend the parent conference? ? ? Why does it feel so unrealistic?]

Zhou Yan did not reply to the message for a long time.

Yan Zhengfei thought he was reading a forum post.
Although he knew that these people would not dare to fart on the forum, he was still afraid that what they said might hurt Zhou Yan's heart, so he clicked on this forum post again.

Yan Zhengfei thought he had read it wrong, otherwise, how could the devilish number 404 appear on the page?

Post no longer exists? ?

What happened?

Jiang Jinjin is the youngest in the group of parents.

Most of the people who came were mothers, with only three fathers.
Jiang Jinjin originally thought that she was quite like a mature woman but after looking at the person sitting next to her and then looking at the person sitting opposite, she instantly felt that she was a younger sister…
Before understanding the situation, Jiang Jinjin adhered to the principle of “less words and less mistakes”.
When everyone looked at her, she smiled slightly and was about to concentrate on her efforts.
When she talked about the 450,000 topics she was most interested in, she would speak again.
It's not too late.

Every parent has a report card in his hand.
The midterm exams ended the previous day, but the teachers had already corrected the test papers.
Jiang Jinjin was also a little curious about Zhou Yan's results.
She picked it up and looked at it carefully from top to bottom.

“This time the first place is Xu Congjian.
This kind of child is here to repay his favor.
Look, he almost got full marks.
I heard that he was the number one in the city when he wrote the entrance examination, I really envied his mother.”

Jiang Jinjin naturally didn't miss the first place.
After reading the scores of each subject, she couldn't help but slap her tongue: How does this head grow so brilliant.

She finally found Zhou Yan.

With 25 students in a class, he ranked 21st.

Think about the plot, he will start to study seriously under the inspiration of the heroine, but it is a pity-where is the heroine? She should still be in the neighbouring city, but should return soon.

This parent-teachers meeting may be for school teachers to discuss student performance and future development, but for parents, there is only one purpose, which is the hope that a parent can stand up and claim the identity of the president, and come to the school every day in the future.

The former parent representative cleared his throat and said: “The academic performance is second.
We are busy with work.
Last month, I was on a business trip for 20 days.
My husband simply spent a month abroad.
I don’t worry about anything else.
I'm worried that this child will be in school almost all day, and I'm afraid he will lose himself in life.
We don't know what kind of dishes are served in this restaurant every day.
We don't know whether the fruits served every day are fresh or not.
If my child eats three meals a day at home, then I won’t bother to worry about it.”

“Whoever says no, I don’t want to fight with the school.
My child will be studying here for a year.
When my daughter was in high school, she went to the hospital with stomach upset when she got home.
Fortunately, nothing happened.
For the sake of security, I have already transferred my child to another school.”

Jiang Jinjin was patient and did not speak, she couldn't be too eager.

Before she could speak, unless all the parents said that there was no time, she could stand up and barely take over the important tasks.

“Now this is all for the children.
We adults don't care what to eat, but the tuition fees each year are real money.
How can this be reassuring?” A parent said in a low voice, “Have you heard that, it seems Five years ago, there were high school freshmen who had food poisoning, two or three at the same time.”

The grumpy parents immediately became angry, “What kind of shitty noble school is this? It charges such expensive tuition, and doesn't do its work at all!”

“Big Brother Liu, you don't know, this school was really good in the early years, but now, it's a so-so.
If my children have not been in school for two years, I would have transfered them.”

Several parents have begun to dissipate the school's inaction, at least all the current facilities and services are not equal to the price of tuition.

Jiang Jinjin was stunned.

She has come to this school twice.
Looking from left to right, she feels that the school looks very lavish.
There is not a leaf on the ground.
The teachers who have contacted are even more powerful.
How come these parents are like pheasants.
The school is average.

“But, I really don't have time.
I was working on a project recently and stayed up until two or three o'clock every day…”

“Me too, although I don't go to work, you also know that I have a few stores that I have to manage, and I can't leave it for a moment.”

After seeing all the parents expressing that they are busy, can’t spare time, have no time to compete with the school, Jiang Jinjin finished the draft, hesitantly said in a low voice, “I was also worried when I heard you say this just now.
Although I have time and thoughts, I really don’t have much experience.
I don’t know if I can do this well.”

Several parents have the same thought on their minds, she and Zhou Mingfeng had just married, and that she was able to participate in Zhou Yan's parent meeting today.
She definitely wanted to be a good stepmother.

It doesn't matter if you have no experience, as long as you have time!

“We are also inexperienced.
To tell the truth, there are a lot of experienced people.
The secretary that Mr.
Liu looked for before, oh, you can talk about it, and I can do it very well.
As a result, so this thing is still necessary.
Look at the heart, we are all on the same stand, we all have the same mind, then we can't go wrong!”

With the support of several people, Jiang Jinjin smiled embarrassedly, “Actually, I have been thinking about it for a long time.
The elder brothers and sisters have no time for it and they must be anxious for the children in their hearts.
I feel this kind of mood, as long as you don’t dislike it.
I’m inexperienced, and I might not be so perfect in doing things, so I just—”

Reluctantly agreed!

Before she could finish her words, she heard a parent's eldest brother sitting nearest the door suddenly shouting: “Mr.
Zhou is here.”


Jiang Jinjin was startled, raised her head and looked at the door, and as expected, a man walked in from outside the door.

She saw the man wearing dark formal clothes, his back was straight, and there was a slight smile on his face, but she couldn't relax completely.

He is tall and slender, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, and he is calm and elegant.

Jiang Jinjin’s eyes met with his eyes, and her brain went blank—

This, this is Zhou Mingfeng?

Can he share the maintenance method?

Why doesn't the book say that the hero's father is more handsome and tasteful than the hero!

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