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Jiang Jinjin was very good at dealing with strangers.
Although she was now supervising the work, she still chatted with the imitation porcelain workers in full swing.

The worker smoothed the wall and said with emotion: “My wife earns more than me and it is much harder for me.”

“I heard that the monthly salaries are very high?” Jiang Jinjin asked.

She has a natural liking for this worker who is 40 or 50 years old by sight.

There is no other reason than the fact that the other person looks sincere and hardworking, and everyone likes to face positive people in life.

The worker laughed: “It's not bad, but for those of us who have no education, it will be more difficult to get a higher salary, but my daughter should be better than us in the future.
She passed the college entrance examination last year and entered X University.”

Speaking of his daughter, the worker looked proud.

Jiang Jinjin wowed: “That's a very good university, your daughter is really good, she is very smart.”

The worker laughed: “My daughter is here, and my wife and I have also come over.
Only when I got here did I realize that housing prices are really high.
This is also worrying.
So I thought about it.
I make more money and not hinder the children.
Reading more is better.
As long as my daughter is willing, I will have to make contributions to her for her master's degree and PhD degree!”

Jiang Jinjin sat aside, feeling moved when he heard the words.

However, because of this chat with the workers, Jiang Jinjin thought of herself.

Everyone who has seen her thinks that she is a greenhouse flower in the palm of her family.

At the age of 27, the original owner has no father and no mother.
Although she has parents, the actual situation is not much better than the original owner.

When she was very young, when her parents were not in harmony, they divorced peacefully, and they did not disagree in the division of property.
The only thing was that none of them wanted her.

Her father was influenced by grandma, and said that he liked her the most, but he always wanted her mother to have a son.

When she was a child, grandma asked her if she wanted her younger brother or younger sister.
She said she wanted her younger sister.
Her grandma corrected her immediately and said she should want a brother because her younger brother will protect her and no one will bully her in the future.

When her father was talking about divorce, he had quietly contacted his ex-girlfriend again.
The ex-girlfriend did not want to marry and became a stepmother.
His father’s ears were soft, or the genes carved into his bones are selfish and shameless.
He refused to want her.

Facts have proved that at least most of the time, a mother seems to be more reliable than a father.
Even if she didn't want this oil bottle, she took her in the end.
Later, her mother also got a new family.
When she was in high school, her father and the aunt gave birth to a daughter, and the mother and uncle also gave birth to a son.
After going to university, she was very self-conscious and hardly ever went back.
As the summer and winter vacations approached, she was either indulged in love or part-time work to make money, and would never let herself be idle.

It was very funny that during the Chinese New Year, her mother thought she was going to her dad to celebrate the New Year, and her dad thought she was going to her mother to celebrate the new year.

Although her parents have never shortened her living expenses, she has been able to spot business opportunities early since her freshman year.
She applied for a nail art course when she wasn’t in a relationship.
At that time, no one attended the class.
Later she learned a good craft, she rented a small stall in the clothing street and started her entrepreneurial journey.

Her business was pretty good, and later she had regular customers.
With these customers alone, she no longer needed the living expenses and tuition provided by her parents.

But she still didn't let her parents know about her financial situation.
They gave it and she took it easily.

The savings accumulated in those few years allowed her to be extravagant and open her own shop when she graduated.
In addition, she also found a formal job.
At the age of twenty-five, she finally saved a down payment.
, Bought a small house of 60 square meters.

Thinking about it now, Jiang Jinjin still regrets it.

What a great life, just like this, it was on the way to the marriage proposal prepared by others.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the workers stopped work and will continue the next day.

Jiang Jinjin had already prepared mineral water and the small desserts baked by Zhou's pastry chef.
She handed it to the workers and said with a smile: “You worked really hard today.”

The worker was afraid that his hands would get it dirty, so he wiped his hand repeatedly on the hem of his clothes.
Then he took it and said cheerfully, “Boss, you are too polite.”

He has dealt with many bosses, and this Miss Jiang is very easy to get along with.

The water and the dessert were very expensive at first glance.
Although he was very thirsty, he resisted it and wanted to bring it to her when he passed by his daughter's school.

When she watched the workers leave, Jiang Jinjin closed the glass door, and he was about to go to Zhou's villa.
Who knew that she ran into an acquaintance of the original owner on the road.

“Jiang Jinjin?” A short-haired woman ran forward with a look of surprise, holding a sun umbrella.
It was early summer, the temperature was not too low, and the heat was so hot that people blushed, “I thought I was wrong.
Eh, why are you here?”

Although Jiang Jinjin didn't know who this was, she still smiled and replied, “I came here to do something.
How about you?”

“Isn't this nearby a forest scenic area? My boyfriend and I came here.
I am about to die of thirst.
Why is there no convenience store here? It's weird.” The short-haired woman whispered.

Jiang Jinjin remembered that there was still a bottle of mineral water in the bag, so she took it out and handed it to her.

The short-haired woman didn't say anything, she drank it quickly and finished most of the bottle in one breath.
Then she said, “So good.
By the way, why didn't you go for the exam a few days ago?”

Go for an exam? What exam?

Jiang Jinjin was obviously taken aback.

The short-haired woman laughed, “Japanese level test, have you forgotten such an important thing?”

Japanese level test?

Jiang Jinjin was really shocked now.
Although she was not a Japanese major before she entered the book, she accidentally ran into a Japanese company after graduation.
Her position does not need to deal with Japan.
However, the supervisor told her that if she wants to be promoted and raise her salary in the future, it is better to Going to apply for a Japanese class, and after successfully taking the exam, she can be transferred to a better position and get a higher salary.
As a social animal, she is of course moved.
At that time, she broke up with her boyfriend while studying abroad, and her relationship status was single.
In order to kill time, she went to apply for classes.
I didn't expect that she was talented in language, but after a year's time, after successfully taking the exam and getting the certificate, her salary has also risen to a higher level.


But now, she actually learned from others that the original owner could also speak Japanese, which made her not surprised.

From name to appearance, and even the position of the birthmark on her body, she is exactly the same as the original owner.
Now even the specialties are similar.
It can be said that besides the personality, the original owner is simply another her.

Isn't it an accident that she entered a book?

Seeing her reaction like this, the short-haired woman hurriedly comforted: “It doesn't matter if you don't take the exam, it will continue in December.”

In order to divert Jiang Jinjin’s attention, she said again: “By the way, I’m going back to my hometown soon.
You know, I used to work part-time in a food company.
The salary is not very high, but the time is very free.
Basically, I go there every week.
Two or three days will do.
The person in charge is my cousin’s cousin.
He is not so strict with the certificate.
Do you want to do this job?”


Jiang Jinjin looked at her, “Is time free?”

“Yes, basically you can arrange it yourself,” the short-haired woman added.
“The salary is not high, but it is only three or four thousand a month, but thanks to this part-time job, I can rent a good house.
Ah, are you interested?”

Jiang Jinjin is a person who can't stay idle.
She likes the feeling that her life is full.
The job of three or four thousand in January is really dispensable for her.
After all, she is not too short of money.

However, she is also a very greedy person and wants everything.
Just like catching things when she was a child, when she was only one year old, she couldn't wait to catch everything.

“Okay!” Before Jiang Jinjin could fully consider it, the body had already answered honestly.

The woman with short hair laughed, “It's good if you are interested.
Actually, there are not many things.
Then, wait for my call and I will arrange it for you.
You can just go there for a formal interview at that time!”

After watching the short-haired woman leave, Jiang Jinjin came back to her senses – wait, until now she still didn't know the name of this hearty girl.

The sky was completely dark.

Zhou Yan went out without eating dinner.
At this moment, only Jiang Jinjin and Zhou Mingfeng were left in the main building.

While Zhou Mingfeng was taking a shower in the bathroom, Jiang Jinjin surreptitiously took out the sanitary napkin she bought today from her bag, unpacked it, and put it on the sofa.

The aunt has not visited yet, but she is not yet mentally prepared to have an intimate relationship with a stranger who has just met.

It’s great to use this as an excuse.
When Zhou Mingfeng sees the sanitary napkins, she will definitely appreciate it, and she will also be able to gracefully and tactfully reject what he really asks.

To make a full set of the show, Jiang Jinjin also rubbed a little liquid foundation on her lips to spread it evenly.
In an instant, her face became paler visible to the naked eye.

When Zhou Mingfeng came out of the bathroom, he put on dark blue pajamas.
Jiang Jinjin didn't know that his eyes always glanced at her from time to time.
She was not sure if Zhou Mingfeng saw the sanitary napkin she casually put on the sofa.

He probably saw it.

Otherwise, why didn't he go to bed directly, but sit in a chair on one side and look at his phone?

After about half an hour, he still did not move, neither walked to the side of the bed, nor did he intend to talk to her.

Jiang Jinjin thought and thought, and suddenly thought of a very important thing.

She heard that after a man is thirty years old, then everything will fall off a cliff.

Is it true?

She immediately understood that Zhou Mingfeng is thirty-nine this year, maybe once every six months, maybe once a year…

If so, that would be great.

The original owner and Zhou Mingfeng just got married, and the sweet wedding night must have come once.
According to this frequency, the next time should be next year.

Jiang Jinjin, who thought he had gotten the truth, stretched his eyebrows completely, and his breathing became much lighter.

She was relieved here.
Zhou Mingfeng, who was some distance away from her, flipped a page of his cell phone silently.
He was twelve years older than her.
His life experience and scheming were far better than hers.
He naturally noticed her eyes on him.
She turned around and thought she was covering up well.
Even if he didn't raise his head to meet her sight, he could feel her tension, doubt, and relaxation.

What does she want to do?

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